The Clock

The Clock Tavern, a restaurant on North High Street, located inside the Larrimer Building, This location was originally the Bott Brothers Billiard Parlor & Saloon. Joseph F. Bott, and his brother William Bott, came to Columbus in 1876 and co-founded Bott Brothers Billiard Parlor & Saloon in 1883. The establishment was previously located in the Brunson Building at 145 North High Street, but after a 1903 fire the Botts relocated to this location at 161 North High Street in 1905. They remained in operation until 1923.

The Clock restaurant opened in 1925 and was in business until 1994.
Chasens replaced the Clock and operated for two years, from 1996-1998.
Then in 2000, The Elevator Brewery and Draught House opened at this location.

The historic Columbia building, was built in 1897. The beautiful hand-carved, hand-split Philippine mahogany bar was created to serve the whiskey distilled on the second floor. The saloon enjoyed a brisk business from the turn of the century until the advent of prohibition in 1920. The building, rich in history, is on the national registry of historic landmarks and has been restored to much of its original grandeur. Among the original architectural elements that remain today are the beautiful bar, intricate mosaic tile floor, much of the stained glass and of course the decorative ceiling. The luxurious back-bar won the coveted blue ribbon for craftsmanship at the 1893 World Columbian Exposition in Chicago. Many myths and legends surround this historic building, including the presence of ghosts and spirits.

Photo From 1983
June 2006

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