Bott Brothers

In 1879 and through 1897, Joseph and William Bott ran a saloon and restaurant at 15 west Broad Street.

By 1885 they had added another location at 47 S High and call the saloon “B.B.” Sample Room, Billiard Parlor, and Bowling Alley.

1896- Bott Brothers opened a Wines, Liquors, Billiard Supplies and Barr Fixtures location at 141 N High St, at 145 N High St they had a Crystal Ice Manufacturing. At this time there was the “Bott & Cannon” Wholesale Liquors and Cigars business at 18 W Long St.

Also in 1896 a New Bott Saloon appeared at 427 N High

Tragedy hit April 27, 1903 when the entire block that housed the 141 N High St, Saloon burned to the ground.

After moving around a few times, the brothers took occupancy of the 161 N High address, still famous for the stained glass front. The Building was built in 1890, originally called the Columbia Building, now know as the Larrimer Building.

Here is the Bott Brothers,
as it looked in 1910

Notice the fourth, fifth and sixth floors were still on the building, the story goes that to save on insurance and lack of need of the space, the upper floors were removed and a new roof was added.

More images from 1910:

The location would close soon after Prohibition and later reopen as The Clock

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