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Hi! neat page! I grew up in Whitehall. I attended Rosemore and Whitehall Yearling, I played football for the Whitehall Rams. We used to go to Yearling Road Pizza on game nights and about any other time we could scratch up some change! This was in 1964. Yearling Rd. Pizza had the most incredible Subs you ever tasted in your life! I still say so even after all these years and having had Subs all over the country! Their Pizza was fantastic also! Me and my Buds’ would order from them on Friday nights when CHILLER THEATER was about to come on. You could get small cheese pizzas from them, delivered for 85 cents! Can you believe that!? Can’t hardly get the time of day for that anymore!
Have you ever heard of the PETER PAN restaurant? It was located at Yearling Rd.& E. Broad St. Across from the Whitehall Library. It was a great place to eat. They had everything on the menu but in those days we stuck mainly with cheeseburgers, fries, chocolate shakes and all the other health food we could gobble! Their Hot Fudge Sundaes were to DIE FOR! Nice to read about the Kahiki, Desert Inn, Emils! Brings back some great memories!
I worked on the Kahiki when it was being built! I put up those little huts that used to be in front of the restaurant. My uncle installed all the decorations at the peak of the roof, they wouldn’t let me up there! I and some of my high school BUDS worked at the Desert Inn as bus boys for a whole 50 cents an hour! plus Tips.
Do you remember Town&Country Golf Range? It was across the street from Holiday Lanes. They had the BEST mini golf course I have ever played in my life. They’re Driving range was also very good. There were all sorts of targets to try and hit with your shots. In the middle of they’re range was a large colorful clown with a bell in his mouth, you hit the bell you win a free bucket of balls! We used to have a blast over there! Herb and Ellen Grossinger owned the place and I worked for them also, picking up golf balls on the range at night. Their son opened Blackhawk golf course some time during…

Do you recall Saxon’s Roast Beef? There were at least 2….one on N. High just north of Graceland, near the Bank One. Also there was one on Riverside Drive, near at Fishinger Rd., SE corner of the intersection. GREAT REAL ROAST BEEF SANDWICHES, BEFORE THE PROCESSED STUFF!!
You are the only other person I know of that remebers Zantigo. They had the best food.
How about the BBF on Morse Road just west of Cleveland Avenue? Arlens was behind it and an IHOP was next door.
I am here in St. Louis, Missouri and I just found your wonderful website! I grew up in the East Side of Columbus, starting out in Bexley schools, moving around a bit, and then Whitehall Schools from 6th Grade through Sophomore year at Whitehall High, and then my Junior and Senior Years at Walnut Ridge, graduating in 1978. Your site brought back MANY wonderful memories of back home! I loved it! Thank you for putting the time and efforts into it. Remember Tommy’s Pizza, in that small strip mall on the northeast corner of Livingston and Hamilton?!
November 25, 2002
Curt Booster’s Brought back old memoir’s considering that’s my old neigbhorhood. Lived off Blaine Drive until”71″ and we moved over to Robinhood Park that year. Remember going down to the Big Walnut before they built the pond& park. There was a Lawson’s at Country Club&Main then Shaffer’s Pizza and now it’s a Bar. Lawson’s made the French onion Dip that went with Buckeye Potato chips with Big Bear’s a close second. The old stables which became The National Road Rest.for many years. Watching the Eastside Grow from Grassey fields to many area I could mention with a small list; Swallens behind Arby’s, Game Room next to Burger King, Armando’s, Papa Joes, Suburban East Steak House,Elby’s,MCL, Cardinal Foods, etc… Thanks

December 06, 2002
I’m from Washington C.H. & remember coming to Columbus in the ’60 w/my Mom – we’d shop at Lazarus downtown and eat at Mill’s Cafeteria. The food was great and you could sit in the mezzanine and eat and watch people on the sidewalk below outside from the big picture window that was there. I think the Riffe center is where Mill’s used to be. You couldn’t miss it from the street – bit lit up motorized windmill! I couldn’t find any pic of it but there is one in the City Treasurer’s office where you pay water bills. The restaurant must have been around for many years from the look of the vintage cars in the pic!

December 26, 2002
You can’t forget Mills Restaurant. Located downtown on High St. Just south of Broad. It was a very high class Cafeteria sytle restaurant with an upstairs that had a huge Indian mural on the wall going up.

December 27, 2002
There used to be a BBF on West Broad St. approximately 1/4 mile west of 270. After BBF, it was Borden Burger. After that, I believe it was a bank. It was torn down and now Budget Car Sales is located there.

December 28, 2002
The best restaurant in the late 50’s and 60 was the Lincoln Lodge on the West Broad Street. They had an outstanding food and beverage operation, great dinning room and coffee shop. On Friday nights they had their famous seafood buffet, all you could eat lobster. On Saturday they did a German buffet. People came from miles, live entertainment in the lounge/bar, Beatiful pool area that was covered with a bubble in the winter. People that are 50 to 70 and have always lived in Columbus, always remember the Lincoln Lodge. It was a gem in its day.

December 28, 2002
Is there still a Duff’s Smorgasborg. When I first moved to Columbus in 78 I did’nt have two nickles to rub together so once a week I ate at Duffs……All Day!

December 29, 2002

December 29, 2002
Hi I remember back on the late 60’s and early 70’s. Emils Drive In @ E.Main St, and Hamilton Rd. Best deserts around. Every booth had a relish tray of dill pickles. They were out of this world especially around 2:30 AM.

January 01, 2003
I grew up,in Reynoldsburg moving there from Whitehall in 1962. We use to eat at Don’s amd my favorite sandwich was the Don Juan. Do you remember the putt-putt course that was next to Don’s in the early 60’s. We use to play there and you could order food from Don’s directly from the putt-putt course via intercoms from small table and chairs which were located by number 18. Great memories and a cool webpage

January 14, 2003
I enjoyed this “memory lane”!! I watched Flippo the Clown everyday from 4-6. He was a great influence on me and my sense of humor. Also loved Isaly’s ice cream. The cones came to a point on top. I also remember Zantagos. My parents bought their fried chicken from one of Dave Thomas’s KFCs back in the early 60’s. I think it was Indianola. I remember in the 60’s our family went to the OSU Marching Band skull practices, watched the band head into the stadium, then off to McDonald’s on High Street for a Saturday treat. I was at the grand opening of Northland Shopping Center, before it was an enclosed mall. They had a Frenchie’s restaurant and my grandfather would take me there, we’d get a coke and fries, and we’d sit outside on the benches, drink our cokes and watch the shoppers. I remember shops in a building in German Village. Most notably to a grade schooler was the shop Lucy’s Toy Shop. I had a turtle like the ones the kids would sit on during story time. It finally “died”. How about the “Patio” on Morse Road. That was the first time different restaurants were placed in one area so everyone could get what they wanted.
Do you remember Charlie Bears and (I think the name was) The Electric Company discos? King Tut’s on Morse Road? I was there every night!!!

January 25, 2003
Dude Thanks for including Sandy’s, one of my first memories of local fast food chains. I grew up on the near east side and one was on Kelton and Main. I think my sister worked there. If we were real good we could talk our dad into doing a pickup at Tommy’s. I’m born 1955. One of my fondest memories was Friday night shopping at Big Bear @ Town & Country. Because afterwards we would be treated to dinner at The Ranch Inn which was right next to the Kaihiki. It had the best deep fried onion rings ever!! To this day all onion rings I order have to measure up to theirs. The seldom do. I live in NYC now. Burger Heaven resturants come closest. The Ranch Inn had car hop service. Complete with the trays the clipped on the side of the car door. Frisch’s Big Boy was another that I believe became the BBF at Alum Creek Drive and Livingston ave. The BBF was where East High, South high, Some eastmoor students would flock after friday night football games in the ’70s. My fisrt Wendy’s experience was at Broad and Cleveland ( I think it was the flagship) The first triple decker I can recall. Thanks for the Memories

Feb 3, 3003
While searching for information on Big Bite restaurants, I happened upon your web site. We had a few of the restaurants in Indianapolis in the ’80’s and they were always my favorite. Are any of them still operating in Columbus? I’d gladly drive 150 miles for the cheese pita!

Feb 9, 2003
The first GD Ritzys in Columbus (I believe) was on Livingston Avenue in German Village. It is now the Happy Dragon or something like that. Emils, on East Broad Street, had curb service and in the dining room you got a bowl of really good pickles to munch on while you perused the menu. The Beverly’s (actually Big Bevs) were just like Big Boy. One by one, “Closed for Remodeling” signs appeared in the Big Bev windows and they turned into gas stations and all kinds of other things.
The restaurant that fascinates me the most is the China Coast, in the Eastland shopping center. It is a free standing building that was completed 10 or 15 years ago but never opened because the parent company went out of business. The Flippo’s restaurant, owned by Flippo (Bob Marvin) suffered a similar fate. It never opened after it was built.
A chain of White Castle type restaurants called “KC’s” used to thrive in Columbus. I’m not certain when they went under. In Bexley, there was an “Aunt Jemima’s Pancake House” featuring a black lady greeter in a very politically incorrect bandana and apron, etc., to make her look like the Aunt Jemima logo on Aunt Jemima syrup etc.
There are many other fun places that have disappeared but time prohibits my trying to name them all right now.

Feb 11, 2003
Having grownup on the eastside (Whitehall) my oldest memories are the from about 1966, I was 4 yrs old, until I moved from there to Orlando, FL in 1987. Especially during my teenage years I frequented just about everyone of the places on your list (probably why I’m up to 270 lbs now). You don’t happen to know if the Pour House bar is still in business do you? It was on E. Main St. in Reynoldsburg, I spent alot of time there. Thanks for the memories, I’ve bookmarked your site and will check back regularly to see what you find.

June 23, 2003
please memorialize the Kahiki. formerly located on east Broad St across from the Town & Country. believe that it’s been replaced by a Walgreen’s. tragic.

Sept 23, 2003
Hi all, I grew up on the eastside of Columbus and have lived here my entire life and I like the start of what this website is and will be. There are a few omissions that I’d like to include and wonder if anyone else remembers. Going to Eastland mall in the 70’s with my mom I remember there was a pizza place in the basement of Lazarus, they were in all Lazarus dept stores if I recall, called “Charlies.” Great wonderful pizza. Nothing like going downstairs shopping for clothes and catching a whiff of their fine food. Wonderful!
There was also another restaurant within the mall itself towards the end of the mall near Sears next to the old General Cinema theatre called “French’s” They specialized in hot dogs among other things. I remember the entire restaurant was done up in “wood” detail. Of course to me the creme de la creme that was also located in Eastland as well as a bit further north on Hamilton Rd next door to a Ponderosa of all things was “York” steakhouse. There was nothing that would compare to their chopped steak sandwich topped off with their brand of steak sauce. To grab you tray upon entry and move down the line when ordering your food,
picking up your choice of desert, salad, drink, ect and watching the cooks fry up the steaks on the grill where the flames would shoot 6 feet in the air was a memorable experience for me. Not to mention the cashier would be little plastic tabs with #’s on them that you would sit on the end of your booth when your food was done the waiter/waitress would bring your entre out.
I’m hoping eventually to see photo’s of these and many other classic and closed establishments around town…especially the Brown Derby!
I’ll happily share more memories soon given the time….

Nov 11, 2003
Just found your page. Love it! Hope you keep up to work on it! I was a bit surprised to see neither the Stouffer’s University Inn and Stouffer’s Top of the Center on your list. Talk about fine dining! The classy English inn motif, the excellent menu, and who could forget the “cherries flambe” prepared (lit on fire)at your table!? And the view from the Top of the Center (top floor of what was then the City National bldg, now Bank One) was breath-taking, especially at night during the holidays when you all the lights were up, including the lights on the Lazaurus bldg, and the snow covered everything below. At the time, the City National bldg was the second tallest in the city! My father (George “Bill” Burkett) managed the Stouffer’s University Inn restaurant (just north of University City shopping center on Olentangy River Rd., now the Park Hotel and Damons) from 1968-70, then managed the Top of the Center from 70-73. Stouffer’s opened One Nation (atop the Nationwide Plaza One Bldg.) in 73. Not sure how much longer the Top survived after that. I have the fondest childhood memories of those years. Sure wish the Top was still around!

Jan 3, 2004
Found your page looking for info about Lums Ollieburger.I think I can help fill in some blanks.BBF 1940 E. Livingston is gone, a Rallys in its place at Livingston and Alum Creek.You missed a Burger Chef in Whitehall on E. Main at Maplewood, gone with an Auto Zone in it’s place.And Shakey’s Pizza was between Broad and Main on Hamilton. I don’t remember what kind of business is there, but it is [2] address north of Ricart Chrysler.Hope this helps.

March 8, 2004
I think there was a Sandy’s at the north end of Northern Lights Shopping Center on Cleveland Avenue, back in the early 60s. I’m pretty sure there was one in that area somewhere, because we used to go there when I was little, and I grew up in Linden and the Northern Lights area.
There was also a Tee Jaye’s near the Schottenstein’s on Westerville Rd, c 1980. My roommate used to work there.

I’d forgotten entirely about Ritzy’s and Zantigo. Thanks for the memories, as they say.

March 24, 2004
Jerry Lucas’ Beef and Shakes on Huy Rd. in North Columbus. The Boardwalk E.Main St. not far from James Rd. and a second location on State Street in Westerville. The specialty items were knockout coneys, sizzling hot crinkle fries, and ice cold beer at the Main St. location. And don’t forget the Golden Point which is now Donato’s on Oakland Park.

March 28, 2004
I grew up and still live in Whitehall and having read some comments I found some errors.. There was a BBF near Hamilton and Langley where Buffalo Rings & Wings just closed. Lums was next door where Wingler Construction Company is now. There is a picture of McYao Buffet which is the old Ponderson at Hamilton and Wright. We also had an Isley’s Ice Cream Shop in the Great Eastern Shopping Center. This is a great website-heard Curt Boster talking about it on the radio and it brings back many memories. The Desert Inn closed and the Playboy Club reopened there, also.

March 28, 2004
I used to manage a Zantigo restaurant on 161 (I think it’s 161, but I haven’t lived in Columbus since 1979). I agree they had pretty good food for that genre of restaurant. I enjoyed working there, and a while back did a websearch and found there are still some Zantigo devotees out there. Zantigo’s green chili (diablo) had a small group of dedicated fans, but it was a bit hot for most area taste buds. I liked the green chilitos we used to make. Unfortunately, when we got our first microwave ovens, we switched from aluminum to foam plates, and many key cooking methods were changed then. For example, corn tortillas for enchiladas were no longer dipped in oil and heated in the infrared oven. The new method was to dip in hot water and then microwave – just not the same! Also, the green chili went from containing fresh tomatillos and onions to those two ingredients coming dehydrated, and then we added water to hydrated upon cooking. Again, just not the same. They had some killer refried beans as well with the real honest to goodness lard, and the 50/50 blend of mild cheddar and monterrey jack cheese. I was sad to see them turned into Taco Bells.

March 28, 2004
I also worked at Albert P. GRubbs in the mid-seventies. My first ever restaurant employee experience, and was there that I overturned a tray holding glasses of red wine, and trashed some fellow’s white polyester suit. Thanks for helping me revive some old memories.

March 28, 2004
So good to see Mills Restaurant listed. I remember what a ‘big deal’ it was to eat at Mills after going to a movie at one of the handful of movie theaters downtown. I especially remember the roast beef dinner and mashed potatoes with gravy. Yum! This was probably in the late 1950’s.

March 30, 2004
I enjoy your site. I believe there was a BBF on West Broad Street, near Great Western Shopping Center in the mid-1960s. I believe it was near a Holiday Inn, near I-270. The Holiday Inn is now another motel, maybe Days Inn, and the building that housed the BBF is now an auto dealership. I was wondering if anyone has any photos of the old Great Western shopping center. It had displays in the parking lot of the Seven Wonders of the World. I remember seeing these as a kid (unless it was my imagination). Thanks!
*** follow the link above to see what he is talking about) ***

April 14, 2004
I think I can help you a little… BBF @ Riverside Dr. & Fishinger. Sadly, this is now a McDonalds. …don’t forget the old Saxon’s restaurant next door. It became a bank and is now a CORD Camera. They had the best roast beef and tater tots ever. GD Ritzy’s. All three Evansville locations are open. We live near the one on University Dr. and my son loves the burgers and ice cream.Great site! Lotsa good memories.

April 27, 2004
Any info you have on Kuenning’s restaurants in Columbus would be of special interest to me, as I am a Kuenning and have been with Quivey’s Grove Restaurant in Madison, WI since 1980, (chef, manager, and now owner). http://www.quiveysgrove.com/ I would be very interested in the famous Kuenning Salad, and I also saw reference to the Fish Fry. We do large business in Wisconsin. Thanks, Craig Kuenning

May 2, 2004
Do you remember a small chain of Sub shops named DEXTER”S ?
(editors note: Amway connection… ’nuff said)

May 2, 2004
I recall JACK BOWMAN’s// UPPER CRUST // SHAKEY’S PIZZZA // LUM’S// all in the smae area on Haamilton just north of the Great Eastern shopping center. Rand

May 4, 2004
Hi. My name is Kirk. A friend sent me your link. I remember Farrell’s quite well for a few birthday parties and my brother getting a trophy for finishing a Pig’s Trough banana split on his birthday. The restaurant I remember best, and would like to have added to this list just closed about a year ago. One of Columbus’ better landmarks was the Kahiki. I was sad to hear they were tearing it down. I loved the atmosphere there. The building was probably my favorite of any restaurant I’ve seen anywhere. I have heard that there are plans to open another one, but I don’t know where or when. If you have any info. on that, I would love to hear about it. Thanks for taking the time to do this site. You could publish something like this. I hope to be in touch again sometime.

1 June 2004
I happened upon this site while trying to remember where Emil’s was. Google took me to the 1964 listing, then I “backed up” to the homepage. Wow, I hit the motherlode! Thank you, thank you, thank you! What memories! BTW, I have lived near Chicago for nearly 25 years, but still enjoy my frequent trips back to Columbus.

9 June 2004
There was a Burger Chef on Lane Avenue in Arlington. I believe it was directly east of Tommy’s Pizza and is now a Taco Bell.
The Olentangy Inn diner is now Cap City diner on Olentangy River Rd.
There was a Big Bite on W. Henderson Road. I believe it was just east of the old Pizza Hut.
There was a Mother’s Pizza on W. Henderson Rd. that closed to become a Presutti and Chin’s. It was later a Schmidt’s and then torn down to become a CVS pharmacy.

1 July 2004
On your “what was that” page, the fifth restaurant down, was (when I moved to town in 1986) a “Po Folks” restaurant. I believe that was what it was originally built for. The next picture down the page was without a doubt built as a “Stuart Anderson’s Black Angus Restaurant”. I know because I ran the joint back then.
Same with the Kinko’s now at Kenny and Henderson and the Sports Med place on Refugee, across from KMart. As well, you have the Ground Round restaurant on High St. listed on your web site. According to my resume, that unit shut down in April of “96, then became the Melting Pot. I ran the unit until it closed. Prior to that, I ran the one on Phillipi Rd. next to Kohl’s. I don’t remember any dates of opening or it’s demise however. The building that now houses a “gentleman’s club” behind the Kinko’s on Kenny and Henderson had many incarnations as an Italian Restaurant, one of which was the “Casa Gallardo”. It originally was the same thing as the buildings that now house the Olive Garden on 161 and on Hamilton Rd. Seems like the name was Casa Lupita, but not sure of that one. I probably have some old pictures of some of these places. I’ll have to do some digging.
Kendall R. Oh, a P.S.- I didn’t notice if you had the Cantina del Rio listed on your site. Built near the intersection of Brice Rd. and I-70. It was a Bob Evans owned concept only open 2-3 years. I believe the building to still be vacant. There were other locations in Columbus as well that were purchased by the Thomas &King franchise which owns all of the Applebee’s locations in Central Ohio (based in Lexington, KY). They turned some of the units into Rio Bravo, but then bailed out due to low revenues. (I used to work for them too). I’ll visit again soon

19 July 2004
There was a BBF on Morse rd. that is now Rosie O’Grady’s. Before that it was 106.3 Club and King Tut’s.

23 July 2004 How about adding York Steak House. You got Ponderosa:( I worked York when I was in high school. The first one was here in Columbus at the Patio (corner of Karl Rd and Morse Rd). The old Patio was torn down back in 1982, I believe. At one time, they had a York in Northland, Eastland, and maybe Westland malls(maybe it was located on West Broad near Westland mall). There was also a standalone unit on Hamilton Rd just next to Eastland. They too were sold to General Mills and that’s about when the chain went into decline. I think the West Broad street store may still be open. Two former York managers bought the name and reopened it. I have some old photos of the interior.Great web site.Another restaurant was Guy’s. It was a sub store also located at the I think you have it listed as Guy’s Hamburgers
24 July 2004
Hello. I was looking at your website and noticed youhave some information about the Sisters Chicken & Biscuits food chain. I’ve heard that there was a Sisters Chicken & Biscuits inColumbus, but I did not know it was true. I use to live in Findlay Ohio, and in the 1980s there was a Sisters Chicken & Biscuits. Unfortunately the restaurant closed in the early 1990s. The building has been demolished and is now a Godfather’s Pizza. I loved Sisters Chicken & Biscuits, and I miss it very much.Do you know if there are anymore of these restaurantsstill in existence? (unfortunately no)
29 July 2004
The current “Bring back the Chilito” craze (http://www.chilicheese.org/) and the credit given to Zantigo led me to your site during a “surf down memory lane”.
I’m pretty sure in the database that the TAT Ristorante on James Road did not open until at least 1980. I know this because I worked in the Patriot Steak House in high school that occupied that building. The 1955 date “might” be for the TAT that was at Beechwood & Livingston on the east side (where I also grew up). It had been there as long as I could remember. In the early 80’s the Corrova family consolidated the TAT’s into the current location on James Road. Hope this helps. Great work on the site!

9 Aug 2004
I wish i had pictures, but i live in Alabama, but grew up in Columbus Ohio. I remember the roll on big o commercial, and eating at the L/K restaurant on Westerville road beside shotenstiens.and sneakin in the linden air drive in. Diddnt they have the usa skate center by you,we had the linden roller rink,but went to usa for the all night skates.was grate to read your page it has made me smile,thank you….Danny B.

I believe on your list “Fire Station #5” should be corrected to “Engine House #5”
6 Sept 2004
Howdy, I just wanted to drop you a line about another Big Bite location. There was one in Westerville on the main drag; it was converted into a Pizza Hut. It was torn down and rebuilt 2 or 3 years ago as a ‘modern’ Pizza Hut. The address was 651 S. State St I hope this helps fill a gap for you.

02 Oct 2004
Anyone remeber “Fat Jimmy’s Cajun Chicken” located at E. Livingston and Parsons. Late 1970’s

07 Oct 2004
I grew up on E. Livingston and went to Walnut Ridge HS. My Dad used to take us to Reeb’s Restaurant, I think it was on Livingston. On the drive there he’d always point out where Eddie Rickenbacker was born. He would also take us, all 9 kids and Mom to Willards Restaurant on Main St. in Bexley Just down the block was Norwoods Amusement Park. Anyone else remember that?

I left Columbus in 1976 when I was 18 and I’ve lived in Northern California for 25 years. It sure is great to hear about and remember, Emils, and Peter Pan and The Ollie Burger and BBF and Shakeys on Hamilton RD. They had a player piano in there that would fascinate me for hours. I almost forgot about Flippo! We used to go to Planks Bear Garden and Schmidts Sausage house in German Village. Wow that was fun!
Thanks for the Memories.

18 Oct 2004
  • Flippo had a restaurant near Hudson on High Street back in the 1980’s.
  • Froggy’s was a campus watering hole, 14th and Pearl Alley, back in the mid 70’s. Great hamburgers.
  • Hot Sub was Hymie’s Hot Sub. They also had a downtown location. Great subs, lousy hygiene.
  • Cappy’s Pizza, Henderson Rd. 1970’s.
  • Greyhound Food Service (the bus company) bought Cassano’s Pizza in Dayton back in the 80’s. Opened several stores in Columbus and closed them shortly thereafter as Greyhound bailed on the restaurant business.
  • Mario’s Pizza. Olentangy Plaza behind the movie house.
  • Elby’s – 1900 block of Henderson Road 1970’s and 1980’s
  • hunan House 161 west of Cleveland AV 1980’s
  • Knights Ice Cream – Westerville RD 1980’s
  • Fuyiyama’s – Cleveland AV and 161 1980’s Nasty Japanese
  • The Patio – Restaurant strip center at Karl and Morse RD they had a Schmidt’s Sausage House and some others there.
  • Western Pancake House – 1970’s 161 I think.
  • Helen Hutchley’s Ice Cream – Golden Bear Shopping Ctr, also East Side 1970’s
  • Shakee’s Pizza – Ohio Union 1960’s 1970’s
  • Out’r Inn – Woodruff (I think) at High 1970’s
  • Donna’s Good Time something behind Long’s 15th &High
  • Garcia’s Pizza 15th and High (After Char-bar)1980’s
  • Jolly Roger Donuts – High Street at Woodruff(?)

Nov 20, 2004
The old Shakeys Pizza is now Capoziellos. There used to be a L and K restaurant right in front of Schottensteins North before they expanded the warehouse. I worked briefly at the main Dexter’s Subs location on E.Broad St. They used to make chili that was almost a dead knock off of Wendys. Dog and Suds was the first paying job that I ever had. Old Fashioned Root beer, car hops, and<M.Craig>

Dec 8 2004
someone mentioned Hymies’ Hot Subs in here somewhere. I delivered for Hymies back in 1979/80, when it was on East Woodruff, and in 1981/82, when it was on High Street, in the storefront on the north side of the Universiity Hymies opened up in the early 1960’s I believe, in downtown Columbus. When I worked there a guy named Arnie Levine owned it, then sold it to a couple other guys who turned it into Pinn Central Station, cashing in on subs, pizza, and video games. (I had the highest scores on Centipede for awhile.)
I went on to work at Papa Joe’s on high Street, which has since burned down… Gregg P.

Dec 15, 2004
did anyone ever go to the Bombay Bicycle Club across from eastland mall on hamilton road? there was also another great restaurant beside of it and i cant remember the name? i have a picture of my son when he was 2 years old eating at the zantigo on s. high st. across from mercy hospital. the building still looks the same. lisa y

Dec 24, 2004
Neat idea. I’ve got some history on a website I do for a diner downtown. It’s called Jack’s. Check it out: http://www.jacksdowntowndiner.com/ There are photograghs of the original Jack’s from 1963, in it’s original location on the corner of N. High St & Hickory St. Check out the History section for more info. The red neon restaurant sign from the old State & Fourth Grill now hangs in Jack’s too. I have a couple of great photos of that place too, I can send them to you if you like.

Dec 25, 2005
There was a Fat Jimmy’s Chicken on High Street too. Don’t forget Elby’s. I worked in one on Henderson that became a Pizza Hut and is now a nightclub. Leonardo’s Pizza in Arlington was delicious. Across from Lazarus downtown was the Small Fry on E. State Street and who can forget Jack’s at 222 N High Street? How about the Pizzaburgers at the Golden Point on Oakland Park? The Fontanelle Restaurant was in Graceland Shopping Center. Remember the Gloria Italian Restaurant on Riverside Drive near Trabue? Now an El Vaquero, next to the old Bill Knapp’s, which is now the home of a Bob Evans. The Gaslight in Arlington was pretty cool. It’s on the other end of the shopping center where the Windward Passage is today. (If you’ve never been to the Windward Passage on Henderson Rd., go before this Columbus Landmark is gone forever! They have telephone jacks at each of the booths that have the old-style 4-prong plugs on them.) Cool Website. Keep up the good work!

Dec 31 2004
I didn’t see it listed, back in the sixties there was what I call a REAL Krispy Kreme donut place directly east of Graceleand shopping center. It wasn’t anything like the new Krispy Creme franchises, except the green and white sign. They made the worlds best stick donuts ! Now the clerks in these new-fangled places don’t even know what a stick donuts is.
Also along N High at Morse rd was Jerry’s drive-in and farther north on High, close to Lincoln Ave was a small polace called Don’s drive-in. Don’s made great grilled pecan rolls, and Jerry’s was famous for their creme horns, and other baked goods. In the 60s-70s, Jerry’s was the northern end of what was cruising on Friday nights. I mean the real thing, not nostalgia cruises.
btw, I think the old Saxons roast beef location near Lincoln ave and N high may have been where Don’s drive-in used to be. I beleive it was an Arthur Treachers before it was Saxons.

Jan 23. 2005
Does anyone remember when Wendy’s menu included HOT-DOGS? I’m starting to think I’m truly crazy, or it was a dream, but from sometime

Jan 27, 2005
I really enjoyed your web site. I now live in Minneapolis but lived in Westerville for over 50 years.
The site does not mention the BBF that use to be in Westerville. I think it was around where the McDonald’s is. He also doesn’t have the BBF that was on Morse Road. Again, great site, I am going to put a link on my web pages. I found your link on Buckeye Sports Bulletin’s Web Site. http://www.buckeyecountdown.com/

Jan 28, 2005
Do you remember The Circus Chef Diner on S.High St.? How about Cardo’s Pizza in Great Southern Mall? Doersam’s Restaurant downtown on W.Broad , Phillips Coneys , Ray Johnson’s Fish Market which has moved to a “new” location. To the person that mentioned The Top: It’s still open, under new ownership.

Jan 31, 2005
There was a BBF in Westerville in the early 70’s. It was on S. State St. next to McDonalds (Arbys location?). Also, include York Steak House in your old rest. section. Northland and Eastland both closed, as did the entire chain other than one franchise owner on W Broad St…only one still open anywhere.

February 16, 2005
I wanted some info on LUMS – I had been in touch with a LUMS in Woodbridge VA – I spoke with them about 2 months ago and they were going to sell me the ollie burger spices – when I went from GA to VA last week I found the place closed up tight.

February 27, 2005
Researching diners. This page was a great help, because i have not got out of northern Ohio yet, in my research…
Anyone have any pictures of any of the diners listed. http://www.geocities.com/cornwallace55/ohio.html Is the page that I created a year or two ago. www.nydiners.com/db/ohio.htm

March 3, 2005
wonderful site!!! Brings back tons of memories!!!

March 13, 2005
Shakey’s Pizza in Whitehall is NOT Capoziellos now (from M. Craig’s note of Nov 4, 2004). Shakey’s is now a Ricart storage lot/offices now. Capoziellos is next door and is still there. Sadly, it looks like Del Mattos is closed (On Main in Whitehall). Not sure if it will reopen at some point. That place was a total time warp. I swear they hadn’t changed a thing since the early 60’s. Yea, Zantigo’s killed Taco Bell. Their Chilito rocked. And how about the coney place on Main. I think it was called The Boardwalk. Cool place, great ham & cheese sandwiches. Thanks for the list!

March 23, 2005
I love this site,my wife and I often talk about the resaurants we used to go to ,and miss so much.Reading the comments on here brought back so many memories,we are both born and raised here and are in our 40’s,we watched Flippo, and lucy’s toy shop…..I don’t know if anyone has mentioned it yet,but there was a restaurant at Central Point shopping center called Green Gables, A popular hangout for hot rodders.They had curb service and great milkshakes.On the other side of the street was a woolworths with a snack counter where they served great floats.There was a BBF on the northeast corner of mound and central ave.it later became borden burger,then good buddy,and finaly it was a sisters chicken,sisters was my wifes(girlfriend then) first job back then.We both grew up down the road on Central ave.We would love to share more stories and old pictures.

April 3 2005
I grew up on Green Gables hamburgers and strawberry pie. They had the best strawberry pie around. It was the only strawberrypie with what we called strawberry goop YUM YUM. My husband is a few years older than me and he remembers driving to Green Gables with a friend to find someone to race with on a 1/4 mile road in Hilliard Ohio.v

April 5 2005
In Westerville, State Street, in the 60s there was Williams Grill — best lemon merage (sp?) pie — and Shelton’s — best Shrimp in a Basket — and D&D Pizza –mmm Pepperoni. For about five minutes in the 70s came Denver Burger where, I think, the Chipotle is now

April 15 2005
There was another chain called De-Lites. They specialized in light, healthy food…salads, fruit, etc. Two locations I know of were on Karl Road, just north of Morse on the east side of the street across from a car dealership, and another on Dublin-Granville Road, a block west of 161, across from the current Friendly’s restaurant. Both were converted initially to Household Bank. I vaguely remember a location in Westerville, too, just north of 270 on Westerville Road.

April 15 2005
The Gahanna BBF at 186 E. Granville Street is now a Key Bank. There were two different Arthur Treacher’s in Gahanna . One (261 Lincoln Cir) is now a Massey’s Pizza, while the other (355 E. Granville St.) is now a Swan Cleaners.

April 23 2005
Hi, Interesting site. One correction and one piece of info. I grew up on the far westside. The Burger Chef on Sullivant Ave. ss now Turner pest control not advance Auto. I think the Advance Auto was where Super Duper grocery was. And I believe there was a Borden Burger (BBF) where the Now closed down Putt Putt was on Georgesville across fomr western Lanes

Aug 7, 2005
Hi, I was trying to remember what BBF stood for and found your website last night. Really fun to read thru and remember all the old restaurants that have come and gone. I think you should also research York Steak House. There was one by Eastland Mall that my family went to every Sunday. There is still one open near Westland — think it was “saved” by a former manager. Also, re: Rax — I remember there being Jax in downtown columbus when I was a kid (born in ’62, so probably sometime between ’67 and ’72) — we met my dad for lunch and that’s where we went. (I could ask my Dad what street is was on if you want to know)

Aug 11. 2005
Two you may want to consider…I’m sorry, but I do not have the addresses handy at this time. There was a restaurant called Duff’s Smorgasborg on North Murray Hill Road in Lincoln Village on the West Side of Columbus. It is now Westside Family Practice. Another pertains to Bob Evans. There was a Bob Evans on Georgesville Road right next to the old Putt-Putt Golf and Games. It is now out of business (has been for years), but prior to that, it was a Jimmy Dean’s Restaurant. Not sure if any Jimmy Dean’s still exist, but they were a chain just like Bob Evans….. (Jimmy Dean wanted to test restaurants so they came here to take on Bob Evans, but gave up in a few years an sold the locations to Bob Evans -editor) Aug 18, 2005
i was searching for the receipt of Phillips origional coney island sauce and came upon your web site, never did find the receipt. in the late 50’s and early 60’s the site you list as a BBF was actually the Burger Boy drive in. this was a very popular place for young people to hang out and cruise around with your loud muffer and pretent you were tough. i went to high school with the daughter of the owner, think their last name was Tuttle. I believe that he started the BBF’s. Phillips origionally had 3 locations in columbus; Buttles and High, Mound and Harmond, and the west Broad St. location that you list. All are closed and the great…. grand son of one of the owners runs the new, last 15 or 20 years, one on Broad street near Vet’s Memorial. When i was about 9 or 10, we used to go to the west broad st. unit and get carry-out coneys, i believe that they cost 25 cent for two. the cook went by the name of shorty, little guy. their onions were crushed very fine, like a snow cone, and the buns were steamed, probably bought stale ones and steamed them to fool you. i enjoyed you web site. thanks, Tom

September 23, 2005
Ponderosa resturants, there is a closed one in Westerville on state street just north of 270, next to Arbys, and there is a former ponderosa that is now a Mexican Resturant off Tussing Road near the intersection of Brice and Tussing. The old RAX on Refugee road is now a Minute Man pizza

Nov 6 2005
I am Doug now 46,I remeber Bill Knapps in Worthington where I worked in my younger days.The place closed in 2001 and is now a Sky Bank, The one on the East side is standing Vacant, The Upper Arlington store was demolished and now a Bob Evans is there now.Bill Knapp’s went out of business in 2002.I loved the Garden Burger with Fries smothered in Chicken Gravy. The Village Inn Pizza Parlor on Olentangy River Road was another favorite. Lums I wish was still here.

Dec 1, 2005
I just stumbled across Curt Boster’s Columbus site and it would seem he and I had the same childhood. A restaurant he mentions is Pete’s Red Pig Diner. Some of my earliest memories are of my father and I sharing a booth at Pete’s while we scarfed those great cheeseburgers. And my very first job was as a carhop at Stewart’s Drive-In on Yearling Road (I held that job for exactly one week). I also remember my mother turning Friday dinners into BBF Night. Thanks, Curt, for returning me to my fast food youth.

Thursday December 01, 2005
Don’t forget the Arthur Treacher’s on Hamilton Road in Whitehall. I think it was just off of Etna Road (or maybe Langley?) and I believe it opened in the 70s. Of course, neither me nor my friends would go because, well, who knew what “chips” were? We’d eat Mexican or Chinese or Italian food in a second. But English?! No way!

Dec 6, 2005
I didn’t see this mentioned on your site: the little restaurant inside of the Woolco (in Great Eastern?) Was it called the Red Grill? And this isn’t food related, but who recalls Shopper’s Fair on Broad just past Town & Country? Is it a Kmart now? I love this website!

Dec 19, 2005
I’ve lived in Illinois for the past 25 years, but only recently made a discovery. In Grayslake, which is a far northern suburb of Chicago, there is a Dog ‘n” Suds. It has the same sign as the one that was in Whitehall, and it still employs carhops! The PA is tuned to an oldies station, so it really feels like a step back in time. Does this mean D ‘n’ S is a franchise, or that some enterprising signmaker got rich off a single design?

January 22, 2006
We grew up in Worthington in the 50’s and 60’s. One of my parents’ favorite spots to take us was Anton’s Restaurant, on High St. south of Worthington. We also went to the Carousel Dinner Theater north of Worthington. I remember when the first local McDonald’s opened, on High St. at Cook Rd., sometime between 1964-1966 I believe. We used to cruise Jerry’s Drive-In at High St. and Morse Rd.; sometimes we’d pour out the Coke we ordered and put beer in the cup, then drink it with the straw. In addition to restaurants, Columbus had many teen dance clubs in the 60’s; Valleydale and The Button are two that I can remember.

February 14, 2006
Anyone remember Bonanza Steak House? There use to be one on Olentangy River Road just south of the hospital, out in front of where Gold Circle…..use to be, another blast from the past. Your site is awesome…loved reading about Chiller Theater with “Frita the Night Owl”, Flippo’s movies from 4 -6 were awesome, Lucy’s Toy Shop, Zantigo’s…L & K. Does anyone remember: The Peppermint Tiger, The Dixie Electric Company, Marco Polo’s, The High Street Brewing Co (the old Underground)….Great Site Keep up the great job.

Feb 18, 2006
Loved the page- Additional information:\ There was another Rax location across from the old K-Mart (present day Lowe’s) and next door to the old Kahiki (present day Walgreens). Its address was 3559 E. Broad St. It is now a Popeye’s. I think this is the one you had listed as ‘5559 E Broad’, because 5559 E. Broad St would be right at about Noe-Bixby Rd, near Temple Beth Israel. Also, there was another Arthur Treacher’s open downtown, in the 200 block of East Broad St. It was located west of Wendy’s Store #1, across from COSI. We ate there all the time when I volunteered at COSI in high school. Present day, it looks to be a Chinese fast food place… Thanks, and great webpage!

Feb 23, 2006
Two of us are trying to recall a healthy fast food chain from the early 1980s and we cannot remember the name. I stumbled across your site during a deep Google search. Very cool.
One of the locations for the chain we are trying to remember was on Route 3 just north of 270 on the west side of the road. We believe the company was public and was perhaps focused on burgers. If you have any info it would be much appreciated. *DeLites* Also, there was a Burger Chef on North High St in Worthington just south of York Golf Club. I believe it is now a church.Also Sandy’s Drive Inn at 4299 N. High St. became a Rally’s at some point and is now House of India. (Assuming this is the place on the corner of High and Cooke Rd.)
Hope this helps…

March 2, 2006

Hey Jim: everyting you talk about I remember. We moved to the East side in 1961(Melroy Ave.) Just off of Hamilton rd. close to Tommy’s Pizza. I went to Walnut Ridge H.S. grad of 1965. Small world isn’t it. My Mother in law worked at Emils and I remember that refrigerated case that held the pie. Spent many a late night there with friends. Nice to stroll down memory lane.

March 16, 2006
Neat website, old Columbus restaurants – thanks for putting it together. I remember a BBF (BurgerBoy Food-o-rama – Home of the Whirling Satellite!) on Morse Road in the sixties. I also remember some local celebrities doing their commercials, like Luci on Luci’s Toyshop (a kid’s show), and Flippo the Clown on Iremember, too, on Morse Road, in the 80’s, a Middle Eastern or Greek restaurant called Big Bite, which featured gyros, orange/creamsicle shakes, etc. There were other locations, too. There was another restaurant in the 70’s-80’s downtown Columbus called Periwinkle’s Salads, on Long Street, that had, among other things,homemade salads like tuna, chicken or turkey, made with lots of sprouts, celery and other yummy stuff. I’m trying to locate their recipes, have even written to the Columbus Dispatch, but no luck yet. If I can think of others, I’ll let you know. And thanks for any info you are able to provide, too!

Monday April 03, 2006

What a great site! So many memories; I’m hoping you (or another reader) can help me with a long lost memory.

Anyway, I enjoyed reading about the history of Rax, I remember them well, but didn’t know they started as Jax.

I once threw up after drinking about 5 of these drinks that came in fake ceramic coconuts at the Kahiki when I was about 6.

I would kill my own mother to eat at Zantigo again. And Burger Chef….so good. Thanks again!! A reader posted this question: “Does anyone remember when Wendy’s menu included HOT-DOGS? I’m starting to think I’m truly crazy, or it was a dream, but from sometime around 83-85?.”
Not only do I remember, I worked at Wendy’s during that time and may have been partially responsible for their downfall. The date range is about right, probably closer to ’86.
Each location got a “bun toaster”, a sort of clamshell device that would toast the hot dog buns on both sides at once. During a slow time one day, my manager Ann asked me to clean it. She said there was a green bottle of “Janitor in a Drum” that I should use.
What she didn’t explain was that she meant that she wanted me to clean the outside of the toaster. I didn’t realize that, and poured “Janitor in a Drum” on the hot plates, where it formed some god-awful bond with the non-stick coating. No matter how we scrubbed, it wouldn’t come off. From then on, the buns we’d cook smelled vaguely caustic. There were complaints, so our store stopped selling them.
Now does anyone remember when Burger King was selling Dinner Baskets? They tried to go a bit upscale. Fried shrimp was one of the selections.
How about Hot Sam’s pretzels? There was one in Northland Mall across from the arcade (Alladin’s Castle) where I was a god at TEMPEST. All that space-warping makes a guy hungry for pretzels!

April 7 2006
Wow! I am stunned and amazed at the B&W photo of the BBF!

Ya know… they built one just like that one down the hill from my childhood home near Arlington Park, in Huntington, West Virginia. It would have been at the corner of Washington Blvd and Route 60… zip code 25705.

The brick you see on the sides were *glossy* blue, and the bathrooms were DOWNSTAIRS under the eating areas. That’s why it can be so small on the property. The building was demolished years ago, probably because of the complicated roof style… and a lack of appreciation for the modern style in the area.

I think it became a Borden Burger, then a Burger Chef, and then a Burger King… which actually rebuilt across the street. Across the street from the BBF before that was an A frame “house” that served as the local visitors welcome center. Gone.

I bet those bathrooms are still underground there… I can’t imagine that anyone would have dug them up. They are not part or connected to the new structure. Its a gas station and minimart of some kind now. Again, the original building with the arches is long gone. Sad, really.

April 15, 2006

Hi. You mentioned that Lum’s bought Ollie’s Trolley and then used the Ollieburger recipe in their restaurants. We used to have a Lum’s restuarant here in Maryland that I used to go to on a Saturday afternoon while grocery shopping. On a hot summer day, I would have a stein of beer and a wonderful Ollieburger. Then they closed and that was the end of it. But, the Ollieburger lived on in my memory.

However, yesterday (Good Friday, April 14, 2006), I was in downtown Washington, DC, and what do I see in the Hotel Harrington at 12th and E Streets, NW: An Ollie’s Trolley…and they had Ollieburgers listed outside the building and I could actually see it across the street. Because it was Good Friday, I could not order the Ollieburger. Also, when I was talking to the cashier trying to tell her about the Ollieburgers at Lums, I couldn’t remember the name of the restuarant.

She kept telling me that Ollie’s Trolley has been in business for many years (I think going back to the 40’s) and she pooh-poohed my trying to remember the Ollieburgers at another restaurant with a different name. However, I did stay and has a crabmeat sandwich with fries. They covered the fries with Old Bay seasoning (that’s what it tasted like), and I resolved to go back to try the Ollieburger.

Later when talking with my brother in law on the phone, I remembered the name of the restaurant of my memories–Lums, and I decided to look up Lums and Ollieburger in Google. That’s how I came across your website.

Well, Ollieburgers and Ollie’s Trolley is still around. The Ollie’s Trolley that I visited yesterday was kinda run-down, but it was good to find the Ollieburger again. Also, I have found several websites with a recipe that claims to be for the Ollieburgers, that I am going to try. Just wanted to update you on my find–the Ollie’s Trolley. The cashier claimed the were a chain with other locations.

To be honest, I really liked Lums better. It had a family restaurant atmosphere. I’m not a big drinker but on a hot summer day the stein of beer went so well with the Ollieberger, and I didn’t feel like I was in a bar. Ollie’s Trolley does not serve beer, and I will probably grab the Ollieberger to go and take it back to work to enjoy at lunchtime at work. I’m going to have to take the Metro subway train there and back to and from work, just to see if it is the same as I remembered.

It’s supposed to have a special sauce and the recipes on the internet don’t seem to have the sauce, but they do have a marinade.

I wish you well and will probably look to see if I see any other Ollie’s Trolleys listed, but there is one in downtown DC.

April 21, 2006
Howdy All! I totally enjoyed reviewing your list of central Ohio chain restaurants. Brought back many good memories! Just wanted to let you know… To the best of my knowledge, there are two places still open and functioning, serving up great grub, back in my hometown of Lancaster, Ohio. One is a Rax on Main St/U.S. 22 East) and the other is an Arthur Treacher’s Fish & Chips (on Memorial Drive/U.S. 33 West). Just wanted to pass the info along. Keep up the great work :o)

Monday April 24, 2006 I wrote a while back and mentioned that I’d found some Dog ‘n’ Suds still in operation in northern Illinois. Imagine my surprise (and heartbreak) when I learned that right down the street from my new house, there used to be a Dog ‘n’ Suds on the corner. If only I’d gotten here sooner…
May 03, 2006
I was raised in Columbus. My Mom worked at Emil’s during the early 60’s and her friend made the crème pies. I have been searching for a banana crème pie that can compare for the past 45 years. If any of the readers can forward a recipe, I would be eternally grateful.

May 14 2006
Love this website! There was a BBF at the corner of Fishinger Road and Riverside Drivebeginning in the early 60’s- there is now a McDonalds there. A Burger Chef was located next to Tommy’s Pizza on Lane Avenue near Upper Arlington.There is a shoe store for runners there now. Greg

May 22, 2006
Hello: I would like to see a posting on Bill Knapp’s The last Columbus Bill Knapp’s closed in 2001 at 6851 N.High Street in Worthington and is now a Sky Bank. Upper Arlington on Riverside Drive torn down and a Bob Evans is on the site. The East Side Bill Knapp’s on Lonsdale Rd and Livingston still standing vacant. Also was there ever a Burger chef north of Worthington on High Street but was torn down when I-270 was built. I read that somewhere but do not remember it. What happened to Shoneys in Ohio? Doug

May 29, 2006
I believe there is still a GD Ritzys in North Myrtle Beach, S.C. on rt 17 (Kings Highway)

Friday June 09, 2006

I`ve been researching old abandoned amusement parks and came across your site. I have lived in florida for the past 20 years, but grew up on the west side of columbus. Does anyone remember Green Gables at the Central Point shopping center? there was also a BBF there. there was a Burger Chef on W Broad st at Hague ave.I was back in Ohio in 1998, and so much had changed.It was realy nice seeing some of the old things and places of my childhood

Jun 15, 2006 Hi Everybody,
Sharing some old places and haunts from the past… Columbus memories & places we use to haunt? I would love to add some of my old favorites to their list. I would add Beverly Restaurant, I was a carhop there is the 60’s, Patton’s Restaurant on Mound Street, Shell Restaurant on Sullivant, The Plateau Bar, Satan’s Place Bar on 161, The Miles Outdoor Drive-In Theaters, Skateland on Sullivant, The Big Nickel on 161, King Tit’s on Morse, The Brown Derby Restaurant & Luv Pub Bar on Morse Rd, Faces nightclub at the Continent, The Angora on campus, The Castle on campus, and so many more. I use to go to Green Gables on Mound Street at Central Point and ride around the drive-in restaurant with my boyfriends in their souped up cars! We use to do the same at Frisch’s Restaurant on West Broad. Remember Lincoln Lanes and bowling leagues that we were on? How about Western Lanes? I remember Dad bowling a lot there and most of us! Lou, Columbus

June 30, 2006
I love this website and wondered if you have any information on the restaurant Isaly’s on Third in German Village. They had the best chicken salad! I was wondering if you knew about the Swiss House restaurant on Broad st. It was a gem of a place!
I love this website, it’s like a walk down memory lane when times/ people were good. Thanks for sharing this information with the rest of us!

Aug 11 2006
Hey, cool site. I was just talking with a friend about decorating my kitchen with photographs of old restaurants that have closed, and stumbled upon your site. Very unique. I’m glad you did this.

I remember way back in the day, when I was like five years old (in 1982) that there used to be a Zantigos at the southwest corner of Wilson Rd. and W. Broad St. I think it’s a Budget Car Sales now. I also remember going to a Burger Chef on Sullivant Ave. near Demorest Rd. I think it’s a bar called Boomer’s now.

Again, thanks for doing this. I really enjoyed your site.


August 30, 2006
I attended tech. school in Columbus between 1972-1973. I took a part time job as a security guard at the Borden Burger on Cemetary Road in, or near, Hilliard. I was only 19 and the kind people there provided me many pleasant memories. I may return someday to visit the area. I lost contact with my friends long ago. In the meantime, I looked at a few satellite maps of the area and studied the marvelous growth over the last thirty years. Can you provide the address of that old Borden Burger restaurant on Cemetary Road? It hard to discern if the building still exists from a satelite overview. The comments and stories within your website refresh warm memories of people and places. Thank you for your time.

Sep 6 2006
I love the site! Very entertaining. I had no idea about the Seven Wonders at Great Western. I e-mailed it to some friends who are long-time Columbus residents and even they didn’t know about it. I’m currently putting together a website about the old Indianola Park in the University District and I was curious about a couple images in the Defunct Amusement Park section. Specifically, the B&W photo of the pavilion and the postcard of the rustic bridge. The photo isclearly from the 1930s since you can see the chimney of Indianola Junior High (est. 1929) in the background. There isn’t a lot out there from Indianola in the 1930s. The rustic bridge postcard is pretty uncommon too. I’ve been collecting Indianola postcards for the past three years and never seen anything like it. Thanks for a great site! D.A.K.

Sept 7, 2006
Hi,, First of all let me say it was so kool to find this site, as it brought back so many memories,, i now live in North Carolina, near Fort Bragg, but i grew up in Columbus, west side. After finding this site had to call my older brother ( lives in New Lexington, Ohio) to test his memory, Green Gables, central point shopping center, friday nights,cruiseing, lookin for guys to race,, listening to WCOL (FM),, first kiss,, take me back,, the BBF (mainliner ). Jerrys drive in on High Street, like a scene from the movie “American Grafiti”, White Castle central avenue, 7 wonders of the world ( Great Western Shopping Center) ok got to stop, gettin all mushy here ,, once again thx , keep it going

October 13, 2006
I’m so glad to have found this site! I lived in Cols. area from 1961-1976, when I married and moved elsewhere. From time to time I still visit, but years go by between visits and I can’t keep up at all! I’m glad someone mentioned Sandy’s! We LOVED Sandy’s, went there way before that first McDonald’s opened up, as mentioned in an earlier post. I miss ALL the Howard Johnson’s restaurants–this chain should never have been allowed to close. I remember when the Taco Bell and Arthur Treacher’s opened in the Westerville area, and we got food from there all the time. I still love Arthur Treacher’s but haven’t seen one in years and don’t know if they ever made it to the NW where I am now (Seattle). I adored the Kahiki, it was our favorite special occasion restaurant. I want there after prom, and we threw a party there the day after our wedding in 76. I can’t believe the Christopher Inn has been torn down–I remember when it was brand new and I was allowed to go there once for cocktails as a girl, all dressed up. I had my first “Shirley Temple” cocktail there! I remember Perkins Pancake House with fondness. Can’t remember the name of our favorite Chinese place, but it was in the Clintonville area–might it have been Kowloon? It’s not there anymore. And then there was a Hungarian restaurant on High St. just north of OSU campus. It was in a white building, can’t remember the name. Fabulous. What ever happened to Montaldo’s by the way, and didn’t they used to have a brand of candy for which they were famous? When we first moved to Columbus, Northland shopping center was just being finished–there wasn’t anything out there, and you could zoom up 161 Eastbound going 75mph! I remember seeing Krispy Kreme about a jillion times. We never went there, but went instead to Jolly Roger for donuts. I was shocked when Krispy Kreme became a big big deal nationally a few years back. I thought it was just a single little dinky shop near Graceland. The only sub sandwich I ever had which was to die for was back in 1970 in a dive on the OSU campus. Can’t think of a name for the place, as I believe you had to enter from the back. It was on High St. A lot of my childhood memories are back in Columbus–and I enjoy the memories all of you are sharing. I loved Ritzy’s–what on earth happened to this chain–they were great!

Mar 31 2007
‘I have a vague memory of Swiss Chalet having a resturant in Columbus somewhere, or at least I remember the commercials from the early 1980s. I also remember the Colorado Rose resturant, not by eating there, but they had commecials on WTTE all the time before they became a FOX station (and would show neat old moives and the like). I bet I have one on tape somewhere….
Glad to see you had Big Bite, it was too ahead of its time.
Cool site, thanks for the memories!

April 3, 2007 I don’t see the Sandy’s that was close to the Northern Lights Shopping Center on Cleveland Avenue. I remember this very well, because it was next to a “giant slide” when those first became popular. It was such a treat to go down the slide and then eat at Sandy’s. I particularly remember one summer they gave away kites to all the kids. I was thrilled with my new paper kite with “Sandy” on it!
April 4, 2007

There was a Sandy’s that was close to the Northern Lights Shopping Center on Cleveland Avenue in Columbus, Ohio. I remember this very well because it was next to a “giant slide” when those first became popular. It was such a treat to go down the slide and then eat at Sandy’s. I particularly remember one summer they gave away kites to all the kids. I was thrilled with my new paper kite with “Sandy” on it! It was in Columbus Ohio- probably 1963-64 era. It was located on Cleveland Avenue, aka Route 3, aka 3-C Highway. (The 3-C’s stand for Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati). It was in the parking lot of a strip mall called Northern Lights Shopping Center. I’m beginning to doubt my memory now because no one else in the family remembers it! But I remember it so clearly. As a youngster it was one of my favorite places to go! Hope to hear more soon.

Apr 11, 2007
‘Do you remember the name of the restaurant that used to be at the corner of I70 and Brice? I believe it was Mexican and was located where Home Depot is now. Cantina del Rio has been suggested ,but that does not sound right. I believe it was there in the late 60’s and early 70’s. THANKS’
** yes, it was Cantina del Rio a Bob Evans company attempt.

Aug 4, 2007 Thanks so much for bringing back so many great memories of restaurants we grew up with. We were married in 1976 and had our rehearsal dinner at a place in Hilliard. It was on Main Street almost next to the Old Big Bear (now an Odd Lots). They specialized in gret Prime Rib and Steaks. They were often in the Entertainment books. Would you happen to know the name of the restaurant or have any suggestions on how to find it?
Aug 27, 2007 ‘There is a Swensen’s Ice Cream Restaurant in Miami, Fl… http://www.swensensrestaurant.com/home.html And, last time I was there (2001) there was a Lum’s in Auburn, NY’
Sept 28, 2007 I wanted to let you know about Zantigo’s. I am working in Minneapolis and found a one. Seems that some former employees have reopened it. Very similar to the original. One of my favorites. http://zantigo.com/
Oct 10, 2007
‘Great site! My family’s favorite restaurant in the 70’s was Corrova’s on Sullivant Avenue on the west side. We went there frequently for the pizza (cut in long strips), great salads (bigger for the men than the women – which really upset my Mom), and great baked pasta dishes. There was a huge building fire as I recall, and it rebuilt, but wasn’t open long after. The owner, Tony Corrova, was affiliated in some way with TAT restaurant. I ate there once but it wasn’t the same.’

Oct 25,2007
‘Do you remember the Betty Crocker Tree House on Morse Road. I believe it was formerly a steakhouse. Also, does anyone remember the lady with the bright pink lipstick that worked at the White Castle restaurant on 161 near I-71? She worked there for years and wore bright pink lipstick and it came to a point in the middle of her upper lip!’

Oct 31, 2007
I started scrolling through the “comments” section to see if you knew. I gave up after my eyes started to bleed from all the entries. However, Rax built a NEW restaurant in Bellefontaine at 33 and 68 next to the Shell station. Maybe on your next trip to the Tilton Hilton you could swing by. I recommend not eating there (you couldn’t pay me to forgo a Tilton burger). It’s not as good as the last one I remember on 161 near Cleveland Ave. ‘

Used to love Boardwalk Coney Island on E Main. Open from about 1968 to 1991… Last time I talked to Pete (Smerles) (2 years ago) he was living in Naples FL… C-YA! Can’t find a good hot dog in this town anywhere.

Jan 6, 2008
I was looking for the name of an old, closed restaurant that was located out on RT 40 near or in the vicinity of Hamilton Rd. I think it was east of Hamilton and on the north side of the street. Good deserts was a headliner there! We were thinking of places we had gone to years ago but could not remember the name of that one. It was I think a type of steak house. American, I think.

Jan 25, 2008
I worked at Stouffer’s Top of the center at Broad & Summit? Started in 1971. Also Stouffer’s Inn by the University. Then my friend and I, who I met at Stouffers, started at the Aspen Inn together in 1974. I briefly waited tables at Seva on campus, which still has restaurant in Ann Arbor. Actually my beginning was the Faculty Club at OSU where I routinely waited on Woody Hayes…for 32 Cents an hour & no tips allowed! I did get my meals though. Anyone know the pizza place from the 70s on High street next to Larry’s?’

Feb 18, 2008
We have a print of what appears to be an oil painting of a Marzetti’s Restaurant. We can’t make out the artist’s signature, and were not able to locate it on a national art website or a listing of Ohio artists. It looks like Haurity or Hawsty…the Ha at the beginning and the ty at the end are clear. Wondered if you may have any other ideas or links???

April 10, 2008
I lived in Springfield until 1965 and often would come to Columbus to eat on special occasions. I’m going crazy trying to remember the name of a very beautiful upscale restaurant that was located on Olentangy River Road. The last time I was there was on my birthday Sept.8, 1956. It was a very large restaurant, and quite pricey, on the west side of the river not too far from old route 40. Please, can someone tell me its name ? It had been there for quite a while. Another of my favorites was the Kahiki, which I mistakenly remembered as being called the “Kon Tiki” where I ate on the way to a class reunion in 1975. Wasn’t it the one with the Polynesian decor ? I still have a little folding bamboo container in which they used to put the wet towels with which to wipe your hands (I stole it !). And once I recall eating at a small supper club on East Broad somewhere where the pianist, Peter Nero, entertained the patrons when he was just starting out and before he became famous. I can’t remember the name of that one either, although I think it was very small and intimate. I would very much appreciate anyone responding who knew any of these places. I am now living in Florida and get back to Ohio very seldom. My friend in Vero Beach put me on to your web site and I was very grateful.

Aug 22, 2008
‘I am trying to find information Ilonka’s Provincial Party House and Restaurant. It was way out on East Broad Street in Columbus. They made the most delicious rolls that were filled with fruit. I would love to find the recipe. ‘

Sept 22, 2008
Does anyone remember what was on the lot before the Dog&Suds was? It was the Red Hat and the Pickin’ Chicken. When they built the Dog&Suds my wife and sister-in-law were two of the first car hops hired when they opened. My wife was 19 then. When my wife and I was going together we went to the Burger Boy on Livingston ave. every Saturday night . It is something I miss very much. Would anyone out there have a photo of that drive in?’

Oct 9, 2008
‘Do you remember Turkey Trot? It was located on Riverside Drive. (there is currently an Arby’s at that location) It closed a short time after it’s initial opening due to a scare about tainted meat) It re-opened but could never shake the stigma of the former problem. How about H. Salt Fish & Chips? It moved into several former Arthur Treacher locations, but did not last very long. Also I’ve seen where others have mentioned the former Jimmy Dean’s and Bob Evans on Georgesville Road next to the Putt-Putt course….it was actually a Golden Griddle before either of the other two arrived on the scene. And never foget the absolute best pizza in town was Leonardo’s. The original Leonardo’s opened in 1952 at the corner of First Ave. & Copeland in Grandview. ANd the best ice cream, candy & nuts could always be found at Helen Hutchley’s on Riverside Drive. Those were truly wonderful places and wonderful days…..’

Oct 10, 2008
‘Would love to share memories of Friday nights at Shakeys Pizza on Hamilton Road in Cols

Oct 19, 2008
We are looking for a picture of the Green Gables Restaurant/Diner which was at the southwest corner of Mound St. and Harrisburg Pike on the west side of Columbus. Originally there was a Sohio gas station that stood in front of it. Now that is gone and there is a McDonald’s on the site.

Nov 27, 2008
My wife Anita was one of the original Mystery girls at the Kahiki. Her picture is still around the internet from a post card that was done back in 61 or 62. She was 18 years old when she worked there. She worked nights and worked days in a Dentist office. She is still beautiful and has maintained her “Mystery Girl” figure for all of these years. We have lived in SW Florida since 1992

Nov 30, 2008
I’m looking for information on a BBF in Columbus Ohio in the 1970s. I think it was near the Ohio State University Campus. My Dad, Douglas Godwin, was a manager and he would tell us stories of BBF and the people and players he would meet. I’d like to see if I could purchase some kind of memerobilia from BBF for him for Christmas. Any information or contacts would be appriciated

Dec 9, 2008
Ran across your site looking for a place I ate at regualarly as a student. Went to OSU in the 60’s. Just off North High on Frambes there was a sub shop(Hot Sub?) run by a gentleman who looked like Zorba. I have tried to duplicate the pastrami sub but am missing something. Can you help with the name or the recipe?

Dec 16, 2008
I’d like to know if a picture or any information exits of a restaurant once located in Columbus on the southeast corner of Main and 18th called Chefhouse

Dec 24, 2009
Hi. I am the great-grandaughter of Earl Campbell Doersam who owned Doersam’s Restaurant, Columbus Oh., on Broad and High. If anyone can tell me any information concerning the restaurant or my great-grandfather I would be delighted!

Dec 28, 2008
Here is a summary of fond memories of growing up in Columbus in the ’50’s and ’60’s:
The ONE AND ONLY Burger Boy Restaurant on Livingston Ave, just west of College Ave; I haven’t tasted a burger like that ever since! The Kahiki – still can’t believe Walgreen’s was able to pull such a fast one on the City of Columbus.Kuenning’s – where my folks went for a fancy night out!A REAL treat, when out on a school break – going to the Downtown Lazarus, and eating in one of the restaurants there (The Chintz Room??)!!!Far East Restaurant on E. Main St. – my first taste of Chinese food.A small Greek place on Lane Ave, just west of High St, and strategically nestled in between the various “gathering spots”; it was run by the Sourvanos Brothers, George and Jerry, along with George’s wife Effi. I’m sure that my gyro consumption ran in to the hundreds during my years @ OSU, particularly after late-night “study sessions” at The Library!!

Dec 28, 2009
Great site! Thanks for having it. I lived in Cols. from ’76-’80. I had my first restaurant job at pj grubbs in germantown, and then worked for zantigo for about 2-3 years. I thought the zantigo chain was quite nice, and hated to see that they were gone when I moved back to the area. I really liked the food and some of the decor, though when we started using microwave ovens some things were changed (for the worse in my opinion). I was pleased to see zantigo starting again up in minnesota where I think it originated

Jan 10, 2009
After reading thru all the comments;I didn’t see rubino’s Pizza mentioned once.I don’t understand;it’s a landmark.Anyone remember besides me?Also,is Helen Hutchley’s still around?Or Anthony’s candies?(on Main Street)

Jan 16, 2009
The restraunt you have listed on Bethel Road is now Winking Lizard

Jan 30 2009
First off, what a fun site! I am a foodie and grew up in Columbus, so this is right up my alley. I believe you were off on a few of the locations on 5th Ave. in Grandview, but I do appreciate the trip down memory lane.

01 Feb 2009
Do you have any old pictures of the Green Gables Restaurant at the Central Point Shopping Center on ( Mound & Central ), or know of anyone who might have some

20 Feb 2009
What happened to Paoletti’s downtown… I thought Presutti’s was on 5th Ave… Jerry’s on High St & Morse Rd….?

24 Feb 2009
Doersam’s Restaurant – Right below Murnannan’s establishment across from the Palace Theater, was known for the quick hamburgers available to the theater-going crowd. Eat it fast and walk across the street. One small attraction was the dry slaw on the burgers. Onions tended to reek among moviegoers. I think it closed in 1963

Here are links to two High Resolution photos from 1938 & 1948

27 Feb 2009
I was born in 1937 Cedarhurst (Whitehall since about 1950). Graduated Reynoldsburg H.S. in 1955. W-Y H.S. didn’t exist. It was all fairly rural then. I worked part time at Ilonka’s in the early 50s. Watched the pastry rolls (mentioned in a previous post) being made and it was quite a process. The flour and other ingredients were imported. The dough was made paper thin and laid out on white paper, then it was cut in lengths and carefully folded in many layers. It was kept in a cold place until it hit the oven. The dough mixture was a carefully guarded secret. Of course the filling was too. This pastry had a European name but I’m sorry I don’t remember it anymore. Ilonka treated me very well and gave me Christmas gifts which I still have. I loved her Chicken Paprikash and Barley best of all. Wish I could actually cough up her recipes.

28 Feb 2009
Can anyone tell me the name of a pita bread sandwich restaurant on West Broad Street near Wilson Road in the late 1970s? I believe it was a chain.
Answer: Big Bite

03 Mar 2009

06 Mar 2009
Ever hear of a place called D’Ascanio’s? I picked up a little paperback recipe book that the restaurant apparently published in 1952. It’s signed by the owner’s wife, Eda D’Ascanio, whose maiden name was Presutti (I’ve lived here in Columbus all of my 48 years, and certainly know of Presutti’s.)

The recipe book says D’Ascanio’s was located at 3569 Cleveland Ave., which is now at the edge of Northern Lights Shopping Center (the address belongs to Lees Auto Repair.) A line from the forward, written by former Citizen Journal reviewer (then, just the Columbus Citizen) Ben Hayes says, “In a large gracious mansion, centered in its own park, outside Columbus, the capital city of Ohio, they have fashioned D’Ascanio’s, a retreat as agreeable as Chianti.”
Sounds nice. And sadly, seems to be lost to time.’

10 Mar 2009
What about Rod’s Restaurant- Hamilton Rd Whitehall @ Main Street. Also, there is an Arthur Treacher’s in Reynoldsburg- original one that closed in the 80’s-ish? reopened 10-12 years ago- Main & Brice

22 Mar 2009
I’m trying to remember the name of a restaurant near Olentangy River Rd. and Third (The Grandview Area) The building used to be an old bank that closed and was turned into a restaurant sometime in the 1990’s. The name of the restaurant had something to do with banking…it may have had the name “Liberty” in it?? Can you help me out?’

23 Mar 2009
I have been searching for a picture of Green Gables Restaurant that was on Harrisburg Pike. This was a very popular restaurant for SW Columbus. My dad grew up here and now has a 1956 buick he takes to small car shows. He said it would be nice to have a picture to set in the trunk of the car during the shows. I cannot find a picture on line anywhere.

26 Mar 2009
I enjoyed looking at your site. Does anyone remember the “Explorer Restaurant”. Flippo the Clown ate there regularly as well as many other television people. My grandmother was the head hostess there for many years and always talked about Mr. Bischoff and how he kept everyone in line. My grandmother after retirement then went on to work at the Lincoln Lodge on west broad which had a wonderful seafood buffet and people came from far away to eat there. She was the cashier and ran a tight ship there, her name was Phyllis

2 Apr 2009
I would love to know more about the BBF locations that had Roto-Sphere signs:
Iknow that 19 of these signs were shipped to Columbus. It would be nice to figure out how many of them went to BBFs. These signs were also usedby theSatellite Drive Inn chain:
If you ever come across photos of locations with these signs, I’d love to see them!
I happen to have a photo of a Danite index card from Milks’ box:
http://www.flickr.com/photos/roadsidenut/1707808279/ I have copies of the cards but I don’t know if all 19 that went to Columbus went to the BB restaurants.  Milks’ cards only show the sign co. that he shipped to not where they wound up.  That’s my job to figure out!

05 Apr 2009
‘Hi-  I am trying to locate information on the old Phil-E Steaks and Eggrolls located at 1538 N High St in Columbus- that I believe closed in the late 1980’s.  I would pay top dollar to locate the owner to discuss how he made his Philly sandwiches.  I own a Diner and for years have tried to duplicate the recipe to no avail. I was an OSU student  from 1978 thru 1983.

07 Apr 2009
Do you remember the name of a restaurant/performing venue near The Village Inn Pizza on Olentangy River Road on the east side of the road near North Broadway?   Seems like it was a place the Kenny Rogers once performed.  Had singers, etc.    In the late 60’s early 70’s.  My wife went to the Riverside School of nursing and her and her friends are trying to recall the name.    Thanks!’

10 May 2009
Really enjoyed looked through your site! Looks like Columbus has a treasure trove of restaurant history! I’m really into Burger Chef. I was wondering if you had an exact address for the former Burger Chef on S Hamilton Rd? I don’t think I’ve ever seen an open air version first hand before. Any additional information would be appreciated!

25 May 2009
we’re trying to remember the name of a really good restaurant located in a motel ( hotel or motor lodge) on dublin road below fifth in 1964.  either the name of the motel or restaurant-they might be the same.  thanks

28 Jun 2009
Do you have any history on old hotels?  There used to be a large hotel located where Westland Mall now stands.  I thought it was named Nationwide, but I can’t find anything on this hotel – this was back in the late 50’s or early 60’s.
Answer: I dont log hotels but someone might know

30 Jun 2009
Hey great site!!!!! I loved Sisters Chicken and Biscuits!!!! The Everglades restaurant on W Broad I don’t remmeber but was it close to the Colonial Hotel at georgesville and W Broad? I remember a restaurant in that hotel named the “Fishermans Wharf” I think.

Anyways great website. I linked to it from my page. My page is dedicated to nostalgia from the West side. Check it out:
http://www.freewebs.com/westsider/‘ … I realize after doing some research that the Everglades was further west and on the north side of the street from where I was thinking. The motel at the southwest corner of Georgesville and W Broad was the Nationwide Inn but I swear there was a restuarant in it. I also showed your site to some people and they all loved it. It got me and my sister talking about the Wine Cellar and Lums. And yes, Zantigo’s blew Toxic Hell out of the water. I will post a comment about that on your site later.

19 Jul 2009
I remember the biltmore cafe on west broad st. and Maria’s pizza on west broad st. I grew up on the west side 60’s

10 Aug 2009
I would imagine you get emails from plenty of people outside Columbus, who still find it interesting or make comments about the buildings so familiar to us all. 
I recently began a page on the photo sharing site, flickr.com, which you may find interesting.  http://www.flickr.com/photos/darrell_james/collections/72157621359442183/
And it gives a place for comments.  So if you can answer any questions, particularly about my photo sets called “Mystery Restaurants,” “Mystery Stores,” or “Mystery Gas Stations,”  I would love it.

15 Aug 2009
Do you have any pictures of the old Desert Inn on Broad St? Also the Ranch Drive Inn, and the Eastmoor Drive Inn?

12 Sep 2009
There was a pizza place (chicago style, i think) on campus.. late 70’s….high and 12th??? that’s decor was other restaurant slogans… you walked in the door, lined up by the wall, and bought pizza by the slice…. (not street scene)… do you know what it was called?  was it Godfather?’
Answer: SANDROS Pizza.

21 Sep 2009
I am looking for information and, if possible, a photo and/or menu from Patton’s Lounge on 1662 W. Mound.  This is where my parents had their first date and I would like to get them info. for their wedding anniversary.

24 Sep 2009
You have forgotten the Glass Bowl on Main St in Bexley at Cassingham.  Shaped like a hugh inverted goblet.  Later changed into a TV aand Radio repair shop.  Then torn down for a Cochran’s Parmacy.  Now a Bruggers on one side and another kind of restaurant on the other.

02 Oct 2009
You have forgotten the Glass Bowl on Main St in Bexley at Cassingham.  Shaped like a hugh inverted goblet.  Later changed into a TV aand Radio repair shop.  Then torn down for a Cochran’s Parmacy.  Now a Bruggers on one side and another kind of restaurant on the other. ALSO: The Little Brothers bar is now at Alanas.

07 Oct 2009
I know your site says “Columbus”, but there is an excellant example of a Lum’s on SR 79 in Heath, OH theat became a Molly Malone’s, and is now a Chinese restaurant.  Also an old Taco Bell nearby.  If you are into the architecture side, these would make some good photos for comparison.’

19 Oct 2009
What was the name of the Chinese restaurant on Long Street between High St. & Front St. famous for War Su Guy

26 Oct 2009
I would like to know the name of the Chinese restaurat that was on the corner of Gay & Front Streets in Columbus, Ohio across from the YMCA.  Thank you.

27 Oct 2009
There used to be a free-standing chinese restaurant in the parking lot at Eastland Mall close to Hamilton Road.  Do you remember the name?

02 Nov 2009
Thanks for the site. It brings back memories of the 70’s and 80’s when I lived in Columbus. I was intrigued to see a posting by someone else who enjoyed Ilonka’s restaurant and their rolls with jelly inside. I also recall Bill Knapp’s, Lums, Swenson’s, Del Mattos, and countless other restaurants my friends and I enjoyed.

13 Nov 2009
I’ve been trying to remember the name of the restaurant/bar in German Village that was popular in the 1970’s.  I believe it was in the same location where Lindey’s Restaurant is now.  It had a bar/restaurant on the ground floor and pool tables, air hockey tables and other games upstairs.

15 Nov 2009
‘Hi ,love your website. The only problem is I remember allot of things in it.
In your picture section of BBF there is still a very good example of one of their buildings on Cemetery Road in Hilliard. It is on the north east side of the Road almost to Main Street.  I also saw a reference to TAT restaurants. I remember one at Broad and James that was torn down to build a Sisters Chicken that is a Sammy’s Beagles. Also one on Main Street just East of James, and another one in Reynoldsburg. I was born and raised in the Bexley area so most of my memories are from the East Side.Wish I had pictures sorry I only have memories

06 Dec 2009
I Googled Columbus Ohio restaurants 1980s, in an effort to find the name of a business at Bethel & Sawmill, next to what was then Rocky’s… came to your sight, check the database for address locations, and came up with David’s of San Francisco…used to live in the area (when Hayden Run Rd. stopped at the Sawmill Athletic Club!, and the bridge over the Scioto was old iron truss)  Both locations are now “gentleman’s clubs”, which is how the conversation started in the first place! Thanks.

23 Jan 2010
Great Site! I just started a facebook group called Columbus Ohio Stuff That’s Gone because it is so much fun to think about the good old days! Grew up on the far east side. My favs were Mill’s Cafeteria, the Desert Inn, and Swensons. Also there was a place called Forester’s (or something like that) near Lazarus on N. High in the downtown area. A soda fountain and it had great candy. Does anyone remember it? It seems that was where I had my last really great chocolate soda. Disappointed ever since.

27 Jan 2010
Hello!  I put a comment on your site…I used to work at Leonardo’s Pizza on Morse Rd.  That was the best pizza in town!  The Orrechio family that owned several pizza places in town were wonderful people.  Do you remember that place?

07 Mar 2010
hi i was born and raised in columbus ohio from 1948 thru  1968 . i have many fond memories of some great places to hang out .  big bev drive -n on cleveland ave . great burgers and pie and milk shakes .  dog and suds drive-in on 3 c highway . great rootbeer and sluhes and coneys .  mills cafeteria downtown , near lazarus . they had the best fried or baked haddock i  ever ate . i hope someone not only recalls mills cafeteria but by chance may know the recipe for that fish…

09 Mar 2010
I’m a journalism student at OSU writing an article on the lack of an IHOP in Columbus, OH.  Would you happen to know anything about the IHOP that used to be on High St., or if there were any elsewhere?  Thanks!

15 Mar 2010
The Little Brothers Bar that was in the Jai Lai prior, is now located at 2333 N High St at Alana’s Food & Wine. It was installed in August 2009

17 April 2010
It has long been discussed that my great grandfather was the owner and head cook for the two Hoovers Restaurants/Grilles in Columbus from 1938 to approximately 1964 (also affirmed in the 1940 and 1950 census directory substitutes).  My great grandfather’s  name was Fredrick James Eller (wife Marie).  I was hoping you could direct me to some historic menus, logos, etc. for the restaurants- it would be a great add to my genealogical chart and documentation.

02 May 2010
We were trying to think of the name of the old restaurant located on 161 east of Sawmill that closed probably over 15 years ago. I’m pretty sure it was an Italian restaurant. The interior decor had a wall mural with clothes hanging from a clothes line. maybe a New York theme? The desserts were looked at through a “view finder” toy where you clicked to go to the next item
Answer: East Side Mario’s!


4 May 2010
your Web site did not list a restaurant from the 1980’s whose name I do not remember – there may have been only the one location, on East Livingston within a couple blocks of Club 185 – and I remember forest green as a color, and maybe the staff dressed as “soda jerks”
they served very good and large-sized cheeseburgers, and also had very good ice cream – one of their problems may have been that you never knew whether it was a burger place that served ice cream or an ice cream shop that served burgers – and they had relatively high prices for “fast food”

4 May 2010
You left out a Sandy’s at Northern Lights Shopping Center. McDonald moved in next to it, then had a fence put around Sandy’s so it was harder to get in to it, so people would go to McDonld’s.

12 May 2010
  ‘Florentine Restaurant 907 W. Broad St
Opened in 1945 and still in business today by the same family (Penzone)
Thought you might want to add this to your list’

Sat, 26 Jun 2010
Please add Riccardi’s pizza, that was on high street in the Beechwold area to your list

02 Jul 2010
‘I lived on Waverly St and down the street from Lawson, which had the best chip chop ham for sandwiches and Buckeye potaqoe chips….yum and I remember a place on Main St I believe it was called Coney Island that had the best chili hot dogs and three way spaghetti I ever had and have never found any place like it since.

09 Jul 2010
York Steakhouse was the first chain to dive into the Mall business. I think the only one left in C-Bus is out by Westland. Do you remember the bar, club located on Olentangy River Road not far from the old Gold Circle?
This was the place back in 1968 and 1969 where Kenny Rogers and the First Edition used to play.  In those days Thelma the female lead singer was still with them before she was fired.
I attended OSU between 1962- 1971 and I lived in the new high rise apt. a few doors from this club. Email arrived that thought it was called “The Bistro”

27 Jul 2010
There was a fantastic pizza place in Columbus in the 1960’s called “Plaza Pizza.” It was located in a strip mall on Riverside Drive near what was at the time the Coventry Inn. The location now houses a Subway. Plaza Pizza had a sub known as “The Thing” that was incredible and their pizza dough was truly heavenly. Despite the passage of many years, I still miss it!!

27 Jul 2010
In the late 1960’s and 70’s, there were several “Guy’s Homestyle Hoagies” restaurants in Columbus including one on W. 5th Ave. in Grandview. I’ll never forget watching Jerry Beck host channel 4’s All Night Theater on Saturday nights and he always had a giant Guy’s hoagie on the set which usually sent us out to get one. I remember the hoagies being very tasty, especially at 2:00 a.m.!!

27 Jul 2010
From the late 1960’s through the late 80’s there was no better place in Columbus for quality ice cream than Helen Hutchley’s. The shop was located in the Golden Bear Center on Riverside Drive. (the location is now some sort of coffee shop)The quality, selection and flavor of their ice cream has never been matched. Additionally they sold top of the line chocolates, fresh roasted nuts and a plethora of other sweet delights. They also had the absolute coldest drinking fountain water in the city. Great memories from the “Hutch”

09 Aug 2010
How about Flakey (sp) Jake’s on Dublin-Granville and Stan’s on Westerville Road (recently burned down).  Plus I used to work at a Zantigos on Morse Road which is now a Taco Bell – it’s not listed in your database either. 
Great site.  Thanks for helping me out during “remember when” discussions with my friends.

27 Aug 2010
I am very interested in Santa Claus history in Columbus Ohio. I am looking for names of local Santas that for example did breakfast with Santa at one of the old restaurants. Any memories of santa Claus at stores etc., But I am mostly interested in restaurants old and new during the holidays. Any info you could pass on or give back would be greatly appreciated’

01 Sep 2010

02 Sep 2010
The Chili Bordello…what happened to it?
–The Chile Bordello was located on 5th ave in Grandview, near the Red Door Tavern. Believed to be closed prior to 1981

21 Sep 2010
I am looking for the recipe book from the Lazarus cafe? Do you have any idea where I can find one

01 Nov 2010
Do you know where on Broad St. the old National Road Rest. used to be?

03 Dec 2010
Wasn’t there a restaurant that was relatively popular and their menus were on manhole covers or something quirky like that?Answer: Water Works

13 Dec 2010
My question had to do with their memory of a restaurant in the governor’s mansion that they had visited about 30 years ago.  I had been in town about a year then but have no memory of such a place.  I would guess that they meant the old mansion on east broad that now houses the Columbus Foundation, but I have no idea what that used to be.
In the photo section you will see it was called “The Mansion Restaurant”, making a short run from ’77 to ’81. 

Dec 29, 2010
Reeb’s Restaurant on E Livingston Ave: Had to stand in line for lunch and dinner. Who’ Who could be seen dining there!
Schmidt’s Sausauge Haus: Excellent food and fun place to go.

Dec 30, 2010
Does any one remember there being a restaurant in Northland mall immediately to your right when you inter the mall on the side Limited was on?  I think it was several diffrent restaurants during it’s time.  I can’t remember the name but I remember it has a bar and they had a delicious tia stir fry.  Thank you.  P.S.  I love this website!’
Maybe Brewsters…”Spats Cafe & Speakeasy” was on the right as you entered the ceenter enterance.

Jan 8, 2011
Does anyone know where I could find the saying that was in the bar of the whaling station in Worthington, Ohio?

Jan 19, 2011
I remember two places back in the 60s and 70s on SR 161:Victoria Station (Box cars) and The Wine Cellar.
The Victoria Station restaurant on 161 was about the 35th built by the chain. While there were over 100 restauants at their peak, there is now only one still in operation, located in Salem, Mass.

Jan 21, 2011
Did you know one of the first fast food chains in Columbus was Sandy’s Drive Inn.The very first one was at Im pretty sure Kelton and Main St.Use to go there before we went to the Easten Theatre at Berkley and Main.Sandy’s was right across the street going East from St.Vincent’s Orphanage.This was in the late 50’s before McDonalds,Burger Chef etc.

Jan 22, 2011
I’m looking for any info on the Alpha bar and Grill, located on Cleveland Ave. just south of Hudson St. Absolutly the best pizza in the world. Thanking you from Las Vegas.

Jan 24, 2011
I am trying to locate a photo of the Boardwalk Coney Island, which was located on the Eastside of Columbus. 3396 E. Main St. This restaurant was the “hot spot” for most of the neighborhood, including a popular hangout for the kids. They showed black/white movies, silent movies for the patrons as well.

Feb 2, 2011
RememberEl Torito Mexican Restaurant on East Dublin-Granville Road across the street from Chi-Chi’s. I believe that Jimmy Buffett had some connection to it. It was so popular back in the 1980’s.

Mar 1, 2011
I was looking for pictures of green gables at central point shopping center in columbus ohio have recently come across the old sign that was hanging on the building and have been looking pics of it
*** I’ve been looking for one for years!

Mar 7, 2010
I have some questions about a restaurant called “Foresters” on South High Street. Is there anyone who is familiar with this restaurant. I’d be curious to know if you know if there are any living persons who worked there. Would the Cols. Chamber of Commerce know. Thanks.

Mar 15, 2011
You are missing a BBF (home of the whiling satellite.. LOL!) that was on the westside of Columbus on West Broad St. I know this because my ex-wife use to work there. While I am not sure of it’s exact location, I believe that it was at 4639 West Broad Street. After the closed it, it eventually became a bank, then a car dealership. At one point I think it was a Suzuki Dealership. Although I am not certain it might now be Bobb Suzuki. Additionally, you might have the wrong location for Arthur Treachers on West Broad. However… I really don’t know for certain. Again it was another place my ex-wife once worked at. The location you mention (Speedway parking lot), I believe to had been a location of a once family restaurant, that was later turned into an adult book store. I want to say that the Arthur Treacher’s was a bit west of there. If I find out any further information on either places, I will let you know. Another restaurant you should add is Beverly’s or Big Bev’s Restaurants… providing if you can find anything on them. They use to be a big in Columbus in the 60s. They were sort of like Friesh’s. Had one on Fifth Ave, near my high school in Grandview. Thanks for your website.. was both a trip down memory lane and interesting.

Mar 21, 2011

June 14, 2011
The Burger Chef on Sullivant Ave was torn down and replaced by a Key Bank, Turner Pest Control is on the next lot. The Burger Chef at 2971 West Broad Street was on the block to the east of the picture you show of the Buckeye Boys Ranch (Old Big Bear) The Burger Chef was replaced by a Sisters and now a smoke shop. My father was the next to the last owner of the Burger Chef on Indianola Ave

June 8, 2011
In the Columbus, Ohio area, have there been any Chuck E. Cheese’s (originally Pizza Time Theatre) in the 1980’s to present?
–There was a Chuck E Cheese in the Columbus Square complex with the Columbus Bowling Palace

June 10, 2011
My mother worked at a steak house in columbus in the early mid ’60’s that was owner/run by an ex-yankee baseball player (pitcher). can you tell me the name of the restaurant ?

June 10, 2011
Everybody talks about the BBF chain. Nobody mentions the Burger Boy Drive-in on Livingston Ave. That was the place to go after the drive in movies on Saturday night. You could park and watch the cars drive around the lot or drive around your self. It all depended on what kind of car you had. If you have a picture of the place I would like to have a copy of it.

June 19, 2011
Can you tell me the recipe for Emil’s Chocolate Cheesecake? It was the best! Thank you for such a wonderful page..
*I don’t but I hope someone sends one in

Jul 4, 2011
Anything on the following:
Grandview Inn- (Mike Fleish,Olliie Rossetti)
Suburban Steakhouse
Desert Inn
Circle Restaurant

July 11, 2011
A few I remember and not mentioned that go back to the 50’s & 60’s are: Georges Drive Inn restaurant just west of New Rome, Tri-Mi Pizza & Nicks Bar at Garden Heights & West Broad Sts, Caruso’s Pizza & Old Trail Bowling Alley on West Broad St, Morley’s Lounge in Great Western Shopping Center, Hasty Tasty at Sullivant & Powell, The Bed Room on West Broad St. (previously The Everglades), Lincoln Lanes Lounge with my favorite bartender Nick on West Broad St, Biddles on W. Broad and Taco Tico on Sullivant.

July 21, 2011
wasn’t there a sub shop on the OSU campus (around High and Chittenden) named Quiznos in the early 70’s. This would have been before the national chain of the same name.
* unrelated: the local shoppe was spelled differently. They also opened one in the Lane Ave shopping center in the 80’s

Jul 29.2011
What ever became of a restaurant named Fat Jimmys ? it was a creole/cajun chicken place and was on corner of 11th an high and it was an awsome place.
* The restaurant closed before the building was torn down to make room for the Gateway project in 2003..

31 Jul 2011
4285 N. High St.
Sandy’s Restaurant
R.D. Ritzy’s
Taste of India
Parking for a bank.
There may have been others.

High Street on the west side just south of Arcadia Had the #4 White Castle.
#4 is the fourth location built from it beginning.
There was a brick, then porcelain, then some composite material.
Now, a empty lot.

18 Aug 2011
I am trying to find the history of a motel here in Columbus Ohio. When the establishment opened it was the Scotts Inn. Later the name was changed to The Carousel. Since then the location has changed hands many times. If you have a minute, could you point me in the right direction to find this information.

21 Aug 2011
Does anyone know what the name of the dairy was on Reed near Don Scott Field?’

24 Aug 2011HELP! There was a restaurant up at Crosswoods in Worthington in the early 1990s. It was in the building the Bravo Cucina now occupies. It had some sort of a school theme…..I believe there was one room that was a library and there was a school bus or part of one inside the restaurant, as well. Does anyone remember the name of this place, or am I crazy?
04 Sep 2011
I am looking for a name of an icecream shop on oakland ave with an owner by the last name of Smith maybe Carl/Karl Smith. I know it’s not alot of info at all but if you come up with anything could you let me know? I believe he was my grandfather and with the last name of Smith you can imagine how hard this could be.

15 Sep 2011
‘Saw the question back in 2010 regarding the chinese restaurant at Broad and Parsons. I believe this was Jung Mea’s. See the link below.

16 Sep 2011I’ve been trying to find an old cafe that once stood on e. main st. downtown Columbus. I’m only assuming that it stood there due to the stamp on the sidewalk in front of an old building. The stamp, being barely visible reads “carousel cafe” with a carousel house above the name. I didn’t see an address to the building directly behind the stamp, but the address to the building next door was 110 e. main.
it’s just curiosity mainly, but, if you have any info on the place it would be appreciated.

27 Sep 2011
Just Ran across your Wonderful Website. Any plans for a FB Page?? I’m a life long resident of Columbus (50 Years). Grew up in German Village as did my 85 year old Mother (still alive) She is always a wealth of information. I Hope i’m that sharp at her age. Please let me know if you get a FB Page so I can tell all my friends. Great Memories. Thanks. ‘

27 Sep 2011
I moved from Columbus to St, Louis in 1969 at the age of 14. I was looking on youtube for a recording of a radio jingle that I remember, but did not find it. I still remember the words and thought I’d share with someone, and that happened to be you since you had so much history on your site. When we had our car packed and ready to leave town for the move we stopped at White Castle on the way out. We do have While Castle in St. Louis. :)Columbus found America in 1492
Now the city of Columbus discovered something new.
Burger Boy Food-o-Rama – The hamburgers! A-Hoy!
A-Hoy for Burger Boy!

30 Sep 2011
What was the name of the steakhouse located on Refugee Road, a mile or so west of Eastland Mall? It was a barn like building, probably in the early/mid 1970s. Thanks for this website!

01 Oct 2011

What was the address of the Burger Boy on Livingston Ave? I’m talking about the Main Drive In where everybody went after the drive In Movies on Saturday night to eat and drive around the lot.

16 Oct 2011
At the bottom of this page you will find a album cover of a band that recorded live at the Kahiki. It may still be available for purchase. I found this website while I was looking for images of Stan’s restaurant on Cleveland Ave close to Morse Rd.

18 Oct 2011
4299 N. High St –> El Burrito
This was a Sandy’s, Dairy Queen, GD Ritzy’s, Taste of India. I can recall that other businesses were there, but I do not recall there names. I also don’t recall when El Burrito fit into this order, but I remember that business. The drive-thu part of Kemba Financial Credit Union sets there at this time.
Jack Horner was a restaurant that set on the N.W. corner of High and Tulane. The building is still there. Talita’s Restaurant moved in later.’

18 Oct 2011
‘There are three shops in the image http://www.franklincountyoh.metacama.com/do/selectDisplay?select=PHOTO&curpid=01005590300
The left shop had Jack Horner restaurant. 3003 N High St.
2931 N High, NW corner of High and Kelso is Aladdin’s Eatery.
It had Olentangy Tavern for decades.
The bar was in the south section with the entry facing south and the restaurant was in the north section with the entry facing east. There was no partition or doors of any kind that separated the two in the interior. It had a Chinese menu and was immensely popular from regulars. There was Standard Oil gas and service station attached to the north side of what is now Aladdin’s and is also a bar with bar food. It was called R-bar, but was renamed a few years back.
The Standard Oil gas station location (? 2933?) N High became a Pizza Hut, then Talita’s, which moved from 3003 N High.
Talita’s then moved to 2977 N High St, Then to Grove City, OH.
Talita’s had several locations over the years with a regular clientele.
They are 2nd or 3rd generation mom and pop.
Nancy’s Restaurant 3133 N High is another with a reputation for home cooking. Cindy King the recent owner had been feature in several newspapers and magazines including USA Today. She recently sold. It is still good, but the absence of her character leaves a void in the atmosphere.
Warren’s Sandwich Shop 3236 N High with 10 seats and a pinball machine is another with loyal followers of several generations. Warren Gardener passed away a few decades back, but there are still those who talk about that place and him. He started the 4th of July Breakfast at the Park of Roses. Tubby’s was in there before Warren. Warren said that Tubby’s invented a way to instantly cook hot dogs by passing an electrical current or high frequency through the hot dog. It wasn’t much of a success due to the taste of electricity that was left in it. (Probably ozone.) To my recollection Warren said that he bought the business and all of the equipment from Tubby in 1947.’

19 Oct 2011
Warren Garden told me that he purchased the business around 1947 and the building much later.
He said guessed that Tubby’s was there for a few years.
3236 N High had Warren’s Sandwich Shop. There is an older building behind it that looks like store front property.
It looks like the sandwich shop was added to the front of that building.
The older part has an apartment above it.
There are several connected garages behind it.
One single garage was used as a voting booth and a Columbus Dispatch carrier station.
This is from Warren, who died around 1996.
There are city directories at Cols Pub Library.
It is possible to look up an address and read who or what occupied that location in that year.
They have several years available.
Haines and Polk were two common providers of city directories.
Tubby’s most likely could be found there.
Directories help when the resident is not the owner.
Isaly’s was on the S.W. corner of EN Broadway and High.
I have talked to people who had ice cream there after a movie at the Clinton Theater, which was several door south.
The Clinton Theater building had its entrance in the middle with a store front on both sides.
One was at one time a candy shop.

06 Nov 2011 Looking for a photo of the Beverly located at Main and Hamilton in Whitehall in the 60s and 70s. Would you know where to look
07 Nov 2011
‘First of all, great site. I’ve been looking at the directory for the past 30 minutes and it’s been a real brain twister! I did notice that there is no mention of Yogi’s Hoagies, a sandwich shop at 475 S. State Street in Westerville that has been in business for at least thirty years. Many of my friends worked there while in high school in the mid 80s. They still have the same signage as far as I can tell. Keep up the great work. -Dante Carfagna’

07 Nov 2011
‘I just found your site from my wife and I am really glad someone took the time to do this.To remember all these resturants and the information about them is great.I would like to add some information about BBF.I worked at the Riverside drive store during high school at Hilliard. When I read that someone said BBF had a resturant on Livingston I knew I had to make a comment. The resturant was called the Burger Boy Mainliner and not a BBF. Other than a few names wrong, this site is needed so people can remember all the history of fast food and what good times we had back then.Keep up the good work.I hope to comment again. I worked at BBF when I went to school at Hilliard. I grew up in Grandview and the Westside,and to see all this on one site brings back so many good memories.Thank you.’

02 Dec 2011
‘Love your site. I’m looking for a photo of the Clock Restaurant from the 1960’s, when the facade was baked enamel panels, and the clock had a human face. ‘

02 Dec 2011

I was born and lived in Colombus until 14 years of age. I attended Mc Guffey and Medina
We lived in the Linden area, and moved out west to Nevada in 68.
Loved Sandy’s on Cleveland Ave. Dog and Suds, just in front of the Blue Dolphin on, I think Westerville Rd. and I’m not sure if anyone noted, a fast restaurant called Golden Point. Almost directly behind Medina Junior high School on Oakland Park, had the best fries. BBF flooded back to me as well. I Use to go there after going to Linden Beach or Morningside All brought back great memories And I really enjoyed going to the Kahiki. I even brought my wife out from Las Vegas so I could show off the place that I had talked so much about Great memories.

04 Dec 2011
‘Someone was asking about a sub sandwich that was made at OSU campus area off of Frambes. The sub was made with provolone cheese, hard salami and ham, covered with mayo and pickled pepper slices. The sub buns were smeared with butter and warmed on the grill, then the sandwich was assembled. I used to work there around 1973-75 and I made them. George Sauder was the owner along with his brother Louie Pete Antonopoulous was the short order cook that I assisted.’

27 Dec 2011
‘We are trying to remember the name of a Mexican restaurant loacated on Northwest Blvd in Grandview Which statred with El something. It was one odf my dads mainstays.

Thank for the web site it’s Great!

30 Dec 2011
‘I found your site while trying to think of an old restaurant with an old boyfriend. It was a nice Italian place on Oakland Park. Served great lasagna in a small casserole that they scooped out on to your plate. Any ideas? *** Ricardo’s was a very nice destination restaurant from about 1960 – 1980.

3 Jan 2012
I don’t know about Mama Lena’s, but I think the building was knocked down when they put Denstos Pizza on the site.

15 Jan 2012
Used to live in Columbus for 15 years and have enjoyed looking at this site. Just wanted to add one thing – I used to work at the TGI Friday’s on Kenny Rd for 13 years and since you have 1980? for the year opened I just thought I’d let you know that it actually opened in 1975. I know this because we would celebrate the anniversary every 10 years (I still have the shirts ;)) Still hate to drive by there and see the Walgreens.
Thanks again for an interesting site.’

22 Jan 2012
‘Thanks for running this website, wow a trip down memory lane. I am 48 and have lived in the East Columbus, Bexley and Whitehall area my entire life.
For Pizza in this area Rabino’s (THE BEST and still going STRONG!), Massey’s Whitehall, Dino’s and Ange’s are all great and still kicking. Gone but not forgotten are the PAR 4 Bar (next to Holiday Bowling Lanes and was THE BEST!), Rapolo’s (SW corner of Livingston and James), Leonardo’s on Livingston and Marino’s in Whitehall.
Capazello’s is no longer open as a restaurant, it was the Suburban East Steak House.
Rooster’s in Whitehall was I believe a Western Steak House.
My family favorites as a child besides the Pizza joints already listed were the BBF at James and Main, the Bexley White Castle, The E. Broad at Wayant McDonalds, E. Livingston Arthur Treachers (near Leonardo’s) and last but not least was Colonel Sanders Kentucky Fried Chicken 2882 E Main St (which is now the Old 40 Tavern which I highly recommend for a few beverages and a bite to eat!).
There was a Turkey Trot that is now a Beverage Drive-Thru next to where the Wendy’s and Resch’s (best bakery in town!) are at on E. Livingston.
Also a couple true favorites that are gone, the Spaggeddie’s at Noe-Bixby (we drive to Mill Run to enjoy the one there when we can) , Butch’s/Robin’s in Whitehall and one that I cannot believe was not previously mentioned is Hanley’s Steak House on Sullivant Ave.

2 Feb 2012 I purchased restaurant dishes at an auction in the early 90’s. The auction was located in a warehouse in the brewery district. The dishes has a logo “Dom’s Front Street Fish Market”. I recently rediscovered the dishes and curious on the history of the restaurant. I had no luck on my own so I thought maybe you may be able to help.
9 Feb 2012
‘Old trail inn restaurant at Grener and West Broad St Closed on Jan 29th after 65 years’

10 Feb 2012
‘Someone wanted to know the name of the restaurant operated by a former Yankee ball player. It was Tommy Henrich’s Steak House and was at Broad & Fifth Streets in downtown Columbus. Later it became the first Wendy’s which is now closed.
Someone also asked about Jack Bowman’s Suburban Steak House. There were two locations — one on Hamilton Rd and another on Dublin Rd west of Grandview Ave. where Barley’s is now located.’

10 Feb 2012
Hi, I’m restoring a Drive-In menu board with an attached swing away tray from Don’s Briarcliff Drive-In in Reynoldsburg, Ohio. The menu is somewhat faded and difficult to read some of the prices. Would you be willing to email me some higher resoultion pics of the menu that you have to assist in my restoration?
Thanks so much for any information you can provide.

14 Feb 2012
A couple of answers from recent questions: The Chile Bordello was located on 5th ave in Grandview, near the Red Door Tavern. I believe it closed prior to 1981. There is/was a Chuckie Cheese in the complex with the Columbus Bowling Palace. The Victoria Station restaurant on 161 was about the 35th built by the chain. While there were over 100 restauants at their peak, there is now only one still in operation, located in Salem, Mass. Here is one to add: Red, Hot and Blue. It was a barbaque place just off Henderson Road by the old TGI Friday’s. The Baby Does on 5th ave closed in 1990. It was remodeled and replaced by the Columbus Mine Shaft. So you can add that same address to your Mine Shaft database record. Not sure when that closed, but it was demolished after closing and the site was rebuilt as an Architect/Engineering Company headquarters. The Red, Hot and Blue I mentioned was at Kenny and Henderson in the building that is now a Kinko’s. I believe that same building was also once a Black Angus.’

18 Feb 2012
‘I seem to remember the Big Bev drive-ins….one at Kossuth & S.High…one on Livingston across from the Burger-Boy MainLiner….one on N.High around Arcadia……
I thought the owner of the Mainliner & Big Bev put together the BBF’s????’

6 Mar 2012
‘Hi, I’m looking for info on a restaurant that was on High Street in the 1980’s: Phil-E Steaks and Eggrolls located at 1538 N High St- near the Betty Brown Bakery. I will offer a serious cash reward if anyone can put me in touch with the original owner – or line cook that worked there as we have been trying to replicate the Steak Sandwich recipe for our restaurant.’

5 Apr 2012
‘Hi. Thanks so much for putting up photos of the BBF restaurants on your website. I’m 50, but fondly remember going to the BBF with my family. I also remember Lucy singing the BBF theme song on her television show. I grew up in the Columbus area, and I still picture the “whirling satellite” every time I think of the song. It’s wonderful to be able to show these photos to my PARENTS, my siblings, and my CHILDREN!! Thanks again!!
It’s been a while since I did a search for information about Lucy, but I know there are a couple of clips out on the web, maybe on Youtube.

25 Jun 2012
Your burger chain listings are too modern. Long before BBF, there were some Bev-Er-Lee locations – classic drive-up, park, waitress comes to car, brings food on tray that hangs on outside of door. One was on the west side of High St at Kossuth. Existed until the early 1960s.

29 Jul 2012
‘There’s a message from May 4 2010 about a burger/ice cream place on E Livingston ave. It was Max and Erma’s. There were telephones on the tables where you could call other tables and chat. I think there was another one up north around the Morse-161 area too.’

9 Sep 2012
‘what was restaurant on W. Dodridge at corner of Olentangy River Road (front yard of Chem Abstracts) ? and what was the first restaurant in the Bravo bldg on Bethal east of Riverside Drive ?’ ****** Tiffany’s and the Cadillac Cafe.. Bravo bought the building in 1992 ******I think John Messmore owned both. I was thinking the Cadillac Café building was built for an Italian or Greek restaurant first, but can’t remember. A friend thought it was called Tiffany’s too. I don’t think so. I believe John Messmore also owned bldg where Cork & Clever was on Old Henderson Road (maybe 1615 Old Henderson), but it was first a different restaurant for a brief time. Do you happen to know the name of the 1st restaurant before Cork & Clever?

8 Oct 2012
‘Love this information! I remember the Elephant Bar, Joe Kelly’S Oster Dock, Odlees, The Wine Celler and many more. Just want to add there is a Arthur Treater in Lancaster and it is as good as alway.
I forgot to say Hollahands in French Market (it’s where I meet my huisband)’

20 Oct 2012
‘A friend of mine asked me if I remember the name of a sub shop in the old Patio on Morse Rd. So I did some research because it is driving me crazy trying to remember and I came across this site. Any idea what the name was?
He thought the name was Dexter’s, but that does not ring a bell with me. ***** Dexter’s is correct

5 Jan 2013
‘I’m looking for some information. In the early 60’s, my dad and I would frequent a downtown restuarant which was located just south of Broad St. on the west side of High Street. The old Planter’s Peanut shop was just north of the restuarant. I vaguely remember it had a “wagon wheel” on it’s sign out front. I believe it was between the peanut shop and the old enterance to the Huntington bank. Any information would be greatly appreciated. My dad lived in the YMCA on Long Street for awhle, and I’d ride the city bus downtown almost every weekend to stay with him. We’d spend the weekend running around downtown. Those were special times, and still bring back great memories of my childhood.

5 Jan 2013
I’m looking for some information. In the early 60’s, my dad and I would frequent a downtown restuarant which was located just south of Broad St. on the west side of High Street. The old Planter’s Peanut shop was just north of the restuarant. I vaguely remember it had a “wagon wheel” on it’s sign out front. I believe it was between the peanut shop and the old enterance to the Huntington bank. Any information would be greatly appreciated. My dad lived in the YMCA on Long Street for awhle, and I’d ride the city bus downtown almost every weekend to stay with him. We’d spend the weekend running around downtown. Those were special times, and still bring back great memories of my childhood. ‘***After some more research, I think it was “QCB Wagon Wheel” located at 7 S. High Street. Thanks
Wasn’t Mills down close to the old Kresge dime store that was located on the corner of High and State?

6 Jan 2013

28 Feb 2013
‘Grandview Inn- Mike Fleish — I remember Mike and his little closet office. My grandmother, Wilhelmina Bookman Orndorff was chef in the 50’s and head chef 60’s. While at Otterbein in the early 60’s I worked at the Inn on Saturday nights. Billy M. and the Dukes of Dixieland were regulars and after home games Woody almost always stopped by to enjoy the entertainment. In the 50’s father sometimes worked out front on Saturday nights also. It was a fun place. Lots of well known singers and jazz artists. Grandma used to get Christmas cards from many of them. She would religiously read the Columbus Star for information on who was in town and when, and for the trotters, Grandma loved the horses. Thanks for allowing me the space to mention some wonderful memories of a ‘big time’

10 Mar 2013
On the north end, there was a Sandy’s in or near the Northern Lights shopping center in the late 50’s, early 60’s.

At Karl Road next to the fire station there was a Burger Chef, which I think became a Wendy’s in the late 70’s. I know in the early to mid 70’s it was a Burger Chef, I had a friend who worked there.

There was also a Arthur Treacher’s on Morse Road but I can’t recall exactly where.

11 Apr 2013
‘Do you have any pics of the old Jimmy’s Peter Pan restaurant? It was run by my late aunt and uncle. If you have any, I would appreciate them. Thanks’-

12 Apr 2013
i few friends that we are all in our late fifties all grew up on the eastside whitehall area.
There were several great pizza places on main st between hamilton rd and yearling rd…
Masseys on the north side and dinos and another one a few blocks down on the south side…..and they were very close to each other…..in a strip mall…where there once was a florist…eves maybe……
Do you recall the other pizza place….we thought it started with a p
But all are stumped…-

14 Apr 2013
‘Do you think you can find a picture of the old Georgeton’s restaurant at the corner of West Broad St and Hague Av in Columbus Ohio? ‘–

24 Apr 2013
‘The last post on the Restaurant memories page was about a restaurant with “a wagon wheel” near the Planter’s Peanut Shop. I believe that the person is recalling Mills, which had a windmill in its logo. I have very fond memories of going to Mills with my mother. I have seen a few pictures of it, inside and outside, online. There may already be some mentions of it on your site.-

30 Apr 2013
‘My grandmother, Carmela Antolino owned an establishment on McKinley Avenue at Grandview Ave. It was frequented by many of the workers from the Round House of the railroad works directly across the street. It was called McKinley Avenue Bar and Grill. Do you have any pictures or recolections of it-

10 May 2013
‘Hi! I’m trying the find the name and location of a restaurant that my dad took me to as a child. This would have been in the mid-late 60s. The only thing I remember is the sign. It was neon and was affixed to a building at a right angle (i.e. sticking out). It had 3 or 4 fish so that when the fish lit up one after the other in sequence, it looked like the fish was jumping out of water. This may have been located downtown, but I’m not sure. Thank you!’-

11 Jul 2013
‘Was trying to find a pic of the old Village Junction restaurant at main and james,there is a wendys there now.Maybe it was called family junction,cant remember………..Thanks!’-

7 Aug 2013
Trying to find the name of a pub that was on east gay street. In the 60s. My dad went there for steak when at OSU and can’t remember the name.

10 Aug 2013
‘I was wondering if anyone remembers a drive in restaurant from the 1950’s called Big Bev’s I remember going there as a kid. It was a hang out for the local teens. It was on Cleveland Ave. in North Linden. Also there was another one Called Jim Chucks. I would love to see pics of either of them, if they are available. Just going down memory lane.

Sat, 31 Aug 2013
I can’t possibly fit everything in this space that I want to say, so I’ll summarize by saying that reading your recollections of growing up on the East Side was like reading my own life story! I can’t begin to tell you how impressed I am with the amount of information you’ve amassed, and the way that you’ve so colorfully expressed it. I am the president of Whitehall’s historical society, and plan to touch base with you if that would be appropriate. In the interim, your site is going on the “links” page of our website: www.whitehallhistoricalsociety.weebly.com.

20 Sep 2013
Hi. Do you know if there was a restaurant named the Hacinda Restaurant?
Also there was a wonderful pizza restaurant on route 62 out of Gahanna called Hank Neumans. The owner and his wife wouldhand out small white bags filled with candy for the kids.. Iit had pictures of famous country western singers and actors. The country music would drive my father nuts but my Mother loved it and the pizza was great.Ee would always get a pizza on Friday nightd and watch Chiller Theater.
This ia a grest site.

24 Sep 2013
The “chinese place” at 5328 N High St was called “4-5-6 Chinese Restaurant”. They used dice with those numbers as the logo at the top of the menu.We always figured that particular location was cursed – any restaurant there failed within a few years, even Taco Hell. I’m impressed by the staying power of Acropolis Gyro.-
6 Nov 2013Just found this site, and love it. I was part of the original wait staff when the Max & Erma’s opened at Henderson and Reed in the early 80’s. The place was massively popular for the first few years, and working there was great fun. I moved away from Columbus in ’90, and just recently found out that not only is that M&E’s closed, but the building is gone. I would love to see photos of the interior when it opened. Anyone know of any?’

6 Nov 2013
I want Lazarus recipe book. I bought two, but
now they’re gone. Looking for the Quiche recipes’–

8 Dec 2013
‘The name of Ann Tons Restaurant, 5617 N. High Street, Worthington, OH 43085 is misspelled. I am the widow of the owner Eddie. His Parents Ann & Tony previously owned the restaurant.
** fixed **

12 Dec 2013
‘Hello, I worked at that IHOP on HIgh Street in the mid to late sevenities, for Mr. Bryner. Met my husband there. Have wondered why they do not reopen one in the same building. I am searching for a photo of the old place as a gift for my husband. HE was a cook, I , a waitress, as we finished college. After my husband graduated from Engineering school we moved to Va. We have fond memories of that place, the patty melts, the cooler with frozen berries, and whipped cream packets, that I would eat after shifts. OH, my. Customers would leave me chocolate strawberries from Gordons, etc. Any idea where I could find a photo. Going to search your site now. I just found out about it. Thanks. We furnished our first home from Ehan Allen furniture purchased by the owners, Mr. and MRs. Bryner and still have it all.!’

28 Dec 2013
Re Big Bev’s: There were several in Columbus in the 1960s. The actual name, I think, was the Beverly Restaurant, and the big hamburger deluxe was called a Big Bev. Unless I’m mistaken, there was one on campus at Neil and 11th, one on Indianola, one on North High between campus and Clintonville, and I think one on Cleveland Ave. The menu was a lot like that of Frisch’s Big Boy: fries, burgers, onion rings, shakes, along with dinner specials. Some were, I think, drive-ins, I think with car hops. I hope this is helpful.-

5 Jan 2014
1st. What was the name of the deli on Hamilton road south of main street
2nd. Schmidts had Senor Carlos on Kingston east of brice
3rd. Lee’s restaurant was at corner of king &Worthington thrum the 50’s and early 60’sOddie’s was at the alley just east of king & Neil during the 60’s. Most recently dragonflyThe Beverlee’s drive ins owned by skokol family. Now owners of tee Hayes. One on Neil between 10th & 11th. Also at broad & georgesvilleWhat about westgate steak house one at Williams & high ___now a tool rental place and on west broad streetPressuti and China’s. A disaster from the git go. Especially at great southern shopping vented!’

7 Jan 2014
‘Was the 1st Ann Tons Restaurant on the west side of rt 23, north of Worthington in a remolded home? Late 1940’s early 50’s? This building was around bypass 275 or was torn down when bypass built. I know Ann Tons had moved by then. Please tell me I am not nuts!’

26 Jan 2014
I noticed a mention on columbusrestauranthistory.com about the Bombay Bicycle Club on S Hamilton Road.

I’d like to set the record straight on it’s history & demise. Associated Hosts of Beverly Hills, CA built & opened the property in the mid to late 70’s as Smuggler’s Inn. They also had a Smuggler’s at the Hilton on Olentangy. In the early 80’s AH started converting Smuggler’s Inns to Bombay Bicycle Clubs. Of 90+ Smuggler’s Inns, 65+ became Bombay Bicycle Clubs. The BBCs were an 80’s Fern Bar concept with a TGI Friday’s type menu. In the early 90’s Associated Hosts was bought by Brierly Investments out of New Zealand. BI only wanted the AH hotel property in Beverly Hills so they started liquidating the 65+ BBC restaurants.

The BBC Hamilton Road location was actually one of the top producers for AH. Unfortunately, Pep Boys Auto Parts decided they wanted to enter the Columbus Market at the time Brierly wanted to sell. They purchased the Hamilton Road BBC for its location just across from Eastland Mall. On closing, it was demo’ed & a new Pep Boys facility was built.

There was no cockroach problem with the Bombay Bicycle Club unless you consider the Brierly Group as cockroaches for what the did to 65+ restaurants & hundreds of jobs around the country!

31 Jan 2014
‘Hi I need the name of the bar on the ground floor of the Christopher Inn , need to win a bet, that I can find out what it is’

28 Feb 2014
‘Hello. Do you recall a place in a field around Joyce Ave. and 17th. Ave? As I remember it had a blue neon sign that said “Joe behind the moon”. Grew up on 21st. Ave. and Hamilton and the sign is in my head. None of my old friends recall this place. Am I dreaming? Thanks.’-

8 Mar 2014
I saw a comment about Zantigos, used to be one on Livingston Ave and Brice, I believe, on the way from Hamilton to the Hickory House, The Longhorn and G.D. Ritzy’s. Loved Ritzy’s ice cream. There was also an Arthur Treachers Fish and Chips, on Main St just west of Hamilton Road, I think. Going back 39 years. There also was Rustler’s Steak House on Hamilton across from Eastland Mall. Really liked the Sangria Lounge. Hey, anyone remember the Voodoo Lounge on High Street downtown. That was 1966-1967. They used to card my wife, 21 yrs, but never me, at 19 years. Always made her mad. Those WERE THE GOOD OLD DAYS. Oh yes, We used to eat at King Arthur’s in Canal Winchester, and the Groveport Lounge. Anyone remember all that????’

29 Mar 2014
My husband and I remember a wonderful Hungarian restaurant from the early to mid 1980s. We think it was called Gypsy and was located on High Street (maybe closer to Lazarus). Do any of your readers remember anything like this. Maybe we got the name wrong.–

12 Apr 2014
‘There was a dinner theatre near Reynoldsburg Ohio in the 70s. What was the name of it? After it closed the building was turned into a buffet called Kings Table.

17 Apr 2014
I am looking for info on Casa Giardos or maybe gallardos it was on Columbus’ East side

1 May 2014
I love this site, I remember all the places you mention as I also grew up on the eastside, we lived near Simpson and E Livingston. Tommy’s was a staple in our house, as was Masseys (my brother worked there in the mid 70’s) I used to work at a place called “Eastmoor Drive In”, and I never see it mentioned….it was at Eastmoor and Main, had a diner style atmosphere. There were no carhops when I was there, 1974-75, but it was very old school.I loved my first real job! They were next door to Grill and Skillet, but I always thought we were better..lol. I can’t find pics of the place anywhere……do you have any? Thanks for your site!’

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