3821 Restaurants are now listed… Added hundreds more on April 23, 2024…  more to come.
I combined several extra databases and made a lot of corrections and updates.

NumberStreetCityOpenedClosedCommentsKnown to be open
94th Aero Squadron, The5300Sawyer RdGahanna/Airport area1980Jun-23Lasted 43 years
A & W Root Beer4615N High StColumbusBefore 1958After 1976
A I U Grill 20N Front StDowntownBefore 1944After 1951
A la carte2333N High StColumbus (OSU)19791998
A Matter of TasteColumbus
Abner's6860Riverside DrDublin19811995
Abner'sS High StColumbus1998
Ace Pizza10E 11th AveAfter 1973
Ace Restaurant9W Spring StBefore 1944
Acme Hot Dot4989Cleveland AveColumbus2008
Adenas American Bistro and Bar140E Wilson Bridge RdWorthington
Adesso Pizza3322Morse RdColumbusBefore 1976After 1976
Adlantha Dining Hall36W Gay StBafore 1896
Admiral Restaurant1364Cleveland AveBefore 1944
Adriaticos New York Style Pizza265W 11th AveColumbus
Aegean Supper Club 1295Parsons AveColumbusBefore 1973After 1976
After the Gold Rush 5737Scarborough BlvdReynoldsburgAfter 1983
Agora Kitchen 1726 N High St1973
AGRIESTI AMERICAN & ITALIAN FOODS2573N High StColumbusBefore 1964After 1973
Aim's Restaurants618St Clair aveBefore 1944Emil Windmiller
Airport Inn620Poth RdBefore 1938After 1958
AIRWAY LODGE4300E 17th AveColumbusBefore 1964
Aki Hana1173Old Henderson RdColumbus1986OPEN-29+formerly known as Restaurant Japan
Al Haft's RestaurantReynoldsburg
Al’s Cafe1348Parsons AveAfter 1973
Al’s Corner 444 W 444W 3rd AveAfter 1973
Al’s Pizza876Oakland Park AveAfter 1973
Aladdin Bar-B-Q1025E Broad StBefore 1944
ALANA'S2333N High StColumbus (OSU)2000?
Albans Restaurant454E Long StColumbusBefore 1935
Albert P Grubbs169E Beck StColumbus
Alberto’. Pizza1662W Mound StAfter 1973
Alex's Bistro4681Reed RdUpper Arlington19842014Owner retires in 20141993
ALIBI Bar967E Hudson StColumbusBefore 1964After 1976
Alices restaurant3187Cleveland AveAfter 1976
Allon Restaurant1572N High StBefore 1944
Aloha Restaurant 230E 5th AveColumbusBefore 1951After 1973
Alpha Restaurant 2614Cleveland AveColumbusBefore 1951After 1958
Alrosa Villa5055Sinclair Rd ColumbusBefore 1976Open
AL'S CORNER444W 2nd AveColumbusBefore 1964
Alta on High511N High StColumbus2007
Amble Inn 2507Cleveland AveColumbusAfter 1976
Ambos Restaurant59S High StColumbus18411903
Ambrose Tavern 112E 5th AveColumbusBefore 1944After 1951
American Lunch55E Long StDowntownBefore 1944
American Pie Pizza1159W Henderson RdColumbusAfter 1976
American Pie Pizza3016Maryland AveColumbusAfter 1976
American Pie Pizza3345E Main StColumbusAfter 1976
American Restaurant 395N High StDowntown1909After 19641947
American Restaurant 1203N High StColumbusBefore 1973After 1976
Amicon Restaurant1523W 5th AveGrandview HeightsBefore 19471957 ref1951
Amish Cooking State Route 257 and State Route 161DublinAfter 1983
Amos Inn 3470Cleveland AveColumbusAfter 1983
Anchor Inn Captains Quarters Restaurant851Morse RdColumbus19681988
Anderson’s Grill Inc 11W State StColumbusBefore 1944After 1958
Anderson’s Grill Inc 223E 5th AveColumbusBefore 1951After 1976
ANDON'S346S High StColumbusBefore 1964
Andy Capps1710N High StColumbus (OSU)Before 1973After 1976
Andy’s Restaurant 1988N High StColumbus (OSU)Before 19441951
Angelas Pizza5590Cleveland AveColumbusBefore 1976
Angelina’s Italian Pizza 3463E Fulton St ColumbusAfter 1973
Angelo's Grill 1222N High StColumbusBefore 19441951
Angelo's Grill 2238Angler RdColumbusBefore 1944
Ange's Pizza139S Yearling RdColumbusBefore 1976After 1976
Ann’s Pizza410E Whittier StGerman VillageAfter 1973
Ann’s Pizza Shop 1026E Whittier StGerman VillageAfter 1973
Ann's Restaurant1108N High StColumbusBefore 1944
Ann's Restaurant1290W Broad StColumbusBefore 1944
Anntone Restaurant5617N High StWorthington1946Formerly known as Fox Hunt TaverN
Anthony ThomasColumbusbefore 1990OPEN-29+
Anthony's Pizza6072Busch BlvdColumbusThe French Market at the Continent 1987
Anthony's Pizza & Snack Bar1801W 5th AveColumbusBefore 1964
Antolino’s Restaurant 1647McKinley AveColumbusBefore 1951
Apartment Lounge2933Olentangy River RdColumbusBefore 19642018
Apollo Bar 300N High StDowntownBefore 1951
Apollo’s1758N High StColumbus (OSU)before 1981OPEN-29+Relocated from 11th and High
Applebee?s9762Sawmill ParkwayPowell2011
Arbor Inn Restaurant89N High StDowntown1916first businesses in the new Kresge Building
Arby’s Roast Beef 45N High StDowntown1987
Arby’s Roast Beef 680S High St1987
Arby’s Roast Beef 1898Brice Rd1987
Arby’s Roast Beef 2150N High StColumbusBefore 19731987
Arby’s Roast Beef 2453Stringtown Rd1987
Arby’s Roast Beef 2467S Hamilton Rdopen1987
Arby’s Roast Beef 3491E Broad StColumbus1987
Arby’s Roast Beef 3560W Riverside Dr1987
Arby’s Roast Beef 3815S High StColumbusBefore 19731987
Arby’s Roast Beef 4711W Broad St1987
Arby’s Roast Beef 5150N High St1987
Arby’s Roast Beef 6949E Main StReynoldsburg1987
Arby’s Roast Beef 1484Morse Rd After 1973
Arlane Tea Room 1689W Lane AveColumbusBefore 1951
Arlington Grill1723W 5th AveGrandview Heights1940after 1969
ARLINGTON Inn1123W 5th AveColumbusBefore 1964After 1973
Arlington Park Pizza 2226Mock Rd After 1973
Armando Restaurant 2572N 11thColumbusBefore 1951
Armando's4720E Main StWhitehall1988
Armando's II951E Johnstown RdGahanna1993
ARMSTRONG'S Pizza2703Olentangy River RdColumbusBefore 1964
ARMY'S LUNCH1199Sulivant AveColumbusBefore 1964
ART & KAY'S SOUTHERN DOUGHNUT SHOP1850S High StColumbusBefore 1964
Art & Pui Chinese Food6072Busch BlvdColumbusBefore 1976The French Market at the Continent 1987
Art’s Grill 320Taylor AveBefore 1951
ART’S RESTAURANT 243 E LONG ST243E Long StDowntownBefore 1964
Arthur Treacher’s2245Morse RdColumbus1969After 1973First Location
Arthur Treacher’s261Lincoln CirGahanna1969Massey Pizza
Arthur Treacher’s209E Broad StColumbus
Arthur Treacher’s245Granville StColumbusAfter 1983
Arthur Treacher’s355Granville StGahanna
Arthur Treacher’s561S Hamilton RdWhitehall1980
Arthur Treacher’s808S High StGerman Village1969After 1973
Arthur Treacher’s1216W 5th AveGrandview Heights
Arthur Treacher’s1765Brice RdReynoldsburg
Arthur Treacher’s2110Cleveland AveColumbus1969After 1973
Arthur Treacher’s2127E Livingson AveColumbus90s?2005
Arthur Treacher’s2183N High StColumbus (OSU)1969
Arthur Treacher’s2216W Henderson RdColumbus1969After 1973
Arthur Treacher’s2880Mc Kinley AveColumbusAfter 1973
Arthur Treacher’s3615W Broad StColumbus1969
Arthur Treacher’s3871E Livingson AveColumbus1969After 1973
Arthur Treacher’s5328N High StColumbus1969After 1973
ART'S Restaurant243E Long StDowntownBefore 1964
Asian Buffet6188Cleveland AveColumbus2007
Asian Go3580W Dublin Granville RdColumbus1/2/2014
Aspen Inn 1200Chambers RdGrandview HeightsBefore 1976After 1983
As-U-Like-It Restaurant234King Ave ColumbusAfter 1973
Aters Drive In914W Broad StColumbusBefore 1964After 1973
ATLAS SNACK Bar 8E Long StDowntownBefore 1964After 1973
Auddino’s Bakery1490Clara StColumbusbefore 1990OPEN-29+
August MoonBefore 1983
Aunt Bess Village Pizza 1142S High StAfter 1973
Aunt Jemimas2853E Main StBexleybefore 1964After 1969pancake house
AUNTIE MAME'S BUS STOP889Oak StColumbusBefore 1964After 1973
AVENUE FOOD Bar325N 20th StColumbusBefore 1964
B & B Grill 318E Barthman AveColumbusBefore 1951
B & B Lunch123E Long StDowntownBefore 1938
B & B PizzaMorse RdBefore 1983
B & C Sandwich Shop 1335E Livingson AveColumbusBefore 1951
B & G Grill 292E GatesColumbusBefore 1951After 1973
B & H Restaurant577E 3rd AveColumbusBefore 1944
B & L Grill 1964Parsons AveColumbusBefore 1944After 1951
B. Hamptons Bar & Grille335W 3rd AveColumbus2007
B.G. Salvi's450S Front StColumbus1993
B.G. Salvi's60E Wilson Bridge RdWorthingtonbefore 19941131995
B.G. Salvi's1130Dubin, RdGrandview Heights198711/12/1996
BABBERT Tavern2114Groveport PikeColumbusBefore 1944After 1973
Babbs Restaurant1497E Main StColumbusBefore 1964
Baby Does Matchless Mine2399W 5th AveColumbusbefore 19841990closed and replaced by Columbus Mine Shaft, owned by Carlos Garcia, who also had interest in the 94th Aero Squadron
Baby Doll1816Parsons AveColumbusBefore 1964
Baci Ristorante350S High StColumbus1995
Back Yard Burgers201S High StColumbus19941995
Back Yard Burgers 12626Bethel RoadColumbus1991?Torn down and Wendys built there
Back Yard Burgers 21994Cleveland AveColumbus1994in the old Barneys
Back Yard Burgers 3Mill RunColumbus1994
Bagdad Grill120E Main StDowntownBefore 1944
Baja Fresh7176N High StWorthington2004
Baja Fresh Mexican Grill771Bethel RoadColumbus20002004Now a Chipolte
Baja Fresh Mexican Grill1557W Lane AveUpper Arlington
Baja Fresh Mexican Grill6510Sawmill RdDublin2004
Baldasaro Orlean598St Clair aveBefore 1944
BALSIMO'S Pizza4312Indianola AveColumbusBefore 1964
Baltimore Luncheon7S High StColumbus19121978
Bango’s Tavern 340E Innis aveColumbusBefore 1951
BAR LAFANTE PIZZA3031Cleveland AveColumbusBefore 1964
BARBIE'S2507Cleveland AveColumbusBefore 1964After 1973
Barcelona263E Whittier StGerman Village1996
Barlafante's Pizza549N 20th StColumbusBefore 1964
Barley's Brewing Company 467N High StColumbus1992open
Barleys Smokehouse & Brewpub1130Dublin RdGrandview Heights8/5/19988/7/1999changed owership 1999 and dropped Barleys name
Barneys169E Beck StColumbus
Barneys Bar2507Summit StColumbusBefore 1964
Barney's Cafe2375N High StColumbusBefore 1944
Barr'r Restaurant744Frebis AveColumbusBefore 1964After 1973
Bartolucci Spaghetti House 145S Yale avBefore 1951
Bart's Bar860W 3rd AveColumbusBefore 1964
Basi italia811Highland StreetColumbusopen
Bavaria Haus 489City Park AveGerman VillageBefore 1973closed1983
Bazenhead1027W 5th AveGrandview Heights20012020
BazenheadDublin RdDublin2019
Beach Comber17W State StColumbusAfter 1973
BEACON985HUDSON StColumbusBefore 1964After 1973
Beck Tavern284E Beck StColumbusBefore 1964After 1976
Beck-Hi Grill564S HighColumbusBefore 1944
Becky’s Restaurant 270N Central AveColumbusBefore 1951
Beebs Deli76Powell RdLewis Center2007
Beechee Sandwich Shop 4601N High StColumbusBefore 1951
Beechwold Plaza4330N High StColumbusAfter 1973
Beechwold Restaurant 4784N High StColumbus1934known later as The Reserve rugs1951
Belcheff Louis L 18E Town StDowntownBefore 1951
Bell Restaurant1598N High StBefore 1935
BEL-MAR RESTAURANT2421Cleveland AveColumbusBefore 1964After 1976
Belmont Restaurant1388Cleveland AveBefore 1944
BEN’S GRILL1016Mount Vernon AveColumbusBefore 1964After 1973
Ben’s Tavern 1434N High StColumbusBefore 1951After 1964
Ben-Dot’s Food Service 2232Summit StAfter 1973
BENEVOLENCE41W State StColumbus1997 top
Benny Kleins Steakhouse12N High StDowntown1956?After 1964
BEN'S Grill1016Mount Vernon AveColumbusBefore 1964after 1969
Bermuda OnionN High StWorthington1995
Bernard's Sandwich Shop403Cleveland AveColumbusBefore 1944
BERNHARD'S TAVERN1071Parsons AveColumbusBefore 1964After 1973
Bernie’s Bagels and Deli 67E Gay StDowntown197619861983
Bernie’s Bagels and Deli 1896N High StColumbus19762015
Berwick Manor 3250Refugee RdColumbusBefore 1969After 1983
Berwick Sea Food Grill1079COLLEGE AveBefore 1944After 1951
Berwick Snack Bar 1002COLLEGE AveColumbusBefore 1951
Betty Crockers Tree House1321Morse RdColumbus
Betty’s Fine Food & Spirits2001Closed
BETTY'S DINER629N High StColumbusBefore 1964
Beverlee Drive In3288E Broad StColumbusBefore 19641951
Beverlee Drive In799S High StGerman VillageBefore 1964After 1969At one time there were 29 restaurants in the ch
Beverlee Drive In3080Cleveland AveColumbus1951After 1969later known as Tee Jays
Beverlee Drive In2375S High StColumbusBefore 1964Started by Jules &Nita Sokol
Beverlee Drive In1565W 5th AveGrandview HeightsBefore 1964
Beverlee Drive In1652Neil Ave ColumbusBefore 1964After 1969
BEVERLY DRIVEIN2800N High StColumbusBefore 1964After 1964
Bexley Bistro2882E Main StBexley2008former KFC
BEXLEY'S MONK2232E Main StBexley20101997 top
BG Salvi's2770Brice RdReynoldsburg199011/12/19961990
BG Salvi's450S Front St.Columbus1991
Biddie's Coach House76S High StDublin19812016
Biddle’s Restaurant & Drive In 3571W Broad StColumbusBefore 1951
Bier Stube1479N High StcolumbusBefore 1969Open
Big Ben Tavern1325S Ohio StColumbus19361944
Big Ben’s Coffee Bar 111N 3d St DowntownAfter 1973
Big Bev Dinerclosed
BIG BILL'S Bar1000Mount Vernon AveColumbusBefore 1964
Big Bite561S Hamilton RdWhitehall19801982First Big Bite?
Big Bite79S 4th StColumbus2011Not related to the old Big Bite chaiN replaces Serenity Cafe
Big Bite3871E Livingson AveColumbus1984Now a car lot
Big Bite3539N BroadwayGrove CityNow Memories Food &Spirits
Big Bite17E Gay StDowntownJan-84one of the last 5 shops
Big Bite1325Bethel RoadColumbus1982Jan-84one of the last 5 shops
Big Bite1672W 5th AveGrandview Heights1981Jan-84one of the last 5 shops
Big Bite2285Morse RdColumbus1981Jan-84one of the last 5 shops
Big Bite5328N High StColumbus
Big Bite ?2421S Hamilton RdWhitehallJan-84one of the last 5 shops
Big Cheese The 11E Woodruff AveColumbusAfter 1973
Big Fat Greek Cuisina2816Fishinger & RiversideUpper Arlington2015
Big Nickel Lunch2490Sulivant AveBefore 1944After 1973
Big Nickel, TheDublin Granville RdColumbus
BIG PETE'S BAR & GRILL1184W Broad StColumbusBefore 1964
Big Ten, The 144S High StDowntownAfter 1973
Big Tony’s Pizza 11S Westgate An After 1973
Bill & Dee’s Bar 1761Parsons AveAfter 1973
Bill and Jane’s 1850S High StColumbusAfter 1983
Bill Knapp’s Restaurant 1640Lonsdale Rd After 1973
Bill Knapp's6851N High StWorthingtonbefore 19762001now Sky Bank
Bill Knapp's2199Riverside DrColumbus19722000the building was sinking. It was torn down in 1992 and rebuilt
Bill Knapp's1640Lonsdale DrColumbus1978
Bill Knapp's2100Bethel RoadColumbus19922001
Bill Knapp's12995Stonecreek DrPickerington2001
BILL’S PIZZA1285Oak StColumbusBefore 1964
BILL’S PIZZA CARRY OUT3905Cleveland AveColumbusBefore 1964
Bill’s Sandwich Shop1048Parsons AveColumbusBefore 1951
Bill’s Snack Bar 1243Grandview Ave Grandview HeightsBefore 1951
Bill's Inn2201E Livingson AveColumbusBefore 1944
BILL'S Pizza1285Oak StColumbusBefore 1964
Billys Place439N High StDowntown19871987Longtime Ohio State athletic trainer Billy Hill bought Guidos and converte to a sports theme
Biltmore Restaurant & Cafe2414W Broad StColumbusBefore 1944After 19731951
Binder Valentine117S Front StColumbusBefore 1896
Birch Tavern 631Main StGroveportAfter 1983
BIRD CAGE 2211Cleveland AveColumbusBefore 1964After 1973
Bismark Grill 13W State StColumbus1951
bistro roti, The1693W Lane AveColumbus
Bistro, The3249Olentangy River RdTri Village Area Before 1973(near Gold Circle/Kohl’s Olentangy)
Bite-Shop 780W State StColumbusBefore 1951
BJ Rumples1380Bethel RoadColumbus
Black Angus Beef House 73E Gay StDowntownBefore 1969After 1973
BLACK ANGUS THE3178W Broad StColumbusBefore 1964
Black Forest Inn2201Neil Ave Columbus1960s?1997Once owned by Dick Tarini
Black Horse Inn1420Presidential DrColumbusBefore 1976After 1976open 40 years
Black Olive6072Busch BlvdColumbusThe French Market at the Continent 1987
Black Olive1677W Lane Ave ColumbusThe Market at Lane Ave.1987
Black Rose900E Morse RdColumbus1966After 1982
Blackhouse Restaurant216E Main StDowntownAfter 1973
Blackie’s Bar2573W Broad StAfter 1973
Blackstone, , The9215Dublin RdPowell19981998
Blind Monk 1677W Lane AveUpper Arlington1983After 1983
BLOCK HOUSE RESTAURANT THE 262E Main StDowntownAfter 1964
Block’s Bagels1677S KellnerColumbus19671987First Location
Block’s Bagels3415E Broad StColumbus19802017Second Location, moved to 6115 McNaughten Center
Block’s Bagels6115McNaughten RdColumbus2017open
BLOCKHOUSE RestaurantTHE216E Main StDowntownBefore 1964After 1969
Block's Sandwich Shop1826Parsons AveBefore 1958
Blue Bird181N High StDowntownBefore 1928
Blue Bonnet Restaurant5990E Main StReynoldsburgBefore 1944After 1969
Blue Danube Restaurant2439N High StColumbus (OSU)19402018Was 78-year-old Campus institution.
Blue Fox1991Riverside DrColumbusBefore 1976After 1976
Blue Goose1205Mount Vernon AveColumbusBefore 1951After 1958
Blue Inn2997E 5th AveColumbus1937After 19441951
Blue Jay Restaurant549N 20th StBefore 1944
Blue Lotus3130Olentangy River RdColumbusBefore 19761995
Blue Moon Restaurant 2075N High StColumbus (OSU)Before 1951
Bo DingS Hamilton Road1989
BOALS RESTAURANT914Cleveland AveColumbusBefore 1964
Boardwalk, The3396E Main StColumbusnear James knockout coneys &hot crinkle frie
Boardwalk, TheState StreetColumbusWesterville
Boathouse, The3931E Main StWhitehallAfter 1983
Bob & Dick’s Place 2094Sulivant AveAfter 1973
Bob Evans69Huber Village Blvd ColumbusBefore 19871987
Bob Evans411Georgesville RdColumbusBefore 19871987
Bob Evans960E Dublin Granville RdColumbusBefore 1976Open1987
Bob Evans2475Brice RdReynoldsburgBefore 19871987
Bob Evans3140Olentangy River RdColumbusBefore 19871987
Bob Evans3800S High StColumbusBefore 19871987
Bob Evans4330Groves Rd ColumbusBefore 19761987
Bob Evans4331W Broad StColumbusBefore 19871987
Bob Evans5060Post Rd Columbus1987
Bob Evans5730Cleveland AveColumbusBefore 19872013?1987
Bob Evans7550N High StWorthingtonBefore 19871987
Bob Evans50N REYN NEW ALBANY RDColumbus
Bob Evans61Westerville RdColumbus
Bob Evans111Hillard Rome RoadColumbus
Bob Evans443MORRISON RDGahanna
Bob Evans1650Stringtown Rd1987
Bob Evans1660GEORGESVILLE SQ DRColumbus
Bob Evans1832W Henderson RdColumbus19831999
Bob Evans2199Riverside DrColumbus2001open
Bob Evans3830TULLER RDDublin
Bob Evans5067Post RdDublinBefore 1987
Bob Evans5160TUTTLE CROSSING BLColumbus
Bob Evans5205NEW ALBANY RDColumbus
Bob Evans Farm Restaurant 4330Groves Rd After 1973
Bob’s Bar941E 5th AveAfter 1973
Bobby Sox 2270E Main StBexleyAfter 1983
BOB'S ANTLER Bar267S High StDowntownBefore 1964
Body Shop Lounge 2934E Broad StAfter 1973
Bogan & Muehlheim208S 4thColumbusBefore 1896
Bogey Inn6013Glick RdPowellclosed briefly in 2010
Bombay Bicycle Club2830S Hamilton RdColumbusBefore 19861986
Bombay Grille6101E Broad StColumbus2001
Bon Aire Grill 947FultonColumbusBefore 1944After 1964
BON BON'S COFFEE SHOP190E Long StDowntownBefore 1964
Bona Pizza1869WOODLAND AveColumbusBefore 1964
Bonanza3650S High StColumbusAfter 19871987
Bonanza3780W Broad StColumbusAfter 19871987
Bonanza3370Olentangy River RdColumbus1976After 1987Third in Columbus1983-7
Bonanza5901WOODLAND AveReynoldsburgbefore 1978After 19871983-7
Bonanza782S State StWesterville1975600th Bonanza to open in the US (second here)
Bonanza3700Refugee RdColumbus1975After 1983First in Columbus
BonanzaN High StColumbusbefore 1978Graceland
Bonaparte's4900Sinclair Rd ColumbusBefore 1976After 1976In the Carrousel Inn
Bonarrigo’s Grill 765Taylor AveBefore 19441951
Bond's Restaurant343S 4th StColumbusBefore 1944
Bonefish5700Frantz RdDublin2003open
Bonham Lunch 1360Cleveland aveColumbusBefore 19441951
Bon-Ton2480Summit StColumbusBefore 1944
Borden Burger1380W Mound StColumbus1973?After 1976Was Burger Boy Food-O-Rama
Borden Burger2044Lockbourne RdColumbus1973?After 1976Was Burger Boy Food-O-Rama
Borden Burger2150S Hamilton RdColumbus1973?After 1976Was Burger Boy Food-O-Rama
Borden Burger200E 5th StColumbusBefore 1976After 1976
Borden Burger780High StColumbusAfter 1973
Borden Burger1015E Hudson StColumbusAfter 1973
Borden Burger1349W 5th AveColumbusBefore 1976After 1976
Borden Burger1885W Henderson Rd After 1973
Borden Burger1940E Livingson AveColumbusAfter 1973
Borden Burger2020N High StAfter 1973
Borden Burger3090E Main StBexleyAfter 1973
Borden Burger3275Refugee Rd After 1973
Borden Burger4000Indianola AveAfter 1973
Borden Burger5800Karl RdAfter 1973
Boston179N High StDowntown1894
Boston Grill 69HosackColumbusBefore 1944After 1964
Boston Grill 263N 4th StColumbusBefore 1944
Boston Grill 523W Broad StColumbusBefore 1944
Boston MarketKingsdale CenterUpper Arlington1998
Botaga Lounge State Route 256, PickeringtonAfter 1983
Bott Brothers Buffet and Billiard room155N High StDowntown1904Was Peoples Restaurant until July 1903, fire in Oct 1904
Bott Brothers Saloon 141N High StDowntown1895?1903Destroyed in an Apil 27th fire
Bott Brothers Saloon 166N High StDowntown1903leased right after the fire at 141
Bott Brothers Saloon 161N High StDowntown
Boulevard Grille6771Dublin Center DrDublin1998
Boulevard Grille, The171Columbus City Columbus1993
Boulevard Restaurant750Northwest BlvdColumbus1955?1960s?
Boulevard Snack Bar 1329W 5th AveGrandview HeightsBefore 1951
Bowen's Restaurant1652N High StColumbusBefore 1947
Bowlers Bar 552E Broad StColumbusBefore 1951
Bow-Wow Grill1602S 4th StColumbusBefore 1951After 1976
Braddocks GrandviewColumbus
BRADDOCK'S GRANDVIEW1470Grandview Ave Grandview Heights2000
Branding Iron, The1400Stratford RdDelawareAfter 1983
Bravo7470Vantage DrWorthington1997Rio Bravo was next door.
Bravo! Cucina Italiana 3000Hayden Run Columbus1993
Bravo! Italian Kitchen1295Grandview Ave Grandview Heights2020formerly know as Gourmet Market1994
BRAZENHEAD56N High StDublin19982020Beacame coworking space
Brennans Broad-NelColumbus1994
Brewer's AlleyBefore 1983
Brick520S Front StBrewery District2015
Bright’s Lunch 1959Parsons AveColumbusBefore 1951
BRIO TUSCAN GRILLE3993Easton StationColumbus2000
Broad Hague Restaurant 2762W Broad StColumbusBefore 1951After 1964
Broad Nel Grill18N Nelson RdColumbusBefore 1944After 1976
Broad Tavern 3583E Broad StColumbusBefore 1951
Broad-Lincoln Hotel Theatre Bar 631E Broad StColumbusBefore 1951After 1964
Broadway Charley’s 3504BroadwayGrove CityAfter 1983
Broadway Grill68E Broad StBefore 1944
Broadway Grill3770W Broad StColumbus
Brothers Bar & Grill477North Park StreetColumbus2003
Brown Derby 2595Franksway CourtColumbusbefore 19831994North of Eastland Mall
Brown Derby 1193W Broad StColumbusBefore 1951After 1973
Brown Derby Restaurant1321Morse RdColumbusBefore 19761993
Brown’s Cafe 337S Grant avBefore 1951
Brown’s Charlie Cocktail Lounge 20N 9th Av ColumbusAfter 1973
Brownstone on Main122E Main StDowntown20022007
BRUMFIELD Grill422N Rich StColumbusBefore 1964
Brunos Pizza1774E Dublin Granville RdColumbus19722020
Bryn Mawr3758Lancaster RoadGranville19741999Built in 1853, again a private residence, continues as a wedding and event venue.
Buca di Beppo60E Wilson Bridge RdWorthington2000
Buca di Beppo343N Front StDowntown1999
Buck, Sandwich Shop 555E Broad St After 1973
BUCK’S HAMBURGERS2256Sulivant AveAfter 1964
Buckeye Charley’s 2440E Dublin Granville RdColumbusAfter 1983
Buckeye Donuts1998N High StColumbus1969OPEN-29+
Buckeye Grill2417Cleveland AveColumbusBefore 1958After 19761951-64
Buckeye Grill268E Main StDowntownBefore 1958
Buckeye Hall of Fame Cafe1421Olentangy River RdColumbus19972009
Buckeye Restaurant881W Broad StColumbusBefore 1964After 1976
Buckeye Restaurant 1596N High StColumbus (OSU)Before 1951
Buckeye RoomDowntown LazarusColumbus
Buckeye Steakhouse1538N High StColumbus (OSU)Before 1973After 1976
Buckeye Subs650High StWorthington20052006Terminated Subway owners failed subshop attempt
BUCKINGHAM CLUB287S Front StColumbusBefore 1964
Buckingham Restaurant 394Cleveland aveColumbusBefore 19441951
BUCK'S Bar1094W Mound StColumbusBefore 1964
Buck's Hamburgers2256Sulivant AveBefore 1958
BUCK'S HAMBURGERS2256Sulivant AveColumbusBefore 1964
Buffalo Wild, Wings and Weck (BW3)7E Woodruff AveColumbus1982?First store in chain
Buffalo Wild, Wings and Weck (BW3)7082E Main StReynoldsburg1995
Bull N’ Bear 12N High StDowntownAfter 1973
Bullfrogs120Phillipi RdColumbus2004last the last Ground Round previously
Bumpers1138Bethel RoadColumbus1980s2004
Bun's Bakery and Candies46N High StDowntownbefore 1941After 1941
Burbanks Real Bar B Que5411Bethel Sawmill CntrColumbusColumbus
Burger Boy Drive in2133E Livingson AveColumbusBefore 1958After 1973
Burger Boy Food-O-Rama1380W Mound StColumbusBefore 19641973?Became Borden Burger
Burger Boy Food-O-Rama2044Lockbourne RdColumbus1973?Became Borden Burger
Burger Boy Food-O-Rama2150S Hamilton RdWhitehall1973?BecameBorden Burger
Burger Boy Food-O-Rama200W 5th AveGrandview Heights1973Borden Burger by 1973
Burger Boy Food-O-Rama1015E Hudson StColumbusBefore 1964After 1964Borden Burger by 1973
Burger Boy Food-O-Rama1885W Henderson RdColumbus1973Borden Burger by 1973
Burger Boy Food-O-Rama1940E Livingson AveColumbusBefore 19641973Borden Burger by 1973
Burger Boy Food-O-Rama2020N High StColumbus (OSU)Before 19691973Borden Burger by 1973
Burger Boy Food-O-Rama3090E Main StBexley19641973Borden Burger by 1973
Burger Boy Food-O-Rama3275Refugee RdColumbusBefore 19691973Borden Burger by 1973
Burger Boy Food-O-Rama4000Indianola AveColumbus1973Borden Burger by 1973
Burger Boy Food-O-Rama5800Karl RdColumbus1973Borden Burger by 1973
Burger Boy Food-O-Rama780S High StGerman Village19691973Bordon Burger by 1973: Later The Village Junction Restaurant -No
Burger Boy Food-O-Rama186Granville StGahannaKey Bank
Burger Boy Food-O-Rama2411Morse RdColumbusBefore 1969Now Rosie OGradys (was King Tuts)
Burger Boy Food-O-Rama3746Riverside DrColumbusThe McDonalds at 3746 Riverside Drive was b
Burger Boy Food-O-Rama1349W 5th AveGrandview HeightsBefore 1969After 1973
Burger Boy Food-O-Rama1510N High StColumbus (OSU)Before 1964After 1973
Burger Boy Food-O-Rama2370S High StColumbusBefore 1964After 1973
Burger Boy Food-O-Rama4639W Broad StColumbus
Burger Boy Mainliner Drive-In2133Lockbourne RdColumbusAfter 1964Food-O-Rama in 164 Across from Getreau Texaco
Burger Chef677S Hamilton RdColumbus12/2/19601963First Burger Chef in Columbus, building still there
Burger Chef3511Sulivant AveColumbus2/23/1961After 1983Fourth in town, torn down and replaced by a Key Bank
Burger Chef44N High StWorthington1974After 1977just south of York Golf Club
Burger Chef2791W Broad StColumbus12/26/1969After 1983replaced by a??Sisters and now a smoke shop.
Burger Chef3825Indianola AveColumbus1960After 1979Second Burger Chef in Columbus
Burger Chef1449Oakland Park AveColumbus2/9/19611964Third Burger Chef in Columbus
Burger Chef1370W Lane AveUpper Arlington1967After 1983
Burger Chef1652Neil Ave ColumbusBefore 19731983
Burger Chef2431S High StColumbus1967After 1974
Burger Chef3645E MainColumbus1967After 1977
Burger Chef3773E Livingson AveColumbus1965After 1983
Burger Chef4536Karl RdColumbus1967After 1981
Burger Chef4710Reed RdColumbusBefore 1973After 1973
Burger Chef5274Cemetery Rd Hilliard1969After 1975
Burger King2808S Hamilton RdColumbus20181983
Burger King99W Schrock Rd Columbus1987
Burger King260S Hamilton Rd Columbus1987
Burger King2020E Main StColumbus1987
Burger King3275Refugee Rd Columbus1987
Burger King3660W Broad StColumbus1987
Burger King5470N High StColumbusBefore 19691987
Burger King6063Sunbury Rd Columbus1987
Burger King6960E Main StReynoldsburg1987
Burger King7702Sawmill RdColumbus1987
Burger King1290Demorest RdColumbusBefore 1976
Burger King1450W Broad StColumbusBefore 1976
Burger King1690Lockbourne RdColumbusAfter 1983
Burger King1771E Dublin Granville RdColumbusBefore 1976
Burger King1919Channingway BlvdReynoldsburg19722018
Burger King2160N High StColumbus (OSU)Before 1976
Burger King2225Morse RdColumbusBefore 1976
Burger King2575Cleveland AveColumbusBefore 1969
Burger King3200Olentangy River RdColumbusBefore 1976
Burger King3330Indianola AveColumbusBefore 1969
Burger King3402S High StColumbusBefore 1969
Burger King3462BroadwayGrove CityBefore 1983After 1983
Burger King4479E Main StWhitehallAfter 1983
Burgermeister Wein Haus961S High StColumbus1974closed
Burgundy Room, The641N High StColumbus2011
BUS STOP CAFE1131Parsons AveColumbusBefore 1964After 1973
Buscemis1565W 5th AveGrandview Heights1970s?
Busy Bee129High StColumbus1909demolished to make room for Lazarus Dept St
Busy Bee44E Rich StDowntownbefore 1958
Busy Bee77Parsons AveColumbus1903
Busy Bee187W 5th AveDowntownBefore 1951
Busy Bee1048Parsons AveColumbusbefore 1958
Busy Bee1826Parsons AveColumbusBefore 1964
Busy Bee Candy Kitchen43N High StDowntownBefore 1896After 1910
Busy Bee Candy Kitchen268N High StDowntownBefore 1896After 1901
Busy Bee Candy Kitchen364E Long StDowntownBefore 1896Before 1901
Busy Bee Candy Kitchen519Oak StColumbusBefore 1896Before 1910
Busy Bee Candy Kitchen603N High StColumbusBefore 1896Before 1901
Busy Bee Candy Kitchen748E Long StColumbusBefore 1896Before 1901
Busy Bee Candy Kitchen1160N High StColumbusBefore 1896Before 1901
Busy Bee Candy Kitchen149?S High StColumbusBefore 1901Before 1901
Butchs Downtown207E Broad StColumbus1998
Buxton Inn, GranvilleGranvilleBefore 1992OPEN-29+
Buzz Cockerell’s 1North State StreetWestervilleAfter 1983
C & C Pizza777Neil Ave ColumbusBefore 1964
C & E GRILL984E Livingson AveGerman Village1960s?After 1976
C & G Cafe 1579N High StColumbus (OSU)Before 1944After 1964
C & G Pizza 777Neil Ave After 1973
C & G Pizza 1579N High StBefore 1964After 1973
C & R Grill1269Mount Vernon AveColumbusBefore 1964After 1976
C.J. Highmark's7470Vantage DrWorthington19941995
Cabaret The253E 12th AveAfter 1973
Cabo Cantina6125Riverside DrColumbuslate 20092012
Cafe 55690MORRISON RDGahanna200055 Restaurant Group
Cafe 552816Fishinger & RiversideUpper Arlington199856 Restaurant Group
Cafe Americana2816Fishinger & RiversideColumbus199957 Restaurant Group
Cafe KaseburgSheraton NorthColumbusAfter 1983
Cafe Martinique2894E Main StBexleyBill Sapp1988-91
CAFE MOZART4490Indianola AveColumbus2002?
CAFE MOZART4748N High StColumbus2000open
Cafe Napolitana40N High StDowntown19912021Reborn as "Aracri on Gay" 51 E. Gay St
Café Royale3232Olentangy River RdColumbusBefore 1976After 1976In the Royal Inn
CAFE SOCIETY1071Mount Vernon AveColumbusBefore 1964
Cajun Joes1280W 5th AveGrandview Heights
Caliente5849Sawmill RdColumbus1997John Watson restaurant
CAMELBELL Inn1111E Main StColumbusBefore 1964After 1973
Cameron Mitchell Premier Events7619Huntington Park DrColumbus2000Purchased by Cameron Mitchell
Cameron's American Bistro2185W Dublin Granville RdWorthington19952000
Camerons Bexley2894E Main StBexley199420001997 top
CAMPBELL'S Restaurant1300W Broad StColumbusBefore 1958After 1964
CAMPUS Pizza1593N High StColumbusBefore 1958After 1964
Campus-Neil Restaurant 1622Neil Ave ColumbusBefore 1938After 1964
Canabar859E Long StColumbusBefore 1964After 1983
CANADIANCLUB1351Lockbourne AveColumbusBefore 1964
Cancun Mexican Restaurant5701Maple Canyon DrColumbus19952003
Candlelight Room (in Neil House)41S High StDowntown1976
CANTEEN181WASHINGTON Blvd RdColumbusBefore 1958After 1964
Cantina Del Rio40Hutchinson AveWorthington19911997
Canton Cafe205S High StDowntown2001
Canyon CafeMall at Tuttle CrossingColumbus1998
Cap City Fine Diner and Bar1299Olentangy River RdColumbus1995open
Cape Codder The 34N James Rd Before 1951
Capitol Bar 473N High StColumbusBefore 19441951
Capitol Square Restaurant17S High StDowntownBefore 1901
Captain Ds Seafood Kitchen6830E Main StReynoldsburgAfter 19811987
Captain Ds Seafood Kitchen2850S Hamilton RdColumbus1978First Captain D's (Owned by Shoneys)1981-7
Captain Ds Seafood Kitchen375Georgesville RdColumbusBefore 19811981-7
Captain Ds Seafood Kitchen1944Stringtown RdGrove CityBefore 198120071981-7
Captain Sam's4555Cleveland AveColumbusBefore 1976After 1976
Captains Quarters851Morse RdColumbus
Cara Bar115Parsons AveColumbusBefore 20122017
Caravan Restaurant1127N High StAfter 1973
Cardo's Pizza 170Wilson RdColumbusBefore 19691987
Cardo's Pizza 1314Bethel Road1987
Cardo's Pizza 1635Parsons AveColumbus1987
Cardo's Pizza 1918Brice RdReynoldsburg1987
Cardo's Pizza 1951E Dublin Granville RdColumbus1987
Cardo's Pizza 2042Eakin Rd Columbus1987
Cardo's Pizza 2650Cleveland AveColumbus1987
Cardo's Pizza 2719Winchester PikeColumbusBefore 19691987
Cardo's Pizza 2728Agora Dr1987
Cardo's Pizza 3885Great Sourthen CtColumbusBefore 19691987
Cardo's Pizza 6047Sunbury Rd Columbus1987
Cardo's Pizza 11858Reynoldsburg-Baltimore RdNW Columbus1987
Cardo's Pizza 3720S High StColumbus1987-1964
Cardo's Pizza 3420Bexvie Av After 1973
Cardo's Pizza 3885S High StAfter 1964
Care The 284E Gay StDowntownBefore 1951After 1964
Caribou Coffee1425Grandview Ave Grandview Heights?closed
Cariols The 72N 5TH AV ColumbusBefore 1951
Carl’s Tasty Foods 29E Town StDowntownBefore 1951
Carlos Lounge1226E Long StColumbusAfter 1973
Carlo's Villa Roma2820Nottingham at RiversideColumbusBefore 1969After 1976
Carman’s Bar685N High StAfter 1973
Carmela’s Italian Subs 1872Tamarack CircleColumbus (Norrthland)After 1983
Carollo’s Steak House 1118N High StColumbusBefore 1951After 1964
Carollo's Pizzeria1974N High St
Carolyns489City Park AveGerman Village19891995restaurant kitchen caught fire at the peak dinne
Carolyns Night Club792Marion RdColumbus19351947
Carousel Cocktail Lounge 1118N High StAfter 1973
Carroll’s Bar & Grill 2480Summit StColumbusBefore 1951After 1964
Carroll’s Food Bar 151Wilson aveBefore 1951
Carroll’s Grill2480Summit StBefore 1964After 1973
Carrols Bar17W State StColumbus1949
Carsonies Italian RestaurantKingsdale CenterUpper Arlington1995
Carter & Carey 31Main StHilliardBefore 1944
CARTER'S CAFE1761Parsons AveColumbusBefore 1964
Casa Bella245W Spring StColumbusBefore 19441951
Casa Di Pasta2320N High StColumbus (OSU)19682003now Delhi Dunbar
Casa GallardoNorthland MallNov-831986General Mills owns the Mexican-style restaurants
Casa Gallardo2600S Hamilton RdColumbusJan-811986opened Jan 13 1981
Casa JoseM Main StColumbus1953First Mexican Restaurant in Columbus
Casa Lupita4522Kenny RdColumbus1988?Jan-881st use of new buillding owned by Dayton-based Ponderosa Inc.
Casa Maria2986Sulivant AveBefore 1958
CASA RESTAURANT9Chittenden AveColumbusBefore 1964
Casablanca Bar764E Long StColumbusAfter 1973
Casablanca Bar 764E Long StColumbusBefore 1951After 1964
Casey’s Grill 314E Hudson StColumbusBefore 1951
Casey’s Grill 910S High StGerman VillageBefore 1951
CASINO Bar341N 20th StColumbusBefore 1964
Casino Bar 181Wilson aveBefore 1951
CASINO RESTAURANT & PIZZERIA3149Cleveland AveColumbusBefore 1958After 1969
Cassa-Bonita 1318E Main StColumbusBefore 1951
Cassa-Bonita 1318E Main StColumbus
Cassalino Pizzeria6243Sunderland Dr After 1973
Cassano Pizza King 174W Lane AveAfter 1973
Cassano's Pizza & Subs 100W Wilson Bridge RdWorthingtonBefore 19741988
Cassano's Pizza & Subs 129N Stygler Rd Columbus1988
Cassano's Pizza & Subs 907E Dublin Granville RdColumbus1988
Cassano's Pizza & Subs 945Parsons AveColumbus1988
Cassano's Pizza & Subs 1607N High StColumbus1988
Cassano's Pizza & Subs 2005E Dublin Granville RdColumbus1988
Cassano's Pizza & Subs 2145W Dublin Granville RdColumbus1988
Cassano's Pizza & Subs 2654Noe-Bixby Rd Columbus1988
Cassano's Pizza & Subs 2716Sulivant AveColumbus1988
Cassano's Pizza & Subs 3020E Broad StColumbus1988
Cassano's Pizza & Subs 3154Southwest Blvd Grove CityBefore 19741988
Cassano's Pizza & Subs 4191Cleveland AveColumbus1988
Cassano's Pizza & Subs 4191Lincoln Park Ct Columbus1988
Cassano's Pizza & Subs 4265Westland MallColumbusBefore 19741988
Cassano's Pizza & Subs 4363E Main StWhitehall1988
Cassano's Pizza & Subs 4606N High StColumbus1988
Cassano's Pizza & Subs 5041Chatterton Rd ReynoldsburgBefore 19741988
Cassano's Pizza & Subs 7117E Main StReynoldsburg1988
Castaway Lounge916N High StAfter 1973
CASTAWAYS50N Front StDowntownBefore 1964
Castle (The)1778N High StColumbus (OSU)After 1973
Catch of the DayColumbus
Catfish Biffs 75W 11th AveColumbus19842020
Cats Meow Restaurant 129E Naghten St ColumbusAfter 1973
Cautella's Italian Deli6072Busch BlvdColumbusThe French Market at the Continent 1987
Cave The3680E 5th AveColumbusAfter 1973
CCC Restaurant431BuckinghamBefore 1944
Cedar-Hoff Gardens3075E Main StBexleyBefore 1944After 19511951
Ceil’s Tippin Inn Bar 780Mount Vernon AveAfter 1973
CEIL'S TAVERN996Cleveland AveColumbusBefore 1964
Celestine’s Rendezvous 1614Leonard AveColumbusBefore 19441951
Cenci On Fifth Avenue 1773W 5th AveGrandview HeightsBefore 1944one of the early family- owned Italian restaurant1951-8
Cenci's1774W 5th AveGrandview Heights1960s
CENTRAL Grill207N Central AveColumbusBefore 1964After 1973
Chad’s Pizza3745Karl RdAfter 1973
CHAKIRIS Restaurant698N High StColumbusBefore 1964
Chalice Lounge1458W 5th AveAfter 1973
Chambers (The)346S High StDowntownAfter 1973
CHAMP DRIVE-IN850Marion RdColumbusBefore 1958After 1964
CHAMP DRIVE-IN1999S ChampionColumbusBefore 1958
Chancy’s Cafe 351W State StBefore 1951
Chandler & McKenzie69S High StDowntownBefore 1896
Chapin's7620Huntington Park DrColumbus19971999tapped in to the spirit and celebrity of the late singer/songwriter Harry Chapin
Char Bar439N High StDowntown1989?open
Char Bar1924N High StColumbus (OSU)Before 1964After 1976
Charberts Drive In Restaurant4352E Broad StColumbusbefore 1976Was it: 3252 E Broad St
Charberts Sandwich Shop1912N High StColumbus (OSU)Before 1958After 19761951
Charberts Sandwich Shop12E 15th AveColumbus (OSU)Before 1958before 1976
Charleston Club279S High StDowntownAfter 1973
Charley's Philly Steaks1836W Henderson RdColumbus2011was a mexican place
Charlie’s Restaurant 1534N High StColumbus (OSU)Before 1951
Charlie’s Restaurant 1534N High St1951
CHARLIE'S Grill623N High StColumbusBefore 1964
Chase Tavern Pavilion Garden5939N High StWorthington1935
Chasens161N High StDowntown19961998
Chateau Restaurant 185W 11th AveColumbusBefore 1951
CHATTERBOX Grill554E Whittier StGerman VillageBefore 1964After 1973
Cheddar's6190Cleveland AveColumbus19891999
Cheeburger Cheeburger1085Polaris ParkwayColumbus20042007
Cheeseburger in Paradise4081Truman BlvdHilliard20052013
CHEF CASINO PIZZERIA 1169Cleveland AveColumbus1960s
Chef’s House 873E Main StColumbusBefore 1944Afte 19511951
Chef-O-Nette2090Tremont CenterUpper Arlington1955Open
CHEF'SHOUSE873E Main StColumbusBefore 1964
Cheryl's Cookies6072Busch BlvdColumbus1981The French Market at the Continent 1987
Cheryl's Cookies1677W Lane Ave ColumbusThe Market at Lane Ave.1987
Chesapeake Restaurant 926Mount Vernon AveColumbusBefore 1951
CHESAPEAKE SNACK BAR926Mount Vernon AveColumbus1960s?After 1973
CHET C CHARLIE'S Bar809S High StGerman VillageBefore 1964
CHET'S Bar870N High StColumbusBefore 1964
Chez AlexisBefore 1983
Chi-Chi’s Cafe 719HarrisonColumbusBefore 1951
Chi-Chis2200E Dublin Granville RdColumbus2004
Chi-Chis2455Brice RdReynoldsburg2004
Chi-Chis5105Post RdDublin2003
CHICKENCOOP2226Mock RdColumbusBefore 1964
Chicos ExpressFifth AveColumbusCross street Cleveland
Chicos Express1603N High StColumbus (OSU)
Chicos Express2060N High StColumbus (OSU)
Chicos Express2943N High StColumbus
Chilis3675W Dublin Granville RdColumbuslast one in cols
Chilis3883Park Mill Run DrHilliard2005now CVS
Chilis140Worthington SquareWorthington2005
Chilis2700Northland Plaza DrColumbus2005
Chin Chin641N High StColumbus1998space was leased to Peter Vitt and is Lemon
China Coast1691E Dublin Granville RdColumbusearly 1994########
China CoastS Hamilton RdColumbus1995
China Doll 893Mount Vernon AveColumbusBefore 1951
China Doll 893Mount Vernon Ave1951
China Dynasty1930E Dublin Granville RdColumbus1997
China Dynasty1689W Lane AveUpper Arlington19872019Chef Lien C Chen retired after 32 years
China Gourmet 393StoneRidge LaneColumbus1997
China Royal 1762Brice RdReynoldsburgAfter 1983
Chinese American Cuisine 1443N High StAfter 1973
Chinese Kitchen2203N High StAfter 1973
Chinese Wok, TheBefore 1983
Chintz Room, The (Lazarus)110S High StDowntown19531998Jan 30 1998
Chipotle1726N High StColumbus (OSU)open
Chipotle Mex. Grill1298W 5th AveGrandview Heights
CHIPS & PETES Bar& Restaurant2986Sulivant AveColumbusBefore 1964
Chocolate Shoppe, The6072Busch BlvdColumbusThe French Market at the Continent 1987
CHRISTMAN’S DEL MONTE CAFE 2514Sulivant AveAfter 1964
Christman’s Grill 859W Mound StColumbusBefore 1951
CHRISTMAN'SDELMONTECAFE2514Sulivant AveColumbusBefore 1964
Christopher Inn300E Broad StColumbus19631988
Christophers77S High StDowntown19891993
Chuck E Cheeses3631Soldano BlvdColumbus
Chuck E Cheeses4284Macsway AveColumbus
Chuck E Cheeses5705Chantry DrColumbus
Chuck E Cheeses Pizza Time Theater5842Columbus SquareColumbus1982replaced MARCS FUNTIME PIZZA PALACE1987
Chuck Muer’s Seafood and Tavern 2440E Dublin Granville RdColumbusAfter 1983
CHUCK'S Restaurant971E Main StColumbusBefore 1964
CHUCK'S SANDWICH SHOP73Parsons AveColumbusBefore 1964
CHUCK'S SANDWICH SHOP472E Main StColumbusBefore 1964
Church's Fried Chicken1100Cleveland aveColumbusBefore 1976After 1976
Church's Fried Chicken2007Cleveland aveColumbusBefore 1976After 1976
Church's Fried Chicken2051W Henderson RdColumbusBefore 1976After 1976
Chutney's, Great Southern Hotel310S High StDowntown1989
Ciao, pizzaBefore 1983
CIBO PIZZA245E 12th AveColumbusBefore 1964
CICERO'SLOUNGE1916E Main StColumbusBefore 1964
Cieve Grill1744Cleveland AveBefore 1964After 1951
Cinamon House, The6072Busch BlvdColumbusThe French Market at the Continent 1987
CIRCLE DRIVE IN RESTAURANT1483Olentangy River RdColumbusBefore 1944After 1976
Circones Pizza Villa4615N High StColumbus1994
Circus Chef3260High StColumbus1958After 1976Founded by a retired circus clowN
City BarbequeColumbus1999In a former Duncan Doghnuts
City House170S High StDowntown
Civic Center Post Club 237S Front StColumbusBefore 1951
Clairmont677S High StGerman Village19381948
Clark Martin604St Clair aveBefore 1937
CLARKE'S Restaurant234E Gay StDowntownBefore 1964After 1969
Clarmont Restaurant684S High StGerman Village19482012
Classic 555855Frantz RdDublin2000
CLAUDIA'S Bar5995Main StColumbusBefore 1964After 1973
Clem’s Grill51S Washington avBefore 1951After 1969
Cliff House 4114N High StColumbusBefore 19441951
Climax Lounge The 2894E Main StBexleyAfter 1973
Clinton House3363N High StColumbusBefore 19441951
Clock (The)161N High StDowntown18974/4/1979
Clock (The) (ReBorn)161N High StDowntown19811994
Clove Sandwich House 1364Cleveland aveColumbusBefore 1951
Club 185 185E Livingson AveGerman VillageAfter 1983
Club 696696N High StColumbusBefore 1964
Club Brazil 1176N High StColumbusBefore 1951
CLUB CADILLAC542N 20th StColumbusBefore 1964
Club Cafe 778Sulivant AveColumbusBefore 1951After 1973
CLUB CHERRY765Taylor AveColumbusBefore 1964
Club Chesterfield 795St Clair aveBefore 1951
Club Manhattan 1096Mount Vernon AveColumbusBefore 1951
Club One 1882E Livingson AveColumbusAfter 1983
CLUB ONE EIGHTY FIVE185E Livingson AveGerman VillageBefore 1964Afte 1973
Club Ponderosa2461Cleveland AveAfter 1973
Club Rally, The1521W 5th AveGrandview HeightsAfter 1983
CLUB REBU974W Broad StColumbusBefore 1964
CLUB REGALS INC772E Long StColumbusBefore 1964
Club Restaurant 77E State StDowntownBefore 1951After 1973
CLUB SEVEN ELEVEN711N High StColumbusBefore 1964
CLUB TROCAVERIA892Mount Vernon AveColumbusBefore 1964
Club Tropicana 1314E Livingson AveColumbusAfter 1983
Club Twenty-One 21W Spring StColumbusBefore 1951
Clurkies Restaurant234E Gay StDowntownAfter 1973
Clyde’s Diner 32W LynnBefore 1951
CoCo East 1115-21Fountain LaneWhitehallAfter 1983
CoCo West 1248W 5th AveGrandview HeightsAfter 1983
Coconut Lounge1612Leonard AveAfter 1973
CODY'S Grill1521Parsons AveColumbusBefore 1964Afte 1973
Coffee Bar72N 3rd StDowntownBefore 1951
COFFEE Bar109N 3rd StDowntownBefore 1964
Coffee Bar 72N 3rdDowntown1951
COFFEE CUP CAFE1357N High StColumbus1960s?
Coffee Kitchen155N High StDowntownBefore 1896
COFFEEHOUSE9N High StDowntownBefore 1964
College Canteen 1566HighlandWorthingtonBefore 1951
College Canteen 1566HighlandWorthington
College Dairy Bar 2086N High StColumbus (OSU)Before 1951
College Inn Grill 1539N High StColumbus (OSU)Before 1951
COLLETTE'S TAVERNELLE1209Cleveland AveColumbusBefore 1964
Collins Dozier 3379Sulivant AveColumbusBefore 1951
Colonial17W Long St Before 1937
Colonial Drive In 559E Broad StColumbusBefore 1951
Colonial Inn 1739Northwest blvd1951
Colonial Lunch 209E Main StDowntownBefore 19441951
Colonial Room, TheLazarusColumbus18951995
Colonial Tavern1739Northwest BlvdColumbus1946?
Colonial, The1215th AveBefore 1944
Colony Diner900E Long StColumbusAfter 1973
Colorado Cattle Co2816Fishinger & RiversideColumbus1983
Colorado Rose6835Sawmill RdColumbus19841994now: Flannagan's Dublin
COLUMBUS BUS STATION Restaurant220E Town StDowntownBefore 1964
Columbus Fish Market1245Olentangy River RdColumbusJul-98openCameron Mitchell Former Bank One building
Columbus Fish Market40Hutchinson AveWorthington2016?
Columbus Inn171S High StDowntown1815
Columbus Mine Shaft2399W 5th AveColumbus1990Summer 1992co-owned by area restaurateur Carlos Garcia
Columbus Square Banquet CenterColumbus SquareColumbus
Columbus Steak HouseBefore 1983
Columbus Taverns 281.5S High StDowntownBefore 1951
Columbus Westgate Lounge 575Wedgewood Dr After 1973
Compas pointsColumbus Place -21st FlooColumbus1964
Coney Island Lunch1911Parsons AveColumbusBefore 1958
Coney Island Restaurant 13E Rich StDowntownBefore 1958
Coney Island Restaurant 1229N High StColumbusBefore 1944After 1973
Coney Island Restaurant Co 397S High StColumbuslost lease
Coney Island Restaurant Co 43S High StDowntown
Coney Island Restaurant Co 243S High StDowntownBefore 1944After 1951
Coney King 3777E Livingson AveColumbusAfter 1983replaced Burger Chef
Confluence679W Long St Columbus1987
CONGRESS Cafe80S 4th StColumbusbefore 1944After 19731951
Connie’s Grill1034Perry St After 1973
Connie’s Hide-A-Way934S High StGerman VillageBefore 1951After 1973
Connie’s Pizza1944N 4th StAfter 1973
Connie’s Restaurant 934S High St1951
CONNIE'S PLACE1034PERRY StColumbusBefore 1964
Continental Restaurant 40E Long StDowntownBefore 1944After 1964
Cook’s Lounge2142Sulivant AveBefore 1964After 1973
Cooke’s Grill 1159Oak StColumbusBefore 19441951
Cooker1540Bethel RoadColumbus19852002Columbus Cooker Corp's first location
Cooker8360N High StWorthington12/24/19922003Fourth to open
Cooker6193Cleveland AveColumbus1987Second Cooker
Cooker5225E Main StWhitehall8/10/1990Third to open
Cooker300W Lane AveUpper Arlington19965/5/2004
Cooker2690S Hamilton RdColumbus
Cooker3884Morse RdColumbus
Cooker5000Upper Meto Place?Dublin1995
Cookie’s Grill 984Lockbourne RdColumbusBefore 1951
Cookie’s Grill 1159Oak St1951
COOKIE'S Grill752Forest St ColumbusBefore 1964
COOK'SLOUNGE2142Sulivant AveColumbusBefore 1964
COPPERSKILLET Restaurant36W State StColumbusBefore 1964
CORALREEF17W State StColumbusBefore 1964
Corbin House14N State StColumbus9/14/1879(exploded)
Cork `n Cleaver Restaurant 1615W Henderson Rd ColumbusBefore 1973After 1976
Cornell’s Restaurant1199Sulivant AveAfter 1973
Corner Cafe 2700Sulivant AveColumbusBefore 1944After 1973
CORNER CUPBOARD250N 3rd StDowntownBefore 1964After 1973
Corner Grill 2664N High StColumbusBefore 1951After 1973
Corral1662E Dublin Granville RdColumbus1998
Corrova’s Restaurant3777Sulivant AveAfter 1973
Costello's777Neil Ave ColumbusBefore 1976After 1976
Cottage Lunch 2717W Broad StColumbusBefore 1951
Cottage Restaurant The 371N SanduskyBefore 19441951
Country Jubilee 3497Cleveland AveColumbusAfter 1983
COUNTRY KITCHEN277N 4th StColumbusBefore 1964
Country Palace2170Withams Rd After 1973
COUNTRY ROOM, THE473N High StColumbusBefore 1964
Country Squire Restaurant 1250W Henderson Rd After 1973
Court House View Restaurant 411S High StColumbusBefore 1944After 19641951
Court of Small Clams350S High StColumbus19831985
Courtyard Restaurant214E State StDowntownBefore 1972After 1976
Covan's 924W BroadBefore 1944
Coventry Inn810E Dublin Granville RdColumbusAfter 1973
Cowtown Pizza1333Northwest BlvdColumbus2006
Cozymels Mexican Grill6100Park Center Circle- TuttleColumbus2007
Crazy Ed’s Bar 2928E 5th AveAfter 1973
Creekside Cafe53Granville StColumbus2007
Crescendo Pasteria6860Riverside DrDublin19972005Burned down
Crest Tavern 397Crestview rdColumbusBefore 1951
Crickett Snack Bar2020N High StColumbus (OSU)Before 1951
Crocker Betty Tree House Restaurant1321Morse Rd After 1973
Crosby’s Cafe 1176N High StColumbusBefore 1951
Crown Grill 1080Cleveland AveBefore 1964After 1973
Crown Grill 1105Cleveland aveColumbusBefore 1944After 1964
Crown Grill 1130Cleveland ave1951
Crystal Cafe 1904S High StColumbusBefore 1951
Crystal Fountain 1020W Broad StColumbusBefore 1951
Crystal Restaurant 958N High StColumbusBefore 1951
Crystal Room33W Spring StColumbus19241977In the Hotel Fort Hayes
Cuckler & Kinnamon1959W Broad StBefore 1937
Cummings Cafe 187N MainBefore 1938After 19511951
CURLEY Q Restaurant125E Lynn StDowntownBefore 1944Ager 1976
Curley’s Cupboard 1652N High StColumbus (OSU)Before 1951
Curry’s Ed Bar 1344W Broad StColumbusBefore 1964After 1973
Curty-Q Restaurant 125E Lynn StDowntownBefore 1951
CY'S Pizza PALACE1132Parsons AveColumbusBefore 1964
D & D Grill 2271Cleveland aveColumbusBefore 1951
D & D PizzaState StreetWesterville60s
D & F Snack Bar 1352Parsons AveColumbusBefore 1951
D & M Super Sub Shop2690Westerville RdAfter 1973
D’Ascanio’s Distinctive Foods 3569Cleveland aveColumbusBefore 1951
D0TTIE-RAV Bar2906E 5th AveColumbusBefore 1964
Da Vinci Ristorante5969Reed RdColumbus19692006Torn Down 2006 was to be rebuilt
Dad’s Grill 685N High StColumbusBefore 19441951
Daddy-Os Express Drive-Thru4488E Main StWhitehall
Dad's Diner73W Long St Before 1944
Daglers1890S HighBefore 1944
Dairy Queen6072Busch BlvdColumbusThe French Market at the Continent 1987
Dairy Queen / Tastee Freez1645S High StColumbus
DAIRY TWIST2822N High StColumbusBefore 1964
DAIRY TWIST2822N High StAfter 1964
Daisy-Dairy-Coneys280W 5th AveAfter 1973
Dalts140E Wilson Bridge RdWorthington19822004
Dalts2640Bethel RoadColumbus1996
Damon’s 3330E Broad StColumbusAfter 1983
Damon’s ContinentColumbus19811999
Damon’s Olentangy River RdColumbus2005
Dan’s Drive-In 1881S High StColumbus1964Open
Dan-King1252K Main St After 1973
Danny Deeds HideawayFishinger & RiversideUpper ArlingtonDanny Deeds (started Maramor)
Danny’s Man Hole 3408E Main StColumbusAfter 1973
Dans Diner1881S High StColumbus1952major remodel in 2004
Dante's Pizza3586Indianola AveColumbusBefore 1976After 1976
DAPPER DAN'S1634E Livingson AveColumbusBefore 1964
D'AScanios Rest & Crescendo Lounge1130Dublin RdGrandview HeightsMar-601964?Herman D'Ascanio was the owner
Dash Inn Restaurant 445E 17th AveAfter 1973
Dave’s Third Base Bar 2370Mc Guffey Rd After 1973
Davey’s Grill 876W Broad StColumbusBefore 1951After 1973
Davids Buffet137Graceland BlvdColumbus1967
Davids BuffetGreat EasternColumbus1967
Davids of San Francisco5411Bethel Sawmill CntrColumbusBefore 19861988
David's on Main122E Main StDowntown1993
David's San Francisco3939E 17th AveAirport1986
Davidson Roland C 346E Naghten St Columbus1951
Davidson Roland C 346E Naghten St ColumbusBefore 1951
DaVinci Ristorante 4770Reed RdColumbusAfter 1983
DcPalma’s Cafe 696N High StColumbusBefore 1951
De Arinis Villa 1942W Henderson Rd After 1973
Dead Eye Dick's 1579N High StColumbusBefore 1976After 1976
Deahi’s Restaurant 1386Sulivant AveColumbusBefore 1951618 StClair Av?
DeArini's Taven & Grill1942W Henderson Rd ColumbusBefore 1976After 1976
Debbie’s Lunch1151W Broad StBefore 1964After 1973
Debbies and Nebbies9215Dublin RdPowellmid 90s
DeepWood511N High StCoumbus20082015
Deibel’s263E Whittier StGerman Village19121996
Deibel’s Bier Stube and Restaurant 444E Whittier StGerman VillageAfter 1983 (Esther Craw on accordion, Cap City Jazz Band, Gene D’Angelo)
Deja Vu Cafe 2800Festival LaneColumbus1967open1991
Del Mar Restaurant1359Parsons AveColumbusBefore 1958After 1973
Del Mattos4882E Main StWhitehall19612005since 1931
Del monte Cafe2514Sullivant AveBefore 1944
Del Rio1276W 5th AveGrandview Heights1948last reference in 19551958
Del’s Bar527N High StAfter 1973
Delikatesa1615W Lane AveColumbusBefore 1976After 1976
Dell, The115Parsons AveColumbus192419981951
Del-Mar’s Lounge919Sulivant AveAfter 1973
Delmars2702Brice RdReynoldsburg
Delphine's2700Corporate Exchange DrColumbus1989Embassy Suites
Dema Saloon31W Rich StColumbus1885
Dennys23Huber Village Blvd Columbus1987
Dennys2550S Hamilton Rd Columbus1987
Dennys5979E Main StReynoldsburg1987
DennysColumbus20023 location
Dennys2454E Dublin Granville RdColumbus
Denver BurgerState StreetColumbus70sChipotle site? very short run
Depot The5199Trsbue Rd After 1973
Der Dutchman445S Jefferson AvePlain City1997
Derby house 179E Town StDowntownBefore 1951
DeRossi’s Restaurant 595W Broad StColumbusBefore 1951
Desert Inn3550E Broad StColumbus1954April 30 1982Became Playboy Club Dec 82
DESERT INN3540E Broad StColumbusAfter 1964
Deveny Sandwich Shop717N High StBefore 1944
Devictor’s Del Monte Cafe 2514Sulivant AveColumbusBefore 1951
Devon Lounge6223Sunderland Dr After 1973
Dexter’s Sub Station6072Busch BlvdColumbusThe French Market at the Continent 1987
Dexter’s Sub Station1496Morse RdColumbus1987
Dexter’s Sub Station7597New Market Center Way Columbus1987
Dexter’s Sub Station1666N High StColumbus (OSU)1983-7
Dexter’s Sub Station3475E Broad StColumbus19821983-7
Dexter’s Sub Station3870Main StHilliard1983-7
Dexter’s Sub Station26N High StDowntownAfter 1983
Dexter’s Sub Station400N High StDowntown1981After 1983
Di Cesare’s Pizza 2758Cleveland AveAfter 1973
Diamond Grill 873Miami AveBefore 1944
Dick Clarks American Bandstand100Hutchinson AveWorthington2003
Dick’s Bar & Grill 335W 3rd AveAfter 1973
Dick’s Den 2417N High StColumbus (OSU)Before 1983open
Dickinson Restaurant54N High StDowntown
Diebels Bier Stube & Restaurant263E Whittier StGerman VillageAfter 1973
Digger & Fitch Fine Scottish Grille and Pub6720Riverside DrDublin20052011Next to Bash Driving Range
Dildine Clark 11 207N Central AveColumbusBefore 1951
Dinette1462Grandview Ave Grandview HeightsBefore 1951After 1973
Ding Ho120Phillipi RdColumbus2008Moved around the corner
Ding Ho3741W Broad StColumbus19572008
Dinner Bell The 1612Leonard AveColumbusBefore 1951
DINO’S FOODS INC 1121E Livingson AveColumbusAfter 1964
Dino’s Pizza5413Sinclair Rd After 1973
Dino’s Pizza Inc No 63216Alllegheny AveAfter 1973
Dino's Hayden Rd at Sawmill (889-9600)1987
Dino's Pizza1127E Livingson AveColumbusBefore 19641987
Dino's Pizza1816N 4th StColumbusAfter 19641987
Dino's Pizza4297E Main StWhitehall1987
Dino's Pizza5594N High StColumbus1987
Dino's PizzaHayden Rd at SawmillColumbus1987
DINO'SFOODSINC1384Sulivant AveColumbusBefore 1964
Dirty Franks HotDog Palace248S 4th StColumbuslate 2000sreplaced Queen Bee
Distillery in Bernie’s Bagels 1896N High StColumbus (OSU)After 1983
Dixie Restaurant 621E Livingson AveGerman VillageBefore 1951
DLites833S State StWestervilleBank
DLites2340E Dublin Granville RdColumbusFirstStar
D'LitesKarl RdColumbus1980s1980s
DOBB SHOUSE460017TH AveColumbusBefore 1964After 1973
Dock Street3939International GatewayColumbus1991
Doersams13W Broad StColumbusbefore 19441963
Doersams279S High StDowntownbefore 1944
Doersams (Clock)161N High StDowntownbefore 1944
Dogs n Suds Drive In1150Harrison Pike ColumbusBefore 1975
Dogs n Suds Drive In3088Westerville RdColumbusbefore 1970after 1970
DOLLY’S COFFEE SHOP 487S HIGH ST German VillageBefore 1964
Dolly’s Restaurant 635W Mound StColumbusBefore 1951
Dolphin Lounge 345Agler RdColumbusAfter 1983
Domino's Pizza8E Bridge St ColumbusAfter 19761987
Domino's Pizza383W Main StColumbusAfter 19761987
Domino's Pizza411Agler Rd ColumbusAfter 19761987
Domino's Pizza808E Dublin Granville RdColumbusAfter 19761987
Domino's Pizza1261N High StColumbusAfter 19761987
Domino's Pizza1425Schrock Rd ColumbusAfter 19761987
Domino's Pizza1501S High StColumbusBefore 1976?1987
Domino's Pizza1660Neil Ave ColumbusAfter 19761987
Domino's Pizza1898Hard Rd ColumbusAfter 19761987
Domino's Pizza2138W Henderson Rd ColumbusBefore 19761987
Domino's Pizza2183N High StColumbusBefore 19761987
Domino's Pizza2210E Livingson AveColumbusBefore 19761987
Domino's Pizza2807W Broad StColumbusAfter 19761987
Domino's Pizza2943Olentangy River RdColumbusAfter 19761987
Domino's Pizza3350Lockbourne Rd ColumbusAfter 19761987
Domino's Pizza3473Cleveland AveColumbusBefore 19761987
Domino's Pizza3495E Broad StColumbusAfter 19761987
Domino's Pizza3560BroadwayGrove CityAfter 19761987
Domino's Pizza4005E Livingson AveColumbusBefore 19761987
Domino's Pizza4330N High StColumbusBefore 19761987
Domino's Pizza4372Karl RdColumbusBefore 19761987
Domino's Pizza4636Cemetery Rd HilliardAfter 19761987
Domino's Pizza5090Sedalia ColumbusAfter 19761987
Domino's Pizza5159W Broad StColumbusAfter 19761987
Domino's Pizza5864Westerville RdColumbusAfter 19761987
Domino's Pizza6008E Livingson AveColumbusBefore 19761987
Domino's Pizza7619E Main StReynoldsburgAfter 19761987
Domino's Pizza8537Refugee Rd ColumbusAfter 19761987
Domino's Pizza21Smith PlaceColumbusBefore 1976
Domino's Pizza445E 17th AveColumbusBefore 1976
Domino's Pizza1359Grandview Ave ColumbusBefore 1976
Domino's Pizza5864Westerville Rd1987
Don Nita’s 1327E Livingson AveColumbusAfter 1983
Don Pablos Mexican Kitchen1803Olentangy River RdColumbus2007Now Bravo! Italian Kitchen
Don Pablos Mexican Kitchen1200Noe-Bixby Rd Columbus2007
Don Pablos Mexican Kitchen1777E Dublin Granville RdColumbus2007
Don’s Grill 2214Summit StColumbusBefore 1951After 1973
Don’s Hamburger’s2256Sulivant AveAfter 1973
Don’s Inn Restaurant & Bar1046E Whittier StGerman VillageBefore 1964After 1973
Donatos Pizza1095S Hamilton Rd ColumbusAfter 19761987
Donatos Pizza1366Oakland Park AveColumbusAfter 19761987
Donatos Pizza1612Northwest BlvdColumbusAfter 19761987
Donatos Pizza1815Brice RdReynoldsburgAfter 19761987
Donatos Pizza1891Tamarack CircleColumbusbefore 19761987
Donatos Pizza2084N High StColumbusAfter 19761987
Donatos Pizza2216W Henderson Rd ColumbusAfter 19761987
Donatos Pizza3180E Main StColumbusAfter 19761987
Donatos Pizza3389Sulivant AveColumbusAfter 19761987
Donatos Pizza5388N High StColumbusAfter 19761987
Donatos Pizza1000Thurman AveColumbusBefore 1964open
Doneddie’s Pizza2579Indianola AveAfter 1973
DONNA MARIA Pizza1569Lockbourne AveColumbusBefore 1964After 1976
Dons3353S BlvdColumbusBefore 1964
Dons Drive In5500N High StColumbusBefore 1958
Dons Grill795St Clair aveColumbusBefore 1958After 1964
Dons Grill2214Summit StColumbusBefore 1958After 1976
Dons Inn1046E Whittier StGerman VillageBefore 1958After 1964
DONUT HOLE CF COLUMBUS1808E Livingson AveColumbusBefore 1964After 1983
Dooley’s Cafe1188N High StAfter 1973
Dora’s Inn3613Trabue Rd After 1973
Dora's Restaurant4408Indianola AveColumbusBefore 1976
Dottie’, Hi-Note2997E 5th AveAfter 1973
Dottie-Ray Bar2906E 5th AveAfter 1973
Doug’s New Grass Tavern 1832Parsons AveColumbusAfter 1983
Drake’s Salad Bar Restaurant 95N High StDowntownAfter 1983
DRIFTWOOD Restaurant67E State StDowntownBefore 1958
DRIFTWOOD STEAK HOUSE3369E Main StColumbusBefore 1958After 1976
Drive-ln Dairy Bar 3149Cleveland aveColumbusBefore 1951
Dublin Village Tavern 27S High StDublinAfter 1983
Duck Inn382E 5th AveColumbusBefore 1944After 1951
Dude Ranch3552E 5th AveColumbus19411944
Duff’s Smorgasbord 840S Hamilton RdWhitehallafter 1976After 1983Great Eastern
Duffs SmorgasbordN Murray Hill RoadLincoln Villageafter 1976now Westside Family Practice
Duffs Smorgasbord137Graceland BlvdColumbusbefore 1973After 1976
Duffy’s Tavern 2674N High StColumbusBefore 1951
Dug Out Nite Club bsint 36W Gay StColumbusBefore 1951
Dukes Restaurant1188N High StColumbusBefore 1976
Dumplings Buffet3700Refugee RdColumbus1998
DUNCAN-HI Restaurant2610N High StColumbusBefore 1964
Duncan-Mills Restaurant 316N High StDowntownBefore 1951
Dunkin Donuts2111W Henderson RdColumbus
Dunkin Donuts2255E Dublin Granville RdColumbus
Dunkin Donuts2900S Hamilton RdColumbus
Dunkin Donuts4200E Broad StColumbus
Dutch Cafe980N High StColumbusBefore 1951After 1976
Dutch Kitchen8690Rt 42Plain City1997
Dutch Tavern Inc 1924N High StColumbus (OSU)Before 1944After 1951
Dutch Tavern Inc 1924N High St1951
Dworkins Tip Top Delicatessen 2677E MainBefore 1951
Eagle Grill271S High StDowntown19401944
Earl Bradley’s The Place in the Center – Ohio Center Mall 400N High StDowntownAfter 1983
Earl Bradleys The Place Upstairs595.5S 3rd StColumbus1970s1985
Earl JOHNSON'S Restaurant2551Parsons AveColumbusBefore 1964
Earl’s Bar187E Main StDowntownAfter 1973
EAST MARKET Restaurant1039Mount Vernon AveColumbusBefore 1964
East Side Mario's3615W Dublin Granville RdColumbus1999
East Side Sea Food Bey1339E Livingson AveColumbusAfter 1973
Easter’s Grill3028N High StColumbusBefore 1951
Eastern Grill 1572E Main StColumbusBefore 1951After 1964
EASTERN LIGHT Grill1153E Main StColumbusBefore 1964
Eastern Light Grill 1153K Main St After 1973
Easter's Wheel Cafe2228Summit StColumbusBefore 1976
Eastmoor Drive Inn2968E Main StBexleyBefore 1951After 1976
Eat & Run Restaurant 1700Morse Rd After 1973
Eatwell Restaurant 24E Rich StDowntownBefore 1944After 1951
EBERTS CLD TAVERN2239S High StColumbusBefore 1944After 1964
Eddie’s Grill 2329W Broad StColumbusBefore 1951After 1976
Eddie’s Hide-A-Way2262Cleveland AveAfter 1973
Edgehlll Restaurant 1300Edgehlll rdColumbusBefore 1951
EDISON Restaurant183S High StDowntownBefore 1964
ED'S Bar351W State StColumbusBefore 1964
ED'S TAVERN1081E Livingson AveColumbusBefore 1964
Egg Roll King1600N High StColumbusBefore 1976After 1976
Eileen’s Pizza & Carryout 831Parsons AveAfter 1973
El Adobe1600Northwest blvdColumbusBefore 1976After 1976
El Diavolo Lounge 1605W 5th AveAfter 1973
El Hacienda Restaurant 3919E Main StColumbusBefore 1951
El MatadorColumbus
El Mercado Coffee House 50N 3d St DowntownAfter 1973
EL TEMPO LOUNGE192Marion RdColumbusBefore 1964
El Toco 53Country rd (W)ColumbusBefore 1951
El Toco Restaurant191S High StDowntownBefore 1973After 1976
El Torito2365E Dublin Granville RdColumbusJan-87
Eladobe Mexican 1600Northwest BlvdColumbusBefore 1976
Elbow Inn The 2653Parsons AveAfter 1973
Elbow Room The 41E State StDowntownBefore 1951
Elby’s1998Stringtown RdGrove City1989Elbys --> Shoney's1983
Elby’s2045Brice RdReynoldsburg19711989Elbys --> Shoney's1983
Elby’s1030Alum Creek Dr ColumbusBefore 19831989Elby's --> Shoney's1983
Elby’s4865Sinclair Rd Columbus1989Elbys --> Shoneys1987
Elby’s2180W Henderson RdColumbusBefore 19761987
Elby’s6360Frantz Rd Dublin1989Elby's --> Shoneys
Elby’s2150E Dublin Granville RdColumbusbefore 1976After 1983
Elby’s4300Karl RdColumbusbefore 1976After 1983
Elby’s4500W Broad StColumbusbefore 1978After 1983
Elby’s5186E Main StWhitehallbefore 1978After 1983
Elby’s7475Hutchinson Ave1987
Elby’s7475Vantage DrWorthingtonAfter 1983
Elby’s Westerville Square Shopping Center (890-0800)1987
Elby’sWesterville Square at Schrock RoadColumbusbefore 1978After 1983
Elder & Epler Inc 1002W Mound StColumbusBefore 1951After 1964
Electric Playground168E Beck StColumbus
Elephant Bar999E Dublin Granville RdColumbus19872002
Elevator Brewery & Draught Haus161N High StDowntown2000openWas the Bott Brothers
ELEVENTH AVENUE BAR748E 11th AveColumbusBefore 1964
Elgin's Restaurant 85N 3rd StDowntown1922After 1951
ELIAS GRILL6W Gay StColumbusBefore 1964
Elks’ Tavern 819Mohawk StColumbusBefore 1951
ELLEN'S Bar187E Main StDowntownBefore 1964
El-Par Grill 705Parsons AveColumbusBefore 1951
Elsie’s Inn 3660Cleveland aveColumbusBefore 1951
EMBERS2996E Livingson AveColumbusBefore 1964After 1973
Emelio’a574Georgesville RdColumbusBefore 1964
Emersons ltd2855E Main StColumbus19731975
Emils Coffee House64Parsons AveColumbusbefore 1951after 1969
Emils Steer Inn4484E Main StWhitehallbefore 1969after 1969
Engine House No. 5121Thurman AveColumbus19682002Formerly Fire Department Engine House built
Enrico's Pizza Restaurant5788Frantz RdDublin1989
Enterprise Restaurant213S High StDowntown1900
Erisep Inc517Harmon AveAfter 1973
ERMANDO'S Pizza1324E Main StColumbusBefore 1964After 1976
Esquire Grill14W Main StBefore 1964After 1973
Esquire Grill 305 305S High StDowntownBefore 1951
Estrada II240King Ave Columbus1994
European Deli6072Busch BlvdColumbusThe French Market at the Continent 1987
Evelyn Lounge901Oak StAfter 1973
Everglades Italian American4250W Broad StColumbusBefore 1962After 1962HH Gregg in that location noW
Ewing Restaurant 827Cleveland aveColumbusBefore 1938After 1951
Ewing’s Restaurant 109N 3rd StDowntownBefore 1951
ExplorersTri Village Area ?
Explorers club Columbus
Explorers Restaurant1808Dublin RdGrandview Heights19551973?Town down 2010
Exposition Buffet531N High StColumbus1939
F & H GRILL926Cleveland AveColumbusBefore 1964After 1976
F & T Bar 664N High StAfter 1973
Fa-Bil547N High StAfter 1973
Faces nightclubContinentColumbus
Factory Lounge The 3480E Fulton St ColumbusAfter 1973
Fairgate Lounge1885Frebis AveAfter 1973
Fairport Tavern 4601E Broad StColumbusBefore 1951
Fairview Inn 547E 11th AveColumbus (OSU)Before 1951
Family Cafe585E Main StColumbusBefore 1944After 1951
Famous Coney Island15E Frambes AveColumbusBefore 1976
Famous Coney Island1586N High StColumbusBefore 1976
Famous Coney Island1586N High StColumbusBefore 1976
FAMOUS Restaurant455Thurman AveColumbusBefore 1964After 1973
FAR EAST Restaurant2801E Main StBexleyBefore 1944After 1964
Farmer Restaurnat273W Broad StBefore 1937
Farrells Ice Cream Parlor30Graceland BlvdColumbusBefore 1976
Fat Jimmy’s 11th & HighColumbusAfter 1983
Faye’s Snack Bar 913Leonard AveColumbusBefore 1951
Feed Bag 2248E Main StDowntownBefore 1951
Feed Box Sandwich Shop 219W 11th AveColumbusBefore 1951
Fendrkk Restaurant 876St Clair aveBefore 1951After 1964
Festivio Joe’s921E Dublin Granville RdColumbusAfter 1973
Fiantaco Sam 14W Goodale AvenueColumbusBefore 1951
Fiantaco Sam 547N High StColumbusBefore 1951
FIELDS Restaurant3133N High StColumbusBefore 1964
Fiesta Restaurant1806W 5th AveGrandview Heights1941
Fifth & High Sandwich Bar1202N High StBefore 1964After 1973
Fifth & Main Tavern 235E Main StDowntownBefore 1951
Fifth Amendment, The1991W Henderson RdColumbusAfter 1983
Fifth Avenue Coffee Shop 1251N High StColumbusBefore 1951After 1964
Fifth-High Sandwich Bar 1202N High StColumbusBefore 1944After 1976
FIFTY FIVE AT CROSSWOODS55Hutchinson AveWorthington1984199955 Restaurant Group (1st)
Fifty Five Grille1380Bethel RoadColumbus55 Restaurant Group
Fifty Five on the Boulevard55Nationwide BlvdDowntown1984200155 Restaurant Group final closing april 14 2001
FIGLIO GRANDVIEW1369Grandview Ave Grandview Heightsopen1997 top
Finer Diner4989Cleveland AveColumbus2004?2007
Finnegan’s Grill 846N 4th StColumbusBefore 1951After 1964
Firdous Deli3145Kingsdale CenterUpper Arlington
Fire Bird Club 844E 5th AveAfter 1973
Fire Mark Inn (The)460Oak StDowntownBefore 1976After 1976In the Motorists Building
Fireside Inn1802W Henderson Rd After 1973
First AmendmentClosed
Fish Bowl Bar 313S 5th StColumbusBefore 1964After 1973
Fishermans Wharf2143E Main StBexley20052000
Fishermans Wharf1048Morse RdColumbus19762013?“Captain Nikky”
Fishermans Wharf II2816Fishinger & RiversideUpper Arlington2005
Fishers Cafe155N High StDowntown1902
Fitzgeralds Sports Tavern2640Bethel RoadColumbus2009
FIVESTAR Grill1848Parsons AveColumbusBefore 1964
Flakey Jake's1748E Dublin Granville RdColumbus
FLAME Restaurant435Grandview Ave Grandview HeightsBefore 1964
Flamingo Club 792E Long StColumbusBefore 1951After 1964
FLAMINGO Inn1702Parsons AveColumbusBefore 1964
Flannagan's6835Sawmill RdColumbus1996open
FLATIRON BAR & DINER129E Nationwide BlvdDowntownBefore 1944open1997 top
FLEMING'S FRIENDLY TAVERN1766Parsons AveColumbusBefore 1964After 1973
Fletchers Sports Cafe650High StWorthington2007
Flippos Ice Cream Factory2937Olentangy River RdColumbus
Flora Inn395W Dodgeridge StColumbusBefore 1964After 1973
Florentine, The907W Broad StColumbus19452016
Flowers & Sandusky42W SpruceBefore 1937
Flying Carpet Lounge The 1587N High StAfter 1973
Foersters Ice Cream and Cake337S High StDowntown18751951
FONNY'S Grill1113Mount Vernon AveColumbusBefore 1964
Fontanelle166Graceland BlvdColumbus19632001Fontanelle founder Bob Susi
FOOD Bar151Wilson aveColumbusBefore 1964
Foresters Restaurant253S High StDowntown18871947Moved to 201 S High in 1947
Foresters Restaurant201S High StDowntownBefore 1944After 1976Recenly De Novo
Forext Park Inn1644Dublin-Granville rdColumbusBefore 1976
Four BakersBexley
Four Mile house2904W roadColumbus18861913
Four Seasons5252NorwichHilliard
Four Seasons, The at former Sheraton downtownDowntown?at former Sheraton downtown
Fourbakers Bakery and CafeBexley19982003open 15 years
Fourth & Poplar Restaurant 607N 4th StColumbusBefore 1951
FOX'S CAFE2758Sulivant AveColumbusBefore 1964After 1976
Francos Pizza220Worthington MallColumbus2002
Francos Pizza5041Chatterton Rd Reynoldsburg
Francos Pizza5225N High StColumbusBefore 19712003
Francos PizzaFrench MarketColumbus
FRANK & TINY'S Bar910S High StColumbusBefore 1964After 1973
Frank and Paulys60E Wilson Bridge RdWorthington1997Feb 14 19
Frank’s Place 795E Hudson StColumbusBefore 1951After 1964
Frankie’s Pizza1113Michigan AveColumbusBefore 1964After 1973
Franklin Cafe 103E Town StDowntownBefore 1951
Franklin House172S High StDowntown
FRANKLIN Restaurant2607E Broad StColumbusBefore 1964
FRANK'S Bar1464E Main StColumbusBefore 1964After 1973
FRANK'S FINE FOOD74E Gay StDowntownBefore 1964
Fratellos La Cucina Italiana5617N High StWorthington
Frater’s Grill 310E Broad StColumbusBefore 1944After 1951
Frebis Restaurant 740E Frebis avColumbusBefore 1944After 1951
Frech Saloon350S High StColumbus18781930Frech BroS Restaurant Saloon &Billiard Parl
Frecker’s Lookout House 1084Dublin rdGrandview HeightsBefore 1951
Frecker’s Restaurants 9E State StDowntownBefore 1944
Frecker’s Restaurants 67E State StDowntownBefore 1944After 1951
Frecker’s Restaurants 89N High StDowntownBefore 1951
Frecker’s Restaurants 195N High StDowntownBefore 1944
Frecker’s Restaurants 1652N High StColumbusBefore 1944
Frecker’s Restaurants 2815N High StColumbusBefore 1944
Frecker’s Restaurants Poth RdColumbusBefore 1944
Fred’s Lounge3028N High StAfter 1973
FREDDIE'S Bar& Grill1794W Mound StColumbusBefore 1964
Frenchy's RestaurantEastland MallColumbusBefore 1970After 1976
Frenchy's RestaurantNorthland MallColumbusBefore 1969After 1976
Fresco Italian Cucina377W Main StColumbus2007
Frezno Eclectic Kitchen782N High StColumbus19942004
Friar Tuck’s876Oakland Park AveAfter 1973
Friendly Grill 865N 20th StColumbusBefore 1944After 1976
Friendlys Ice Cream240S Hamilton RdWhitehallNow Budget Rent a Car1987
Friendlys Ice Cream44S State StColumbusBefore 19761987
Friendlys Ice Cream530High StWorthington197220011987
Friendlys Ice Cream711Bethel Road1987
Friendlys Ice Cream1505W 5th AveColumbusBefore 19761987
Friendlys Ice Cream2011W Henderson Rd ColumbusBefore 19761987
Friendlys Ice Cream2345E Dublin Granville RdColumbusBefore 19761987
Friendlys Ice Cream2790E Main StBexley1987
Friendlys Ice Cream4975W Broad StColumbus20001987
Friendlys Ice Cream501Mount Vernon AveColumbusBefore 1944After 1951
Friendlys Ice Cream1766Parsons AveColumbusBefore 1944After 1976
Friendlys Ice Cream4490Indianola AveColumbusBefore 19762000?
Friendlys Tavern711Bethel RoadColumbus1987
Frischs Big Boy2171E Dublin Granville RdColumbusbefore 19761987
Frischs Big Boy2260W Henderson RdColumbusbefore 19731987
Frischs Big Boy4279Cemetery Rd HilliardAfter 19761987
Frischs Big Boy4775E Main StWhitehallAfter 19761987
Frischs Big Boy4775W Broad StColumbusAfter 1976After 20041987
Frischs Big Boy455455 Morrison Rd.GahannaAfter 2004
Frischs Big Boy1775Hilliard-Rome RdHilliardAfter 2004
Frischs Big Boy1850Northwest BlvdColumbusAfter 1976
Frischs Big Boy23752375 Silver Dr.ColumbusAfter 2004
Frischs Big Boy2700Brice RdReynoldsburg19892011
Frischs Big Boy2878Home RoadGrove CityAfter 2004
Frischs Big Boy3400Olentangy River RdColumbusBefore 1964After 1980
Frischs Big Boy3785Indianola AveColumbusBefore 1964After 1987
Frischs Big Boy39203920 S. Hamilton Rd.GroveportAfter 2004
Frischs Big Boy8121N High StColumbusAfter 2004
Frisco Cafe266E Main StDowntown1937
Froggy's23Campus PlaceColumbus (OSU)19751977
Frolics 171N High StDowntownBefore 1951
Frosty’s Tavern1351Lockbourne AveAfter 1973
Fuddruckers3650Fishinger RdHilliard1/22/1996second to open
Fuddruckers5271E Main StWhitehall4/1/1996Third to open
Fuddruckers121E Campus View Blvd
Fuddruckers3586W Dublin Granville RdColumbusbefore 19962007
G & M GRILL373Dublin AveColumbusBefore 1964After 1973
G M Grill 209E 5th AveColumbusBefore 1951
G. Michaels Bistro & Bar595S 3rd StColumbus19982021Lease problems
G.D. Ritzy's Luxury Grill and Ice Creams 2804S Hamilton RdColumbusBecame Papa Johns, now empty1987
G.D. Ritzy's Luxury Grill and Ice Creams 4697Reed RdColumbus1980Graydon Webbs first Location1987
G.D. Ritzy's Luxury Grill and Ice Creams 4285N High StColumbus1981Now House of India1987
G.D. Ritzy's Luxury Grill and Ice Creams 7332E Main StReynoldsburgOriginal Buiilding now "Happy Dragon"1987
G.D. Ritzy's Luxury Grill and Ice Creams 1111Fountain Lane Columbus1981Second Location1987
G.D. Ritzy's Luxury Grill and Ice Creams 277E Livingson AveGerman Village1981Third Location1987
G.D. Ritzy's Luxury Grill and Ice Creams 19E Gay StDowntown1987
G.D. Ritzy's Luxury Grill and Ice Creams 155Georgesville RdColumbus1987
G.D. Ritzy's Luxury Grill and Ice Creams 641S State StWesterville198219911987
G.D. Ritzy's Luxury Grill and Ice Creams 1298W 5th AveGrandview Heights19821987
G.D. Ritzy's Luxury Grill and Ice Creams 1816N High StColumbus1987
G.D. Ritzy's Luxury Grill and Ice Creams 2070Morse RdColumbus1987
G.D. Ritzy's Luxury Grill and Ice Creams 2087E Livingson AveColumbus1987
G.D. Ritzy's Luxury Grill and Ice Creams 2880W Broad StColumbus1987
G.D. Ritzy's Luxury Grill and Ice Creams 3797S High StColumbus19861987
G.D. Ritzy's Luxury Grill and Ice Creams 3849E Broad StColumbus1987
G.D. Ritzy's Luxury Grill and Ice Creams 5710Cleveland AveColumbus19831987
G.D. Ritzy's Luxury Grill and Ice Creams 1939Stringtown RdGrove CityAfter 1983
G.D. Ritzy's Luxury Grill and Ice Creams 3298 ?South High StColumbus1982
G.D. Ritzy's Luxury Grill and Ice Creams 6111 ?McNaughten RdColumbus1981
G.D. Ritzy's Luxury Grill and Ice Creams Great SouthernColumbus
G’J Backside Lounge 14S Kellner Rd After 1973
GABLES STEAK HOUSE3015E Main StBexleyBefore 1964
Gables The1020Barnett Rd After 1973
Gahanna Grill82Granville StGahannaBefore 1944Early 1900s
Galantine’s Closed
Galaxy Grandview Heights1998
Galleria Lounge and the Hyatt Regency at Ohio Center 350N High StDowntownAfter 1983
Gallery Restaurant The 83S 4th St After 1973
Galley The 2080Neil Ave ColumbusBefore 1951
Gam Ling Rests 1079COLLEGE AveAfter 1973
Garcia's International2753N High StColumbus1978open
GARDEN CENTER Restaurant4408Indianola AveColumbusBefore 1964After 1973
Garden Center Restaurant 4408Indianola Ave
Garden Inn2446E Granville RdWestervilleBefore 1944
Garden Inn6079Cleveland AveAfter 1973
Garden Restaurant 341E State StDowntownBefore 1944After 1976
Garden Restaurant, The4600E 17th AveGahanna/Airport areaAfter 1983
GASLIGHT Inn2894E Main StBexleyBefore 1964
Gaslight The1573E Dublin Granville RdColumbusAfter 1973
Gasper’s Pizza5377N High StAfter 1973
Gathering Inn, The259S Sandusky StDelawareAfter 1983
Gatsby’s N Hamilton RdColumbusAfter 1983
Gatto’s Pizza 2928N High StColumbusBefore 1964After 1983
GAVIN'S Grill1699Parsons AveColumbusBefore 1964After 1976
Gay Bell’s Grill 1203Parsons AveColumbusBefore 1951
Gay Hour Restaurant 1350S High StColumbusBefore 1951
Gay-Main Bar 1177E Main StColumbusBefore 1951After 1964
Geem Loong Restaurant1773W 5th AveGrandview Heights1958closedNow Peking Dynasty1973
Gem’s Bar108S 18th StAfter 1973
Gene’s Food Shop 526Oak StColumbusBefore 1951
Gene’s Restaurants 1565W 5th AveGrandview HeightsBefore 1944After 1951Had Curb Service
Geno’s Pizzeria1808E Kenworth RdColumbusBefore 1964After 1976
George’s Coney Island 3479W Broad StBefore 1964After 1973
George’s Grill 447E Long StColumbusBefore 1944After 1973
George’s Grill 458S 4th StColumbusBefore 1951
GEORGEFF'S Grill1856E Main StColumbusBefore 1964After 1973
GEORGE'S CONEY ISLAND3479W Broad StColumbusBefore 1964After 1976
German Village Coffee Shop1981OPEN-29+AKA: Das Kaffe Haus
German Village Pizza195Thurman AveColumbusBefore 1973After 1976
Gertie's Kitchen1205E 5th AveColumbusBefore 1944
Gertnell Drive Inn 2025E Main StColumbusBefore 1951
Geyers Barbecue4504N High StColumbus1926
Giant Hamburger 237N High StDowntownBefore 1951
Gibbys482S Front St
Gibbys Riverview6125Riverside DrColumbus19972003
Gill’s Grill 926Cleveland aveColumbusBefore 1951
GILLYS DINER1172E 17th AveColumbusBefore 1951
Ginger Bay3370Olentangy River RdColumbus19981998
GInny's Restaurant1212W 3rd AveColumbusBefore 1964
GINTS Grill1288SIGSBEE AveColumbusBefore 1964
Giorgis Pizza4998Lindora Dr After 1973
Gladys’ Restaurant1171Mount Vernon AveAfter 1973
GLASS Bar3134Olentangy River RdColumbusBefore 1964After 1973
Glass Bowl2500E Main StBexleyBefore 1944?
Glass Cafe 1816Parsons AveColumbusBefore 1951
Glass GardenBefore 1983
Glassman Morris 309S 6th St Before 1951
Glen’s Castle 387E Barthman AveColumbusBefore 1951
GLENN AVENUE Grill1491GLENN AveColumbusBefore 1964After 1973
GLEN'S BEER SHACK1009W Broad StColumbusBefore 1964
Glenwood Grill328S GLENWOOD AV Before 1951After 1973
Globe, TheColumbus1817replaced the Globe
Gloria Cajun Kitchen2170W Henderson RdColumbusApril 9 1999
Gloria Restaurant2195Riverside DrColumbus19241993
Gold Medal Grill Inc 271S High StDowntownBefore 1951After 1964
Gold Star Chili1677W Lane Ave ColumbusThe Market at Lane Ave.1987
Golden Ben 1016Mount Vernon AveColumbusBefore 1951
Golden Bird Fried Chicken 1236E Hudson StColumbusAfter 1973
Golden City, TheColumbus19751995Esquire magazine once praised it as one of a
Golden City, TheBefore 1983
Golden LambColumbus1825early Tavern
Golden PointOakland Park AveColumbusnow Donatos
GOLDEN POINT DRIVE-IN1366Oakland Park AveColumbusBefore 1964After 1973
Golden Putter1600Northwest Blvd After 1973
Golden Rule Restaurant 701N High StColumbusBefore 1951
Golden Rule Restaurant 701N High St1951
Goody-Boy Drive In1144N High StColumbus
Gottliebs1027W 5th AveGrandview Heights200055 Restaurant Group
Gottlieb's East500550 Officenter PlaceGahanna200055 Restaurant Group1993
GOURMET COFFEESHOP1601W 5th AveColumbusBefore 1964
Gourmet Delicacies 1589W 5th AveGrandview HeightsBefore 1951
Gourmet Market1295Grandview Ave Grandview Heights1988
GRACELAND SNACK Bar200Graceland BlvdColumbusBefore 1964After 1973
Gracey's Cafe2836W Broad StBefore 1938
GRACIE'S Inn631E Broad StColumbusBefore 1964
Graeter's1North State StreetWesterville1996open
Graffiti Burger2700N High StColumbus2010former Kentucky Fried Chicken
Grand Chef Restaurant 2970Groveport Pike After 1973
Grandads Pizza1252W 3rd AveColumbus
Grandmas Fried Chicken3741Indianola AveColumbusBefore 1973After 1983now: Como Mower Service &Sales
Grandmas Fried Chicken1855Lockbourne RdColumbusBefore 1974After 1983Now: Subway
Grandmas Fried Chicken111S Hamilton RdWhitehallAfter 1983
Grandmas Fried Chicken1612Northwest BlvdColumbusAfter 1983
Grandview Cafe1455W 3rd AveGrandview Heights1925OPEN-29+Reopened
Grandview Inn1127Dublin RdGrandview HeightsBefore 1938After 1973
Grandview Restaurant (Palumbos)1307Grandview Ave Grandview Heights19311940s
Grandy’s Country Cookin’ 3015E Main StBexleyAfter 1983
Granville Inn (recently re-opened after major renovation)Granville?
GRAYS DUTCH OVEN Restaurant93Great Souther BlvdColumbusBefore 1964After 1973
Great China.3580W Dublin Granville RdColumbus2003
Great Potato1677W Lane Ave ColumbusThe Market at Lane Ave.1987
Great Steak and Fry1677W Lane Ave ColumbusThe Market at Lane Ave.1987
Greek Express1100W 5th AveGrandview Heights2014
Greek Super ClubGerman VillageColumbus
Green Derby392E Long StDowntown1940Afte 19641944
Green Gables Drive Inn619Harrisburg PikeColumbus19481979hamburgers and strawberry pie
Green Lantern2110Lockbourne RdColumbusBefore 1964After 1973
Green Tavern 1676Cleveland aveColumbusBefore 1944After 1964
Green Tavern Inc 2096Cleveland AveAfter 1973
Greene’s Twenty-One Restaurant Inc 21E Gay StDowntownBefore 1947Afte 1951
Greenfield-Mills Restaurant Co 77S High StDowntownBefore 1951After 1973
Greyhound Post House 111E Town StDowntownAfter 1973
Grill & SKILLET2924E Main StBexleyBefore 1964OPEN-29+
Grisantis4522Kenny RdColumbusMay-88Was Casa Lupita until owners move from Mexican to Italian
Griswold’s Tavern at Hilton Inn North 7007N High StWorthingtonAfter 1983
Grotto Grill 622S High StGerman VillageBefore 1944After 1973
Grotto Tap Room 2324W Broad StColumbusBefore 1944After 1973
Ground Round120Phillipi RdColumbus19692001Last one of chain in Columbus
Ground Round2690E Dublin Granville RdColumbus19691995
Ground Round4516Kenny RdUpper Arlington
Ground Round5090N High StColumbus19762001
Ground Round E Broad StColumbus19692001@ James1983
Ground Round Restaurant 4932E Main StWhitehall1987
Groveport Lounge 296Main StGroveportAfter 1983
Growlers Brew Pub1380Bethel RoadColumbus
GRUNDYS888S High StGerman VillageBefore 19441960s?
Grundy's888S High StGerman Village1960
Guadalajara1884W Henderson RdColumbus1997
Guido’s Speakeasy 439N High StDowntown19811987Owner was John Magnacca, it had a Roaring '20s theme. Now Char Bar1983
Guidos5617N High StWorthingtonbuilt in 1957
Gully’s Diner 117217 th avBefore 1964After 1951
Gus' Restaurant1480Dublin RdBefore 1969
Gus' Restaurant1652N High StBefore 1958
Guss’s Fine Foods 1496Oak StAfter 1973
Guys Hamburgers1466Morse RdColumbusAfter 1973
H & H CAFE453W 3rd AveColumbusBefore 1964
H & S Grill 457S 5th StBefore 1951
HaikuShort North Columbus1999
Hall’s Drive In 222E 5th AveColumbusBefore 1951
HALL’S HAVEN INC 4988 MAIN ST After 1964
Halley Restaurant 129E Naghten St ColumbusBefore 1951
HALL'S HAVEN INC4988MAIN StColumbusBefore 1964
Halt Moon Tavern 878E Hudson StColumbusBefore 1951
Ham’s Malibu1382Fields Av After 1973
Ham’s Place785Bank St After 1973
HANDKE'S CUISINE520S Front StBrewery District199120131993-2000
Hanley’s Steak House 2671Sulivant AveColumbusBefore 1964After 1973
Harley Hotels of Columbus 1000E Dublin Granville RdColumbusAfter 1983
HARMON Inn517Harmon AveColumbusBefore 1964
HARMON'S Restaurant688SPRING StColumbusBefore 1964
Harold’s Rest1503?S Hamilton RdAfter 1973
Harolds 3rd &Town Grill @ Mound &Hig346S High StDowntown19901992?homemade food featuring homemade noodles
Harolds Cajun Glory CafeBethel RoadColumbus1998
Harrson’s Stew Restaurant Inc 1416W 5th AveBefore 1964After 1973
Harry’s Grill 581E Livingson AveGerman VillageBefore 1951
Hart’s Bar 860W 3rd AveColumbusBefore 1951
Harvest House Cafeteria 2741Eastland MallColumbus19691985
Harvest House Cafeteria 4330Westland MallColumbusAfter 1983
Harvest Pizzeria495S Front StColumbus20112019
Harvey’s Cafe 270S High StDowntownBefore 1951
HARVEY'S CAFE10W Main StColumbusBefore 1964
HARVEY'S HOMESTYLE Restaurant714N High StColumbusBefore 1964
HASTY-TASTY1385Parsons AveColumbusBefore 1958After 1969
HASTY-TASTY2020N High StColumbusBefore 1958After 1964
HASTY-TASTY2828Sulivant AveColumbusBefore 1958
Hat Rack 1520N High StColumbus (OSU)Before 1951
Hatties Bar726E 11th AveAfter 1973
HAVILANO CLUB523W Broad StColumbusBefore 1964
Hayes67E Gay StDowntownBefore 1964After 1973
Hayes Restaurant1405E Livingson AveColumbus1897After 1964
Hearth and Eagle7800Olentangy River RdColumbus19762004now a rusty bucket
Heidelberg North 2062N High StColumbus (OSU)Before 1951After 1973
Heidelberg South 1532N High StColumbus (OSU)Before 1951After 1973
Heiders Restaurant1668N 3rd StColumbusFamous for the 15cent Turkey Dinner
Helen’s Bar & Grill 2808Westerville RdColumbusBefore 1964After 1973
Hemphill & Jungkruth240N High StDowntownBefore 1896
Hennessy's Grille6860Riverside DrDublin19951997
Hennick's Soda Grill & Restaurant1824N High StColumbusBefore 1901After 1946Herb Hennick owner: Milton Caniff and his OSU pals would hang out.
Hennick's Soda Grill & Restaurant1904N High StColumbus1890s?Original location before opening next to Longs
Henry’s Bar696N High StAfter 1973
Henry's at the Christopher Inn300E Broad StDowntownBefore 1976After 1976
HENRY'S CEDAR Grill1190E Main StColumbusBefore 1944After 1964
HERB'SCAFE1348Parsons AveColumbusBefore 1964
HERKYS FINE FOODS3E Long StDowntownBefore 1964After 1973
Herman’s Food Bar Carryout 44N High StDowntownBefore 19641974
Hessenauers Beer Garden581S High StGerman Village1859By 1914 it was called Columbia Hall
Heurich’s Duds & Suds 519St Clair aveAfter 1973
Hewitt’s Cafe 853N 4th StColumbusBefore 1951After 1973
Hey Hey Grill361E Whittier StGerman Village1900OPEN-29+
HICKORY Bar2369W Broad StColumbusBefore 1964After 1973
Hickory Creek Bar &Grille2586S Hamilton RdColumbus1995now Dragon Buffet
HICKORY HOUSE140Miami AveColumbusBefore 1964
Hickory House No. 17051E Main StReynoldsburg1980OPEN-29+
Hickory House No. 2240N Liberty StPowell1990
Hickory House No. 3550Officecenter PlaceGahanna2003
Hide-A-Way Bar3210Alllegheny AveColumbusBefore 1964After 1973
Hideout Sandwich Shop The rear 39Buttles avColumbusBefore 1951
Hi-First Sandwich Shop 924N High StColumbusBefore 1951After 1973
Hi-Fulton Grill 427S High StColumbusBefore 19441951
High Spot2375N High StColumbus (OSU)1935
High Street Cafeteria85N High StDowntown
High-Beck Tavern 564S High StGerman VillageBefore 1944After 1983
HI-GOODALE Restaurant552N High StColumbusBefore 1944After 1964
Hi-Hat Restaurant 1978Summit StColumbusBefore 1951After 1964
Hilltop Lounge1893Sulivant AveColumbusBefore 1964After 1973
Hilltopper 2500W Broad StColumbusBefore 1951After 1964
Hi-Morrill Cafe 1586S High StColumbusBefore 1944After 1964
HI-Second Restaurant 970N High StColumbusBefore 1951
Hi-Star Grill 999N High StColumbusBefore 1951After 1973
Hitchin’ Post Lounge 7530E Main StReynoldsburgAfter 1983
Hitching Post The 1209Cleveland AveAfter 1973
Hi-Tenth Tavern 1548N High StColumbus (OSU)Before 1951
Hites Restaurant529W 3rd AveColumbusBefore 1944After 1973
HiTops1380Bethel RoadColumbus
Hi-Wood Corner 2044N High StColumbus (OSU)Before 1951
HK Corral 137Graceland BlvdColumbusAfter 1983
Hl-WAY TAVERN5701E Main StWhitehallBefore 1964
Ho Ho Cafe 1251N High StAfter 1973
Ho Toy13W State StColumbus1959OPEN-29+1976
Ho Toy Restaurant 33E Town StDowntownBefore 1964After 1973
HOB NOB Restaurant1937Parsons AveColumbusBefore 1964
HOB NOB RESTAURANT 1937Parsons AveAfter 1964
HOFFMAN’S GARDEN 3015E Main StBexleyBefore 1944After 1951
HOFFMAN’S GARDEN 3015E Main StBexley
Hoffmanbeck Bakery962Demorest RdColumbus1998
Hoggys13W William StDelaware2011
Hoggys1998Stringtown RdGrove City2007
Hoggy's Barn & GrillGahanna1995Second location
Hoggy's Barn & GrillHenderson RdColumbus1991
Hokey Pokey65E State StDowntown1998May 13 19
HOLIDAY Inn Bar1065E Hudson StColumbusBefore 1964
Holiday Inn Bar 1065E Hudson StColumbusAfter 1973
Holiday Snack Bar 3350Alllegheny AveColumbusBefore 1964After 1973
Holloway House1688Northland Mallway After 1973
Hollywood Deli6072Busch BlvdColumbusThe French Market at the Continent 1987
Hollywood Deli1677W Lane Ave ColumbusThe Market at Lane Ave.1987
Hollywood Grill 848E Main StColumbusBefore 1944After 1964
HOME ACRES Grill174RUMSEY RdColumbusBefore 1964
Home Restaurant 246E Main StDowntownBefore 1951
Homecroft Dinners 668E Hudson StColumbusBefore 1951
Homer FilbysClintonvilleColumbus1970s1970sSecond location?
Homer FilbysWestervilleColumbus1970s1970s
Homer’s Jack Corner 3003N High St1951
Homers Jack Restaurant 3003N High StAfter 1973
Honeycrisp Donuts1600N High StAfter 1973
Hoodin’s Restaurant Inc 1275E Dublin Granville RdColumbusAfter 1983became Max and Ermas
Hoovers Restaurant85N High StDowntown19382nd Restaurant under that name1951
Hoovers Restaurant1511E Main StColumbusBefore 1964
Hops Restaurant and BreweryColumbus20022 locations
Horseshoe Grill (Smiths)1814Cleveland aveColumbusBefore 1951
Horseshoe Lounge2063E Livingson AveColumbusAfter 1973
Hosaigai Restaurant2429W Broad StAfter 1973
Hoster Brewing Co550S High StGerman Village19912001
Hoster Brewing Co653N James RdColumbus2024
Hotel Fort Hayes Coffee Shoppe 31W Spring StColumbusBefore 1951After 1973
Hotel Frances Restaurant 752N High StColumbusBefore 1951
Houlihans3580W Dublin Granville RdColumbus2007
House Of Pancakes2447Morse RdColumbus
HOUSTON’S COFFEE SHOP 3795S High StColumbusBefore 1964
Howard Johnson’s Restaurant 4932E Main StWhitehall1957help wanted ad in dispatch april 57
Howard Johnson’s Restaurant 1313Olentangy River RdColumbus1953?After 1964Now OrthoNeuro
Howard Johnson’s Restaurant 1403Stringtown Rd Columbus1974OhioHealth Grove City Methodist Hospital
Howard Johnson’s Restaurant 3833W Broad StColumbus1962pep boys
Howard Johnson’s Restaurant 5090N High StColumbus1953?After 1973Purchased by Stan Harvey in Juen 1954
Howard Johnson’s Restaurant 25Mayfair blvdColumbusBefore 1951
Howard Johnson’s Restaurant 999E Dublin Granville RdColumbusBefore 1962After 1973
Howard Johnson’s Restaurant 3300E Broad stColumbus1948After 1969
HOWDY HOUSE1236E Hudson StColumbusBefore 1964
Howl at the Moon450S Front StColumbus19942003
Huddle The2115th Av Closed1973
Hudson Coffee Shop 2579Indianola AveColumbusBefore 1951
HUDSON INN2262Cleveland AveColumbusBefore 1964
HUDSON LUNCH391E Hudson StColumbusBefore 1964
Hummel Coffee Shop bsmt 12N 3rd StDowntownBefore 1951
Hummels RestaurantE Broad StColumbus19461963@ 3rd (Rowlands Building)
Hunan House 2350E Dublin Granville RdColumbus1983-97
Hunan Lion2000Bethel RoadColumbus1993-7
Hungry Hermans1276W 5th AveGrandview HeightsAfter 1973
Hungry Hermans1578Parsons AveColumbusAfter 1973
Hyde Park Prime SteakhouseN High StColumbus2005the cap
Hyde Park Prime Steakhouse6360Frantz Rd Dublin1996
Hyde Park Prime SteakhouseHutchinson AveWorthinton
Hyde Park Prime SteakhouseOld Henderson RdUpper Arlington1988OPEN-29+
Hymies Hot Subs19E Woodruff AveColumbusbefore 19731984Moved to High Street in the 80's
Hymies Hot Subs1990N High StColumbus (OSU)
IDEAL CONEY ISLAND397S High StColumbusBefore 1964
Idle Hour Inn 76E Innis aveColumbusBefore 1944Before 1964
Idle-A-While Bar Inc 921Mount Vernon AveColumbusBefore 1964After 1973
Ilonka’s Encore121S 6th St After 1973
Ilonka’s Provincial house 4040E Broad StColumbus?
Imperial Garden 2950Hayden RdColumbus1997
India Corner8939S Old State RdColumbus2007
India-Oak Grill 590Oakland Park AveColumbusAfter 1983
Inn Between30S Young StColumbus19732002
Inn Crowd, The20S Young StColumbusAfter 1983
Inn Orbit150W 5th AveColumbusBefore 1964
Inn Towne Restaurant595W Broad StColumbusBefore 1964After 1973
Inner Circle16W Beck StGerman Village1973closedRon Moretti
Innis Grill181E Innis aveColumbusBefore 1964
International House Of Pancakes2195N High StColumbus (OSU)19661986
International House Of Pancakes2447Morse RdColumbusAfter 1983
International House Of Pancakes2550E Main StBexleyAfter 1983
Ionian Room lobby 9N High StDowntownBefore 1951
IRIS DRIVE-IN Restaurant900W 5th AveColumbusBefore 1964
Irma’s Restaurant & Lounge 3180Cleveland AveAfter 1973
Iron Horse Grill 926St Clair aveBefore 1944Before 1964
IRON KETTLE Inn2105N High StColumbusBefore 1964
Irvin’s Place 22E Mound StColumbusBefore 1944Before 1964
ISAAC'S Pizza850E Main StColumbusBefore 1964
Isabella’s at the Christopher InnClosed
Isalys Ice Cream650S 3rd StColumbus
Isalys Ice Cream1205N High StColumbus
Isalys Ice Cream1255Oak StColumbus
Isalys Ice Cream1620N High StColumbus (OSU)
Isalys Ice Cream1894N High StColumbusAfter 1969
ISLE CAPRI Pizza74Parsons AveColumbusBefore 1964
Isleys Ice Cream ShopGreat Eastern Shopping CColumbus
Italian Eatery93N High StDowntown19942004
Italian Oven6627Dublin Center DrDublinOct 1 199
Italiannis Restaurant4522Kenny RdColumbus19963rd use of new buillding
It's Only Natural6072Busch BlvdColumbusThe French Market at the Continent 1987
Ivory’s Kitchen1201Mount Vernon AveAfter 1973
J & B SANDWICH SHOP15E State StDowntownBefore 1964
J & B Sandwich Shop 420Kelton as and E SpringColumbusBefore 1951
J & G RESTAURANT1351Cleveland AveColumbusBefore 1964
J & G Restaurant 733N High StAfter 1973
J & J Grill 384W 3rd AveColumbusBefore 1951After 1973
J & J SANDWICH SHOP1948N High StColumbusBefore 1964
J & J Tavern 1789Leonard AveAfter 1973
J & M Grill274S 3rd StColumbusBefore 1964
J & M Grill 180S 4th StColumbusBefore 1951
J & M Grill 240S 4th St After 1973
J K ENTERPRISES INC 1203Parsons AveAfter 1964
J P’s Dog House 1072E Main StColumbusBefore 1964After 1973
J P’s Dog House 1491Cleveland AveAfter 1973
J ROSS BROWNES WHALING STATION60E Wilson Bridge RdWorthington19891983
J. C. Grill1479Oak St
J. Walter Tiffany and Company 3000Hayden RdDublinAfter 1983
J. Willowby’s Lounge – Parke Hotel 900Morse RdColumbusAfter 1983
J.P. Lounge 1590N High StColumbus (OSU)After 1983
J.P.’s 1072E Main StColumbusAfter 1983
J.R. Miggs1630Neil Ave Columbus2007
Ja-Ann Restaurant 129E State StDowntownBefore 1951
Jack and Bennys6E Broad StColumbus1956198024 hour diner
Jack and Bennys2563N High StColumbus1995
Jack Bowmans Suburban Steak House1130Dublin RdGrandview HeightsBefore 1965Jun-86Jack was in the wholesale meat business prior, sold the steakhouse in June 1986
Jack Bowmans Suburban Steak House 433S Hamilton RdWhitehallBefore 19741978Jack was in the wholesale meat business prior
Jack Homer’s Corner 3003N High StColumbusBefore 1951After 1964
Jack Of Diamonds 1855Oakland Park AveAfter 1973
Jack Whitney's520S Front StBrewery District20132014
Jack’s 222N High StDowntownBefore 1951
Jack’s Crosatown Cafe & Restaurant1392Cleveland AveAfter 1973
Jack’s Diner52E Lynn StDowntown1922open
Jack’s Food Shop 1496Oak StColumbusBefore 1951
Jack’s Grill 2338Summit StColumbusBefore 1944After 1951
Jack’s Sandwich Shop 222N High StDowntownBefore 1964After 1973
JACK’S TAVERN2997E 5th AveAfter 1964
Jacks5545N High StWorthington1956?
JACK'S Bar527N High StColumbusBefore 1964
JACK'S CROSS-TOWN CAFE & RESTAURANT1392Cleveland AveColumbusBefore 1964
Jacks Suburban1130Dublin RdGrandview HeightsJun-861997formerly Jack Bowmans Suburban Steak House
JACK'S TAVERN2997E 5th AveColumbusBefore 1964
Jai Lai1421Olentangy River RdColumbus19331996moved from 589 N High in 54
Jai Lai589N High StColumbus19331955Moved to Olentangy in 1955
JAMAICA LOUNGE1048Mount Vernon AveColumbusBefore 1964
JAMES Grill243S High StDowntownBefore 1964After 1976
James Tavern160E Wilson Bridge RdWorthingtonAfter 1983
Jamison & Good78E Long StDowntownBefore 1896
JANE'S CONEY ISLAND1499Sulivant AveColumbusBefore 1964
Japanese Oriental Restaurant2283N High StColumbus (OSU)19802021
Japanese Steak House270E Town StDowntownBefore 1973After 1983
Jasmine, The1080Dublin RdGrandview HeightsBefore 1983After 1983
Jasper & Son Cafe 181E Gay StDowntownBefore 1951
Javan’s Pit Barbecue 1631CORWIN AveColumbusBefore 1964After 1973
JAX Foodplex1169Dublin RdAfter 1973
Jax Roast Beef3155W Broad StColumbus1968After 1973First Jax started Construcion on 11/15/1967 - may 22 1969 announced change to Rix
Jax Roast Beef2160Morse RdColumbusAfter 1970After 1973was it a Jax?
Jax Roast Beef3075E Main StBexleyAfter 1970After 1973was it a Jax?
Jax Roast Beef69S High StDowntown12/8/1974
Jax Roast Beef526N Cassady AveColumbus1969
Jax Roast Beef4710Reed RdColumbusBefore 1977
JAY DEE RESTAURANT860N Cassady AveColumbus1960s?
Jay’s Grill 501W Broad StColumbusBefore 1951
Jay-Dee Restaurant 860Cassady asColumbusBefore 1951After 1973
JAY'S TAVERN20E 9th AveColumbusBefore 1964
J-B Restaurant733N High StColumbusBefore 1964
JEFFERSON Bar19E State StDowntownBefore 1964After 1973
Jerry Lucas Beef and Shakes1750Huy RoadColumbus19671971Just west of Cleveland Ave
Jerry’s 183S High StDowntownBefore 1951
Jerry’s Bar970Parsons AveBefore 1964After 1973
Jerry's Drive In3140Olentangy River RdColumbusBefore 1955After 1973
Jerry's Drive In4910N High StColumbus19611986
Jetter’s Luncih 780Mount Vernon AveColumbusBefore 1951
JIFFY DRIVE-IN1356E 5th AveColumbusBefore 1964
Jillian's477N High StColumbus2003
Jim & Edith’s Bar 2467Cleveland AveAfter 1973
Jim chucks Sandwich Shop 1948Cleveland aveColumbusBefore 1951After 1973
Jim Jim’s Bar 1288Atcheson St ColumbusBefore 1964After 1973
JIMMIE’S CAFE2338Summit StAfter 1964
Jimmie’s Cafe 783HarrisonColumbusBefore 1951
Jimmie’s Cafe 2338Summit StColumbusBefore 1964
Jimmie’s Lounge3058W Broad StAfter 1973
JIMMIES Pizza1278Oak StColumbusBefore 1964
Jimmy Dean Restauant5730Cleveland AveColumbus19831985converted to Bob Evans
Jimmy Dean Restauant1832W Henderson RdColumbus1980First Location
Jimmy Dean Restauant415Georgesville RdColumbus1981
Jimmy’s Pizza1141N High StAfter 1973
Jimmys Place Upstairs595.5S 3rd StColumbus19851998Originally
JIMMY'S TAVERN338E Innis aveColumbusBefore 1964
Jimmys Too595S 3rd StColumbus1998
JIM'S Bar108S 18th StColumbusBefore 1964
Joaie’s Pizza952W Broad StAfter 1973
JoAnn’s Chili Bordello & Tartar 1692W 5th AveGrandview HeightsAfter 1983replaced Presutti’s Villa Ristorante
Joanna Restaurant283S High St DowntownAfter 1973
JOANNES SANDWICH SHOP488Mount Vernon AveColumbus1960s?
JOE AND FLOS GRILL1060E Main StColumbus1960s?
Joe Kellys Oyster Dock2300E Dublin-Granville RdColumbusNov-84Jul-89
Joe’s Grill 312S 5th StBefore 1951
Joe’s Grill 569N High StColumbusBefore 1951
Joe’s Grill 664N High StColumbusBefore 1964
Joe’s Grill 891W Broad StColumbusBefore 1944After 1951
Joe’s Grill 1102Lockbourne AveColumbusBefore 1964
Joe’s Hole Carry Out 1400E Main StColumbusAfter 1973
JOE’S RESTAURANT3103W Broad StAfter 1964
Joe's All-American Bar and Grill439N High StDowntown19881988
Joes Crab ShackEaston Town CenterColumbus2007
JOE'S PIZZA3216Alllegheny AveColumbusBefore 1964
JOE'S Restaurant3103W Broad StColumbusBefore 1964
JOE'S WONDERLAND Grill1233N Hamilton RdColumbusBefore 1964
Joey's Homemade Ice Cream1677W Lane Ave ColumbusThe Market at Lane Ave.1987
John’s Drive-In 3336Indianola AveColumbusBefore 1951
John’s Tavern1386Sulivant AveBefore 1964After 1973
Johnnie’s Coney Island 2429W Broad StColumbusBefore 1951
Johnnie’s Pizza219W 11th AveAfter 1973
Johnnie’s Tavern3503Trabue Rd After 1973
Johnny B’s Fine Food1192 Oak St1192Oak StAfter 1973
Johnny Rockets150Hutchinson AveWorthington2001
Johnny RocketsCity Center MallColumbus2003
Johnny’s Pizza1336Parsons AveAfter 1973
Johnny’s Pizza2455Sulivant AveBefore 1964After 1973
JOHNNY’S RESTAURANT98N Front StDowntownAfter 1964
Johnny’s Restaurant 3001Indianola AveColumbusBefore 1951
JOHNNY'S Pizzano1297Parsons AveColumbusBefore 1964
JOHNNY'S Pizzano2455Sulivant AveBefore 1964
JOHNNY'S Restaurant98N Front StDowntownBefore 1964
JOHN'S Bar1240W 5th AveColumbusBefore 1964
JOHN'S COZY CORNER1443N High StColumbusBefore 1964
JOHN'S TAVERN1386Sulivant AveColumbusBefore 1964
Johnson’s Earl Restaurant 2551Parsons AveBefore 1964After 1973
Johnson’s Real Ice Cream 2728E Main StBexley1950OPEN-29+
Johnson’s Real Ice Cream 7113E Main StReynoldsburg1996
Jolly Gargoyle19N Pearl Alley (Basement)Columbus
Jolly Gargoyle Country Home4040Riverside DrColumbus1926
Jolly Jingles Restaurants144E Gay StDowntown
Jolly King Restaurant 3232Olentangy River RdAfter 1973
Jolly Pirate Donuts170S Hamilton RdColumbus1978
Jolly Pirate Donuts1928LockbourneColumbus1978
Jolly Pirate Donuts2811Morse RdColumbus1984
Jolly Pirate Donuts3260W Broad StColumbus1978
Jolly Pirate Donuts4480Kenny RdUpper Arlington1978
Jolly Pirate Donuts6689E Main StReynoldsburg1978
Jolly Time Tavern2609Sulivant AveColumbus1934
Jon’s Pizza3183Ridge Av After 1973
Jong Mea747E Broad StColumbus19491990's
Jong Mea3680E Broad StColumbus
Joseppi’s Pizza960Demorest RdColumbusBefore 1964After 1973
Josie’s Pizza960Demorest RdAfter 1973
Josie's Pizza952W Broad StColumbus19592021
Journeyman (The)175E Town StDowntownBefore 1976After 1976
JP's Barbecue Ribs1072E Main StColumbus1964After 1964
JPs BBQ Ribs1077Old Henderson RdColumbus
JUDYANN Restaurant2183N High StColumbusBefore 1964
Juergen’s 525S 4th StColumbusAfter 1983
Juice Bar, The50W Broad StColumbusAfter 1983
JUKE BOX785Bank StColumbusBefore 1964
Julianss1377Community ParkColumbus19792005
Julieo’s 38E Winter StDelawareAfter 1983
Julio’s Gondola1452Courtright Rd After 1973
June’s Bar B Q 911Mount Vernon AveColumbusBefore 1951
Jungle Imps Summer Beer Garden2013Lockbourne RdColumbus1933
Junkyard, The1661Williams RdObetzAfter 1983
Jurgens German Bakery & Restaurantbefore 1970OPEN-29+
Jury Room Restaurant and Bar22E Mound StColumbusin 1831Updated in the Fall of 2010 by Liz Lesser
Jury Room, The525S Front StColumbus2008?2014
K & L Grill 1186N High StAfter 1973
K of C Grill 80S 6th St Before 1951
Kahiki3583E Broad StColumbus19612000
Kahoots4522Kenny RdColumbus20195th use of building, now demolished
Kaiser Block739S 3rd StColumbus1903
KARL ROAD Pizza3649Karl RdColumbusBefore 1964
Kasbah1072E Long StColumbusAfter 1973
Kate’s Steak & Chop House 948Mount Vernon AveColumbusBefore 1951
Katie’s Diner1044Mc Ksnley Av After 1973
Katzinger’s475S 3rd AveColumbus1984OPEN-29+
KC HAMBURGER SHOP3210E Main StColumbusBefore 1964
K-C Restaurant1877Sulivant AveColumbusBefore 1964
Keg Room2375S High StAfter 1973
Kegroom-House Of Draft Beer 6W Gay StAfter 1973
KEL Pizza2492Sulivant AveColumbusBefore 1964
Kelleys Tavern Inc 1325S Ohio AveColumbusBefore 1964After 1973
Kelly’s Bar952W Broad StColumbusBefore 1964After 1973
KEN’S BAR & GRILL 2223Sulivant AveAfter 1964
KENNEDY WARREN F 523E 2nd AveAfter 1964
Kennedy’s Bar848E Main StColumbusAfter 1973
Kenny Rogers Roasters5995Sawmill RdColumbus1994199734366
Kennyn Bar797St Clair aveAfter 1973
KEN'S Bar& Grill2223Sulivant AveColumbusBefore 1964
Kentucky Fried Chicken611E Livingson AveGerman Village1987
Kentucky Fried Chicken1015N High StColumbus1987
Kentucky Fried Chicken1471S High StColumbusAfter 19761987
Kentucky Fried Chicken1490E Livingson AveColumbusBefore 1969After 19761987
Kentucky Fried Chicken1556W Broad StColumbus1987
Kentucky Fried Chicken1970Stringtown Rd Columbus1987
Kentucky Fried Chicken1990E Main StColumbus1987
Kentucky Fried Chicken2415Schrock Rd Columbus1987
Kentucky Fried Chicken2601Brice RdReynoldsburg1987
Kentucky Fried Chicken2700N High StColumbus1987
Kentucky Fried Chicken4449E Main StWhitehall1987
Kentucky Fried Chicken4828W Broad StColumbus1987
Kentucky Fried Chicken5464N High StColumbus1987
Kentucky Fried Chicken6611Sawmill RdColumbus1987
Kentucky Fried Chicken6850E Main StReynoldsburg1987
Kentucky Fried Chicken721E Broad StColumbusBefore 1969After 19761973-1983
Kentucky Fried Chicken884E 5th AveColumbusAfter 19761973-1983
Kentucky Fried Chicken2057Morse RdColumbus1973-1983
Kentucky Fried Chicken2218W Henderson RdColumbusbefore 1973After 19761973-1983
Kentucky Fried Chicken2970Sulivant AveColumbusBefore 1969After 19761973-1983
Kentucky Fried Chicken1501S High StColumbusBefore 1964After 1973moved to 1471 S High
Kentucky Fried Chicken1267W 5th AveGrandview HeightsBefore 19641984now Happy House Chinese
Kentucky Fried Chicken75S Murray Hill RdColumbusAfter 1983
Kentucky Fried Chicken168Johnstown RdGahannaAfter 1983
Kentucky Fried Chicken495S High St1987
Kentucky Fried Chicken495S State StWestervilleAfter 1983
Kentucky Fried Chicken884E 5th Ave1987
Kentucky Fried Chicken884E 5th AveAfter 1973
Kentucky Fried Chicken958Demorest RdAfter 1964
Kentucky Fried Chicken1019W Broad StColumbusAfter 1976
Kentucky Fried Chicken1027W Broad StColumbusBefore 1969After 1976
Kentucky Fried Chicken1027W Broad StAfter 1973
Kentucky Fried Chicken1100W 5th AveGrandview Heights19842013
Kentucky Fried Chicken1110W 5th Ave1987
Kentucky Fried Chicken1495W Henderson Rd After 1973
Kentucky Fried Chicken2079Cleveland AveColumbusBefore 1969After 1976
Kentucky Fried Chicken2711N High StColumbusBefore 1969After 1976
Kentucky Fried Chicken2882E Main StBexleyBefore 1969After 1976
Kentucky Fried Chicken2882E Main StBexleyAfter 1973
Kentucky Fried Chicken2970Sulivant AveAfter 1973
Kentucky Fried Chicken3142Cleveland AveColumbusAfter 1983
Kentucky Fried Chicken3450BroadwayGrove CityAfter 1983
Kentucky Fried Chicken3450N Broadway1987
Kentucky Fried Chicken4136Indianola AveColumbusBefore 1969After 1976
Kentucky Fried Chicken4136lndiaiola Av After 1973
Kerbler's Restaurant 666High StWorthington1998
KEY WEST LOUNGE1394Cleveland AveColumbusBefore 1964
KEYNOTE Bar1524N 4th StColumbusBefore 1964
Keystone Restaurant 387W Broad StColumbusBefore 1951
KFC1128S Hamilton RdWhitehall
Kicker’s Lounge 4601W Broad StColumbusAfter 1983
Kihachi Japanese Restaurant2667Federated BlvdColumbus19922019
Kim’s Lounge924E Weber RdColumbusBefore 1964After 1973
Kin Cafe 61Parsons AveColumbusBefore 1951
King Ave Coffeehouse247King Ave Columbus
King James House Of Ribs1196Mount Vernon AveAfter 1973
King Tuts2411Morse RdColumbus
King’s Ed Forest Inn 754Forest St After 1973
King’s Grill Inc 1920S High StColumbusBefore 1944After 1973
King’s Inn Restaurant 1335Dublin RdBefroe 1964After 1973
King’s Palace862N High StBefore 1964After 1973Now Arch City Tavern
King’s Palace 858N High StColumbusBefore 1944After 1964moved across alley
King’s Pizza2092W Henderson Rd After 1973
Kingaview Snack Bar Bsmt 1500W 3rd AveAfter 1973
King's Grill1186N High StColumbusBefore 1964
Kings Bar and Grill640Olentangy BlvdColumbus1940
King's Court9N High StDowntownBefore 1964
Kings Grill1080Cleveland AveColumbus19342003last known as Crown Grill and combos Lounge
Kings Inn1335Dublin RdColumbusIn the Arlington Arms
Kings Rose Garden Saloon169E Beck StColumbusBefore 1944After 1964
KINGSVIEW SNACK Bar1500N 3rd AveColumbusBefore 1964
Kinneys Tavern38W Gay StColumbus1930s
KIRI CAFE61Parsons AveAfter 1964
Kirwin’s 2449W Broad StColumbusBefore 1951
KISMET Grill263N 4th StColumbusBefore 1964
Kismet Lounge232N 3d St DowntownAfter 1973
Kit-Kat Nite Club 1363Parsons AveColumbusBefore 1951After 1964
Kittie’s Inn 1288Sigabee avBefore 1951
Knapps1300W Broad StColumbusBefore 1969
Knapps1307Grandview Ave Grandview Heights1929?
Knickerbocker Pub2855E Main StBexleyAfter 1973
Knight’s Ice Cream596Cleveland AveColumbus1960After 2015
Knotty Pine1765W 3rd AveGrandview Heights1935open*close in 2012, became Rude Dog and name reborn in 2015
Knotty Pine (Brewing)1765W 3rd AveGrandview Heights2015
Knotty Pine Nite Club 2219Parkwood AveBefore 1951After 1973
Koehler Wilson W 311W Spring StColumbusBefore 1951
Kona Cafe53Parsons AveColumbus1998
Kowloon3343N High StBefore 1969After 1973
KOZY KORNER1648E Main StColumbusBefore 1964
KOZY KORNER2429W Broad StBefore 1969
KOZY KORNER Bar& Grill320Taylor AveColumbusBefore 1964
Kozy Korner Lounge 320Taylor AveAfter 1973
KOZY NOOK136E State StDowntownBefore 1964
Kraemer's Restaurant163N High StDowntownBefore 1914
Krema Nut Company1000Goodale BlvdColumbus1898open
Krome Dome 377S High StGerman VillageBefore 1944After 1964
Krouse Bros 2541Cleveland aveColumbusBefore 1944After 1964
K's down Under6W Gay StDowntownBefore 1976After 1976
Kuennings19N High StDowntownBefore 1951closed
Kuennings Suburban3015E Main StBexleyBefore 1964closed1973
Kum’Bak-N Lounge1092Mount Vernon AveAfter 1973
L L L Lounge 1203Parsons AveAfter 1973
L&K Family Restaurant 644E Hudson StColumbusBefore 19691989
L&K Family Restaurant 56E Schrock RoadWestervilleAfter 19691989
L&K Family Restaurant 30E Wilson Bridge RdWorthington1989
L&K Family Restaurant 851Morse RdColumbusBefore 19641989
L&K Family Restaurant 717W Chapel StDowntownBefore 19761989
L&K Family Restaurant 3225Westerville RdColumbusBefore 19641989
L&K Townhouse Restaurant2150E Dublin Granville RdColumbusAfter 1973
L&K Townhouse Restaurant2180W Henderson Rd After 1973
La Bota1120Dublin RdAfter 1973Tom Larcomb's Mexican Restaurant
La Rosa's Pizza1726N High StBefore 1969
La Scala 4199W Dublin Granville RdDublin197220201983
La Tavola1664W 1st AveGrandview Heightsopen
LaCasa Restaurant 9Chittenden AveColumbusBefore 1951
Lad’s The1006E Livingson AveColumbusAfter 1973
LAFF'S COFFEESHOP193Thurman AveColumbusBefore 1964After 1969
Lai Lai at Mill Run 3799Ridge Mill DrColumbus1997
Lai Lai Authentic Chinese KitchenWhitehall19921996
Lakeview Inn2291S High StColumbusBefore 1964After 1973
Lanata Spaghetti House 911Parsons AveColumbusBefore 1944After 1951
Land & SeaColumbus
LANDA'S DRIVE Inn626Harmon AveColumbusBefore 1964
L'antibes772N High StColumbus19932015Dale Gussett returns to Columbus to reopen2000
L'armagnac121S 6th StreetColumbus1976?Dale Gussett opens and later sells1987
Larry’s 2040N High StColumbus (OSU)19232014?
Larry’s Bar1964Parsons AveAfter 1973
Las MargaritasTuttle Mall Food CourtColumbus2000
LAST CHANCE CLUB1402JOYCEColumbusBefore 1964
LAST ROUND UP1596N High StColumbusBefore 1964
Lasvrence Grill 2038N High StColumbus (OSU)Before 1951
LASZLOS Restaurant1863Parsons AveColumbusBefore 1964
Latham’s Diner317Hosack StColumbusBefore 1964After 1973
Latin Lounge 279S High StDowntownBefore 1951
LaTravola6125Riverside DrColumbus2000s2000s
Lavenders Rag Bag & Pizza Bar2280Courtright Rd After 1973
Lawson Restaurant4310Karl RdAfter 1973
Le Café 109S High StDowntownclosed1983
Le Chocolatier6072Busch BlvdColumbusThe French Market at the Continent 1987
Leachman's Chop House61S High StBefore 1937
Leather Bottle Tavern 66E Lynn StDowntownbefore 1973After 1976
Ledo’s Bar2608N High StAfter 1973
Ledo’s Pizza15E Duncan StColumbusBefore 1973
Ledo’s Pizza/ Lounge2606N High StColumbusBefore 1964After 1976
Lee Garden 2691Federated BlvdColumbus1997
LEE'S SANDWICH SHOP1326Summit StColumbusBefore 1964
LEE'S SPAGHETTI HOUSE1108E Livingson AveColumbusBefore 1964
Leftys439N High StDowntown19891989
Leipzig Haus 2201E Livingson AveColumbusBefore 1973After 1983
LEM’S RESTAU RANT (Chinese-American Food)33E Town StDowntownBefore 1951
Lemon Grass - An Asian Bistro641N High StColumbus
LENNY'S Bar79?St Clair AveColumbusBefore 1964
Leonardo's Pizza1270Morse RdColumbusBefore 19691987
Leonardo's Pizza2052Bethel RoadColumbusAfter 19761987
Leonardo's Pizza3794Fairlington Dr ColumbusAfter 19761987
Leonardo's Pizza4714W Broad StColumbusAfter 19761987
Leonardo's Pizza5701Maple Canyon Dr ColumbusBefore 19761987
Leonardo's Pizza6518Riverside Dr ColumbusAfter 19761987
Leonardo's Pizza895High StWorthingtonAfter 1976
Leonardo's Pizza1374Parsons AveColumbusBefore 1964After 1973
Leonardo's Pizza3959E Livingson AveColumbusBefore 1969After 1973
Leonardo's Pizza4452Kenny RdColumbusBefore 1969After 1973
Leone's Pizza1195Oakland Park AveColumbusBefore 1976
Leroys Spaghetti &Steak House895N High StColumbus1960sAfter 1973
Lewis & Shaw 433W 3rd AveColumbusBefore 1951
LIBERTY GRILL997Mount Vernon AveColumbus1960s?
Libertys Restaurant & Bar,1177Olentangy River RdColumbus19992000?Build in savings and loan dating to 1954
LIBRARY Restaurant2061N High StColumbusBefore 1964open
Library The2169N High StAfter 1973
LIEB'S NITE CLUB1882E Livingson AveColumbusBefore 1944After 1973
Lincoln Grill 389W Goodale AvenueColumbusBefore 1944After 1951
Lincoln Lodge4950W Broad StColumbus19561992
Linden Brau2541Cleveland AveAfter 1973
LINDEN KITE CLUB 2456Cleveland AveAfter 1964
Linden Nite Club & Sandwich Shop 2433Cleveland aveColumbusBefore 1938After 1973
Linden Sandwich Shop 2452Cleveland ave1951
Lindenhof169E Beck StColumbus1940s1981
Lindeys169E Beck StColumbus1981OPEN-29+(preceded by Palmer Haus and Lindenhoff)
Lindy’s Restaurant 17W State StColumbusBefore 1951
Linmoor Pizza 1921-23Hamilton Av After 1973
Linworth Junction
Lion and the Eagle, TheColumbus18131817first tavern built in Columbus
Lion’s Pullman Club 310W Goodale AvenueColumbusBefore 1951
Lisska Bar & Grill 2665E 5th AveColumbusBefore 1964After 1983
Little Caesars Pizza104Granville StColumbus1987
Little Caesars Pizza129Schrock Rd Columbus1987
Little Caesars Pizza572E Livingson AveGerman Village1987
Little Caesars Pizza616Harrisburg Pike Columbus1987
Little Caesars Pizza1886Tamarack CircleColumbus1987
Little Caesars Pizza3252Cleveland AveColumbus1987
Little Caesars Pizza3279E Broad St Columbus1987
Little Caesars Pizza3685E Livingson AveColumbus1987
Little Caesars Pizza4099Hoover Rd Columbus1987
Little Caesars Pizza4739E Main StWhitehall1987
Little Caesars Pizza4860W Broad StColumbus1987
Little Caesars Pizza4982Chatterton Rd Reynoldsburg1987
Little Caesars Pizza6997E Main StReynoldsburg1987
Little Chef Diner1044McKinley AveColumbusBefore 1964After 1969
Little Chef Diner1775E 5th AveColumbus1960sAfter 1973
Little Chef Diner2169Parkwood AveColumbusBefore 1964After 1973
Little Coffee Shop 248E Long StDowntownBefore 1951
Little Columbus Nite Club 963E Hudson StColumbusBefore 1951
Little Deshler 135N 3rd StDowntownBefore 1951
Little Gay Sandwich Shop 76E Gay StDowntownBefore 1951
Little Gwendolyn 971E Main StColumbusBefore 1951
Little ITALY1885Frebis AveColumbusBefore 1964
Little Kitchen Seva 1810N High StAfter 1973
Little Lulu’s947E Fulton St ColumbusAfter 1973
Little Nashville Club 1213W Broad StAfter 1973
Little Soul Shack No 21440E Livingson AveColumbusAfter 1973
Little TWEET'S1443Fields Av ColumbusBefore 1964
Livingston Grill 1593E Livingson AveColumbusBefore 1951After 1973
Liza's Pastries1677W Lane Ave ColumbusThe Market at Lane Ave.1987
LLOYD'S Grill456N Town StColumbusBefore 1964
Local Grill1130Cleveland AveColumbusBefore 1964After 1973
Lockhart Grill1393N 4th StBefore 1944After 1951
Lois’s Family Restaurant 1867Parsons AveColumbusAfter 1983
Loll’s Coffee Shop 193Thurman AveAfter 1973
Lombardo’s Restaurant 1790Morse RdColumbusBefore 1973After 1983
Lombardo’s Restaurant 2211Cleveland aveColumbusBefore 1958After 1973
Lona’s Pizza2235Sulivant AveAfter 1973
Lone Star1760E Dublin Granville RdColumbus1993
Lone Star Steakhouse &Saloon3939Ridge Mill DrColumbus19942007
Long & Fourth Restaurant 165E Long StDowntownBefore 1944After 1958
Long John Silver’s479Parsons AveColumbusAfter 1983
Long John Silver’s525S State StWestervilleAfter 1983
Long John Silver’s1355Bethel RoadColumbusAfter 1983
Long John Silvers5801Karl RdColumbusclosed1983
Long John Silvers4620E Main StWhitehallonly one left1987
Long John Silvers1102S High StGerman Villageclosed1987
Long John Silvers1458W Mound StColumbusclosed1987
Long John Silvers2127E Livingson AveColumbusclosed1987
Long John Silvers3561Cleveland AveColumbusclosed1987
Long John Silvers4670W Broad StColumbusclosed1987
Long John Silvers6065E Livingson AveColumbusclosed1987
Long John Silvers479Parsons Ave1987
Long John Silvers525S High St1987
Long John Silvers3847S High StColumbusclosed
Long Street Pizza Restaurant 793E Long StColumbusBefore 1964After 0973
Longbranch, The6842E Main StReynoldsburgAfter 1983
Longhorn Salon347E Barthman AveColumbus1940Formerly called little Italy Nite Club
Longhorn Salon2894E Main StBexley1963
Longhorn Steakhouse6630Sawmill RdColumbus2003
Look Inn 3029Cleveland aveColumbusBefore 1951
LOOP INN3029Cleveland AveBefore 1964After 1973
LORETTA'S911Parsons AveColumbusBefore 1964After 1973
LORETTA'SLUNCH621E Livingson AveGerman VillageBefore 1964
LOST PLANET680N High StColumbus1997 top
Lou Pastry Shop2885N High StColumbus19601995GiAntonio's Pastry shop
Lou’s Tavern1409S High StBefore 1964After 1973
LOUIE’S COCKTAIL Grill18E Town StDowntownBefore 1964After 1973
LOUIE'S TAVERN164W Mound StColumbusBefore 1964
LOU'S TAVERN1409S High StColumbusBefore 1964
LUCAS RESTAURANT1496Oak StColumbus1960s?After 1969
Lucille’s Coffee Shop 733N High StColumbusBefore 1944After 1951
Lucille’s Lunch 1627W 5th AveGrandview HeightsBefore 1951
LUCILLE'S Restaurant1188N High StColumbusBefore 1964
LUCILLE'S Restaurant1612Parsons AveColumbusBefore 1964
Lucky Leprechan Bar 1339W Broad StAfter 1973
Lucky’s East Bar 1103Mount Vernon AveAfter 1973
Lucy’s Restaurant1537Mount Vernon AveAfter 1973
LUDLOW Grill97N Rich StColumbusBefore 1964
Ludlow Grill1850S High St After 1973
Luft's214N High StDowntown1905
LULAMAE'S Restaurant1114W Broad StColumbusBefore 1964
Lum’s1665W Lane AveUpper ArlingtonAfter 1983Lane Avenue Shopping Center
Lum’s1864N High StColumbus (OSU)After 1973Now: Brenens Coffee House
Lum’s180N High StDowntownBefore 1969After 1976Now: FedEx Office Print & Ship Center
Lum’s4400Karl RdColumbus1972After 1973Now: Good Times Bar
Lum’s395Georgesville RdColumbus
Lum’s771S Hamilton RdWhitehall1968
Lum’s3121Olentangy River RdColumbusBefore 1969After 1973
Lum’sRt 161 Raintree centerColumbusbefore 1979
LUNCHEONETTE992Mount Vernon AveColumbusBefore 1964
Luv PubMorse RdColumbus
Lynn Restaurant1950N 4th StAfter 1973
M & E Blue Room 444E Main StColumbusBefore 1951
M & M Grill2197Parkwood AveColumbusBefore 1964After 1973
M & M Lunch 748E 11th AveColumbus (OSU)Before 1951
M & R Restaurant19E Rich StDowntownBefore 1964After 1974
M & V Lunch 997W Broad StColumbusBefore 1951
M at Miranova2 Miranova PlColumubs20012021
M C L Cafeteria 491Raintree La After 1973
Mac’s Bar316E Hudson StColumbusAfter 1973
Mac’s Cafe 1009W Broad StColumbusBefore 1944After 1958
Mac’s Place 426Parsons AveColumbusBefore 1951
Machtel Grill 2895E 5th AveColumbusBefore 1951
MACON HOTEL THEATRE Bar366N 20th StColumbusBefore 1951After 1973
Mae’s Delicatessen & Restaurant 1496E Long StColumbusBefore 1951
MaennerchorGerman VillageclosedValter’s at the Maennerchor
Maggie Moo's2899N High StColumbus2003
MAGIC LAMP3238E Broad StColumbusBefore 1964
Magleys241N High StDowntown
Maguire Restaurant 1192Oak StColumbusBefore 1951
Main & James Restaurant 3119E Main StColumbusBefore 1964After 1973
Main Stemmer The 230E Main StDowntownBefore 1951
Main Street Grill 498E Main StColumbusBefore 1944After 1951
Main-Parsons Grill 655E Main StColumbusBefore 1944After 1951
Mama’s Pasta & Brew23Campus PlaceColumbus (OSU)19772018Closed Nov 30 2018 due to demolotion
MAME'STAVERN1129E Weber RdColumbusBefore 1964
MAMMY'S FRIED CHICKEN1427S Hamilton RdColumbusBefore 1964
Mandarin Cocktail Bar 31N SpringBefore 1951
Mandarin Restaurant 3343N High StColumbusBefore 1944After 1951
Mansion, The (in the former Governor’s Mansion)1234E Broad StColumbus19771981Lindenberg house and later governors Mansion
Maramor Restaurant112E Broad StColumbus19201927Original Site - name is play on owners name Mary Love
Maramor Restaurant137E Broad StColumbus19271968Relocation - Managed by Danny Deeds
Marble Gang1058Mount Vernon AveColumbus1998noted as a steak and ribs destination during Bil
Marc Pis China GateHilliard1994
MARCO Pizza1923Lockbourne AveColumbusBefore 1964
Marconi's941E 5th AveColumbusBefore 1944after 1964
MARCS FUNTIME PIZZA PALACE1742Columbus SquareColumbus
MARGIE'S Sandwich Shop1998N High StColumbus (OSU)Before 1958After 1964
MARGIE'S Bar215E Innis aveColumbusBefore 1964
MARGLO PIT BarBECUE289N Monroe AveColumbusBefore 1964
Marguerite's Pasta1677W Lane Ave ColumbusThe Market at Lane Ave.1987
Maria’s Pizza2840W Broad StAfter 1973
MARIA’S PIZZA2842W Broad StAfter 1964
MARIA'S Pizza835S Richardson AveColumbusBefore 1964
MARIA'S Pizza1025Parsons AveColumbusBefore 1964After 1969
MARIA'S Pizza2602Eakin Rd ColumbusBefore 1969
MARIA'S Pizza2842W Broad StColumbusBefore 1964After 1969
Marie’s Duncan-High Restaurant 2610N High StAfter 1973
Marina Restaurant697Harrisburg Pike After 1973
Marina Restaurant 1423Sulivant AveColumbusBefore 1951
MARINO'S PizzaPLACE2235Sulivant AveColumbusBefore 1964
Marinos Seafood Fish &Chips1216W 5th AveGrandview Heightsopenformer Arthur Treacher’s
Mario’s in the Galleria?
MARION'S Grill919Sulivant AveColumbusBefore 1964
Mario's Internationale20S 3rd StColumbusBefore 1986After 2004
Mark Pi City Center Mall1989
Mark Pi Express1059S High StGerman Village2003Former Sisters
Mark Pi Express1965W Henderson RdColumbus19891989
Mark Pi Express3700Fishinger & RiversideColumbus1997
Mark Pi's China Gate 6270Busch BlvdColumbus
Mark Pi's Feast of China Buffet3663Soldano BlvdHilliardBefore 1999
Mark Pi's French Connection1965Henderson Rd19861986
Market Grill 210S 4th StColumbusBefore 1944After 1951
Market Street Cafe1380Bethel RoadColumbus
Marks Fun Time PizzaColumbus SquareColumbus
MARSHALL'S Restaurant316N High StDowntownBefore 1964
Marsili’s Bar1248W 3rd AveBefore 1964After 1973
Marsland Pub1126N High StAfter 1973
MARTHA'S Restaurant1048Parsons AveColumbusBefore 1964
Martin & Cunningham2575N High StBefore 1937
Martini Restaurant & Bar445N High StColumbusBefore 1999
Mary Kelly's7148Muirfield DrDublinBefore 1999
Mary’s2452Cleveland AveAfter 1973
MARY'S Grill892N High StColumbusBefore 1964
Marzettis Restaurant1548N High StColumbus (OSU)1762?1910First Location
Marzettis Restaurant16E Broad StColumbus19421971relocation
Marzettis Restaurant59E Gay StDowntown19191942second relocated to 16 E
Marzettis Restaurant1460N High StColumbus (OSU)1897
Marzettis Restaurant2042N High StColumbus (OSU)1897
Massey’s Pizza4464E Main StWhitehallbefore 1962OPEN-29+
Matreoshka Russian Tea Room680N High St1986Closed
Matter of TasteColumbus (OSU)?(Lisa Galat)
Max and Ermas Restaurant400N High StColumbusClosed Nov 30 2018 due to demolotion
Max and Ermas Restaurant55E Nationwide BlvdDowntownopen
Max and Ermas Restaurant739S 3rd StColumbus19582017
Max and Ermas Restaurant790N State StWesterville2019
Max and Ermas Restaurant1275E Dublin Granville RdColumbusAfter 19762020
Max and Ermas Restaurant1317Hamilton RdGahannaAfter 19762020
Max and Ermas Restaurant1904Lake Club DriveReynoldsburgapprox 19752009
Max and Ermas Restaurant4550Kenny RdColumbus1981
Max and Ermas Restaurant8050E Broad StReynoldsburgopen
Max’s Steak House 21W Spring StColumbusBefore 1964After 1976
Mayflower Grill 440S High StColumbusBefore 1944After 1951
MAYNARD GRILL2096Cleveland AveColumbusBefore 1964
Mc Cown’s Pine Room Bar785Mount Vernon AveBefore 1964After 1973
Mc Coy’s Diner 2259E 5th AveAfter 1973
Mc Daniel’s Tavem 2449W Broad StAfter 1973
McBride’s Restaurant 543W 5th AveGrandview HeightsBefore 1944After 1951
McCosvn’s Coffee Shop 821E Long StColumbusBefore 1951
MCCOWN'S PINE ROOM Bar785Mount Vernon AveColumbusBefore 1951
McDonald's3643S High St1961After 1973One of first Two on Columbus
McDonald'sS Hamilton Rd, near E Broad1961One of first Two on Columbus
McDonald's1363S High StBefore 1969After 1973
McDonald's1391E Main StColumbusAfter 1973
McDonald's1972N High StColumbusBefore 1969
McDonald's1972N High StAfter 1973
McDonald's2055Cleveland AveColumbusBefore 1969
McDonald's2081Morse RdColumbusBefore 1969
McDonald's2081Morse Rd After 1973
McDonald's2091E Dublin Granville RdColumbusAfter 1973
McDonald's2520S Hamilton Rd After 1973
McDonald's2815Winchester PikeColumbusBefore 1969After 1973
McDonald's2823Olentangy River RdColumbusBefore 1969
McDonald's2823Olentangy River RdAfter 1973
McDonald's3500E Broad StColumbusBefore 1964
McDonald's3500E Broad StColumbusBefore 1964
McDonald's3500E Broad StColumbusAfter 1973
McDonald's5295N High StAfter 1973
McGuffey Tavern 1129Weber RdColumbusBefore 1951
MCKINLEY Restaurant1647McKinley AveColumbusBefore 1964
McKinley Restaurant 1824N High StColumbus (OSU)Before 1951
MCL Cafeteria2491E Dublin Granville RdColumbus19731987
MCL Cafeteria3160Kingsdale CenterUpper Arlington1987
MCL Cafeteria4500Eastland Dr Columbus1987
MCL Cafeteria5240E Main StWhitehall1987
Meadowbrook Inn 4785E Broad StColumbusBefore 1951
Mean Mr. Mustard 1580N High StColumbus (OSU)After 1983
MED-ROSE Grill3120HUDSON StColumbusBefore 1964
MEEK'S Bar1789Leonard AveColumbusBefore 1964
MELBA'S RESTAURANT842Cleveland AveColumbusBefore 1964
Melfi’s Cafe 801W Broad StColumbusBefore 1951After 1973
Mellmans Corner80S 4th StColumbus
MELLMAN'S CORNER551N High StColumbusBefore 19641994
Melody Bar 552E Broad StColumbusBefore 1951After 1973
Melting Pot5090N High StColumbusBefore 19992007Was Howard Johnsons &Ground Round
Melvern Restaurant 76S 18th StBefore 1951
Merlot5252NorwichHilliard19941999John Watson restaurant1997 top
Mesi’s Restaurant 98N Front StDowntownBefore 1951
Messmers Dining Hall175N High StDowntownBefore 1896
Metzger’s Grill 2567N High StColumbusBefore 1944After 1951
Mia’s Pizza2194Parkwood AveAfter 1973
Michael Dominics30E Wilson Bridge RdWorthington19862001
Michael's Finest Market771Bethel RoadColumbus2000
MICHAEL'S GOODY-BOY DRIVE IN1140N High StColumbusBefore 1964open
Mickey’s Eldorado Club 2214Sulivant AveBefore 1964After 1973
MICKEY’S GRILL1002N 4th StBefore 1958After 1964
MICKEY'S CAFE2214Sulivant AveColumbus
Micky’s Grill Inc 1190E Main StColumbusAfter 1973
Midget Lunch Room 1026.5Mount Vernon AveColumbusBefore 1951
Midland Cafeteria (19th Floor)250E Broad St After 1973
Midnite Inn1769Parsons AveColumbusBefore 1964After 1973
Mid-Town Lounge351W State StAfter 1973
Mid-Way Restaurant 179N High StDowntownBefore 1944After 1951
Mike’s Grill724N High StBefore 1964After 1973
Mike’s Pizza1990N High StBefore 1964After 1973
MILANO'S Pizza1941E Livingson AveColumbusBefore 1964
MILDRED'S Restaurant1839S High StColumbusBefore 1958After 1964
Mill Street Bagels1284W 5th AveGrandview Heights2006Now
Mill Street Bagels3296N High StColumbus2003
Miller-Main Restaurant 1464E Main StColumbusBefore 1944After 1951
MillersRt 62Columbusthe best cinnamon bread!
Millers Restaurant3140Olentangy River RdBefore 1976
Mills69N High StDowntown1928Before 1944
Mills170N High StDowntown1914Before 1944
MillsState StreetColumbus1911Before 1944
Mills Buffet19N High StDowntown19261971Location of Kuennings
Mills Restaurant77S High StDowntown19161976
Milt’s Sandwich Shop 249E Long StDowntownBefore 1951After 1964
MineW’s Pizza Restaurant & Carry Out3835Sulivant AveAfter 1973
Ming Court489City Park AveGerman Village?
MING'S CHOP SUEY Restaurant31N Nelson RdColumbusBefore 1964After 1973
Minnie Pearls Chicken5152N High StBefore 1969
Minute Bar lobby 9N High StDowntownBefore 1951
Miracle Bar 3680E Broad StColumbusBefore 1951
Miss Muffett’s Sandwich Shop 2415W Broad StColumbusBefore 1951
Mister Bigs283N High StDowntownBefore 1969
Mister Chicken Pizza1215S James RdColumbusBefore 1969After 1973
Mister G’s Inferno Lounge 1169Cleveland AveAfter 1973
MISTER ROBERT's Restaurant1628Neil Ave ColumbusBefore 1964After 1969
Mitchell's85E Gay StDowntown1998opened in long-vacant TrustCorp building
MODIE CAFETERIA129E State StDowntownBefore 1964
Moes Southwest Grill5976E Main StReynoldsburg20042005
Mohawk Grill 821Mohawk StColumbus1940OpenMyles Elk opened as Elk’s Tavern, Renovated in 1987 becomes The Old Mohawk
Molly Mc Guire’s 1596N High StAfter 1973
Molly Nell toffee Shop 3395E Main StColumbusBefore 1951
MOM'S Sandwich Shop1706N High StColumbusBefore 1964
Mona Lisa then later re-named Barchini’s Columbus (Norrthland)1974After 1983
Monaco’s Palace 4555Cleveland AveColumbus19812017Restaurant until 1988, then became banquet hall, then sold to Vineyard North Church
Montana Mills Bread530High StWorthington
Monte Carlo Ristorante6333Cleveland AveColumbus19791997now Home Depot
Moon Glow Grill 1973Parsons AveColumbusBefore 1944After 1973
Moon Star Chinese Restaurant205S High StDowntown2007
Moore's Dairy Bar5600Hall RdColumbus
Moretti's1447Grandview Ave Grandview Heights1989
Moretti's of Arlington2124Tremont CenterUpper Arlington
Moretti's on Sawmill5849Sawmill RdDublin
Moriarty’s Bar2507Summit StAfter 1973
MORLEY'S Restaurant&COCKTAILLOUNGE164Wilson RdColumbusBefore 1964
Morton's of Chicago2Nationwide PlazaDowntownBefore 1999
Moss Fine Foods 1285Oak StAfter 1973
Mother’s 4056W Broad StColumbusAfter 1983
Mother’s Lounge164Wilson RdAfter 1973
Mothers1345Morse RdColumbus1977After 1983Now: Sofa Express
Mound-High Grill 343S High StDowntownBefore 1951
Mourning Tavern174RUMSEY RdAfter 1973
Mozart's2885N High StColumbus1995?Original2008
Mozart's4490Indianola AveColumbus2002Former Friendly's
Mozart's120Easton Town SquareColumbus19992002Second location
Mozart's BexleyE Main StBexley2007@S. Parkview Avenue.
MR BIGS283S High StDowntownBefore 1964
Mr Brown’s Descent 1434N High StAfter 1973
MR CHICKEN Pizza1215S James RdColumbusBefore 1964
Mr Donut 3218Cleveland AveColumbusAfter 1983
MR D'S547E 11th AveColumbusBefore 1964
Mr. Brown’s 1434N High StColumbus (OSU)After 1983
Mrs Etta’s Bar-B-Que 1366Gibbard Av After 1973
Mrs Goodman's Pie Co6072Busch BlvdColumbusThe French Market at the Continent 1987
Mrs Root’s Party House 600E 17th AveAfter 1973
Mulautton’s Restaurant2404N High StAfter 1973
Munich Rathskeller28W Gay StBefore 1937
MURRAY'S Grill1102Oak StColumbusBefore 1964
Musical Bar 1936Parsons AveColumbusBefore 1951After 1964
My Brother’s Place 792E Long StColumbusBefore 1973After 1983
My Favorite Muffin1677W Lane Ave ColumbusThe Market at Lane Ave.1987
My Favorite Muffin15E 13th AveColumbus
MY MARY GARDEN1205E 5th AveColumbusBefore 1964After 1973
My Mary Garden 1205E 5th Ave
My Mary’s Inn 808E 5th AveColumbusBefore 1944After 1964
Nancy Moretti's Pasta Amore18Dillmont DrColumbus2001
Nancy’s Home Cooking 3133N High StColumbus1940's ?2000'sreopened once, then moved
Napoli Restaurant 542N 20th StColumbusBefore 1944After 1951
Napper’s House Of Ribs 1693E Main StColumbusAfter 1973
Nappi Gri11 578E 5th AveColumbusBefore 1951After 1964
National Grill 908E Main StColumbusBefore 1944After 1964
National Road RestaurantBefore 1983
Neal & Harmon589E Fulton St ColumbusBefore 1896
Necca Bar2453Sulivant AveAfter 1973
Neighborhood Grill 1226E Long StColumbusBefore 1944After 1951
Neighbor's Cafe1993Hard Rd Columbus1989
Neil House – Red Lion and Main Dining Room29S High StDowntown?1989
Neil House Stag Bar lower lobby 41S High StDowntownBefore 1951After 1973
NELL & HARRY'S Restaurant151E Gay StDowntownBefore 1964
Nellie's Curry Pot6072Busch BlvdColumbus1998The French Market at the Continent
Nel-Ridge Grill 853N Nelson rdBefore 1951
Nelson Lunch Inc 7.5S High StDowntownBefore 1951
Nelson’s Grill 69Parsons AveColumbusBefore 1951
NEW BERWICK MANOR1079COLLEGE AveColumbusBefore 1964
New China Restaurant 1710N High StColumbus (OSU)Before 1944After 1964
New York Dairy LunchDowntown19061932
New York Lunch and Grill18N High StDowntown1928Tony Nelson & Bill Petrakis opened it
NEW YORKER Restaurant104E Main StDowntownBefore 1964After 1973
Nic Nsc Club 1240W 5th AveAfter 1973
Nick’s Pizza2230Summit StAfter 1973
Nickel's Grill2816Fishinger & RiversideUpper Arlington1996?
Nicola Restaurant & Bar4740Reed RdColumbusbefore 2015open
Night Spot905St Clair Ày After 1973
Niki's Restaurant1018Morse RdColumbus19991997 top
Nile Cafe 527N High StColumbusBefore 1944After 1951
Nine Ninety Eight Club 998Mount Vernon AveColumbusBefore 1951
Nite Rose Cafe 346E Main StDowntownBefore 1951
Nook Restaurant 1998N High StColumbus (OSU)Before 1951
Nookery, The6E Broad StColumbusBefore 1928
Nookery, The16N High StDowntownBefore 1928
Nooners6863Flags Center DrColumbus19951998
Norma’s Luncheonette952Parsons AveAfter 1973
Normandie Hotel Dining Room 259E Long StDowntownBefore 1944After 1951
Normandie Lunch265E Long StDowntownBefore 1938
Normandy Grill 211E Long StDowntownBefore 1951
North Cafe 943N 4th StColumbusBefore 1951After 1964
North East Drive In 1025E Hudson StColumbusBefore 1951
NORTH MARKET Restaurant29N Spruce StColumbusBefore 1964After 1973
NORTH SIDE RESTAURANT855Cleveland AveColumbusBefore 1964
North Tropics1180N High StAfter 1973
Northern Grill 1143N High StColumbusBefore 1951After 1973
Northland Anchor Inn 851Morse Rd After 1973
Northwest Grill 1252W 3rd AveColumbusBefore 1944After 1951
Novelty Food Bar 741E Long StColumbusBefore 1944After 1973
Numbers Restaurant 104E Main StDowntownAfter 1983
Nutcracker's Suite6072Busch BlvdColumbusThe French Market at the Continent 1987
O K Restaurant 341N 20th StColumbusBefore 1944After 1951
O’Shaughnessy’s Public House401N Park Street2011
Oak Street Food Shop 901Oak StColumbusBefore 1951
Oak Street Food Shop 901Oak St1951
Oak Street Plaza The 1478Oak StColumbusBefore 1951
Oak Street Plaza The 1478Oak St1951
OAK-KAY Grill1159Oak StColumbusBefore 1964
OAKS Restaurant3343N High StColumbusBefore 1964
OAKS RESTAURANT3343N High StAfter 1964
OAKSTREET Restaurant1192Oak StColumbusBefore 1964
Oar House1570N High StAfter 1973
OASIS COCKTAIL LOUNGE941Mount Vernon AveColumbusBefore 1964
Oasis Cocktail Lounge 941Mount Vernon AveAfter 1973
Oasis The 207N High StDowntownBefore 1944After 1951
OCEAN CLUB4002Easton StationColumbus2000?
Oceans 11 Lounge131K Gay St ColumbusAfter 1973
Office, The172E Main StDowntown1885Helfrick & Lohrer opened it
Offset Bar3893Great Southern Ct After 1973
Ohio Deli3444S High StColumbus2014Burned down on 12/30/2014
OHIO Grill1222Mount Vernon AveColumbusBefore 1964After 1969
Ohio Grill1222Mount Vernon AveAfter 1973
Ohio Lunch 900Mount Vernon AveColumbusBefore 1951
Ohio Lunch 900Mount Vernon Ave1951
Ohio Restaurant 80E Town StDowntownBefore 1944After 1951
Ohio Room 296S High StDowntownBefore 1951After 1969
Ohio State Diner2020N High StColumbusBefore 1944
Ol’ South Room 296S High StDowntownBefore 1951After 1976
Old Bag of Nails18N Nelson RdColumbus2nd or 3rd
Old Bag of Nails1099W 1st AveGrandview Heights2nd or 3rd
Old Bag of Nails2102Tremont CenterUpper Arlington20004th
Old Bag of Nails663High StWorthington1996Mike Purdums first
Old Church House Restaurant1092Bethel RoadColumbus1981openBethel United Methodist Church, built in 1853
Old Corner Grill 937E Main StColumbusBefore 1951After 1973
Old Country Buffet2260Morse RdColumbusNov-96
Old Country Buffet3670Soldano BlvdColumbusNov-96
Old Country Buffet3834E BroadColumbusNov-96
Old Country Buffet
Old Landmark Cafe1420S 4th StColumbusBefore 1944After 1951
Old Landmark Cafe 1420S 4th St1951
Old Landmark Cafe 1420S 4th St Before 1964After 1973
Old MohawkColumbusbefore 1990OPEN-29+
Old Spaghetti Warehouse397W Broad StColumbus1978
Old Swiss House961S High StGerman Village1985April 20 1998Ernest Schnyder
OLD TAVERN1832Parsons AveColumbusBefore 1964
Old Tavern 1830Parsons AveColumbusBefore 1944After 1973
Old Timer’s Cafe 491N High StBefore 1964After 1973
Old Timers’ Cafe243W Goodale AvenueColumbusBefore 1951
Old Trail Inn4460W Broad StColumbus19512012later moved to: 72 S Grener Ave
Old Trail Restaurant18E Main StDowntown1948After 1973
OLD WORTHINGTON INN 649High StWorthingtonAfter 1973
Olde Pub, The29Starling StFRANKLINTONAfter 1983
Olde Summit Towne Restaurant 9275E Broad StColumbusAfter 1983
Oldfield Grill 633N 4th StColumbusBefore 1951
Oldfield’s Bar 17E State StDowntownBefore 1951
Oldfields1571N 4th StColumbusBefore 1964open
Olentangy Inn coffee shop1299Olentangy River RdColumbusBefore 19621995now Cap City Fine Diner and Bar
Olentangy Village Tavern 2931N High StColumbus19381996
Olive Garden2600S Hamilton RdColumbus3/3/1987First Olive Garden in Columbus replaced Casa Gallardo
Olive Garden2365E Dublin Granville RdColumbus3/16/1987
Ollie’sBefore 1983
One NationNationwide One - top floorColumbus1977199738th floor of One Nationwide Plaza.
Open Hearth Restaurant 2020Alum Creek Dr After 1973
Orange Bar7S High StDowntownAfter 1973
Oriental Cafe6771Dublin Center DrDublin19981998
Oriental Restaurant 2628N High StColumbusBefore 1951After 1973
Oriental Wok, The6985E Main StReynoldsburgBefore 1983After 1983
OSBORN’S CENTER1950N 4th StColumbusBefore 1964After 1964
OSCAR'S OF DUBLIN84N High StDublin1997 top
Otani Japanese Restaurant5900Roche DrColumbus1984after 20071993
Ottos Deli30S Young StColumbus19781992
Out on Main122E Main StDowntown19962002Became Brownstone on Main
OUTPOST3911Sulivant AveColumbusBefore 1964
Out-R-Inn18E Frambes AveColumbusAfter 1973
P & A TAVERN249E Main StDowntownBefore 1964
P W Snack Bar-Recreation Center917Mount Vernon AveAfter 1973
Pacific Eatery & Catering 4514Kenny RdColumbus1997
Paddock Club 1200W Broad StColumbusBefore 1951
Paddock Grill 1348N High StColumbusBefore 1944After 1964
PAESANO PIZZARIA2448Cleveland AveColumbusBefore 1964
Pal’s 1864N High StColumbus (OSU)After 1983
Palm Garden Club 2153E 5th AveColumbusBefore 1964After 1973
Palm Gardens Night Club1392N High StColumbus1934Joe Alexander took over un 1945
Palmer Haus169E Beck StColumbus
PALUMBO'S Grill559W Mound StColumbusBefore 1964
Panache – The American Specialty Restaurant at the Columbus Marriott North 6500Doubletree AveColumbus (Northland)1981After 1989
Pandora Lounge5405Byers Cir E After 1973
Pantry Restaurant1024Mount Vernon AveAfter 1973
Pantry, The23Campus PlaceColumbus (OSU)19471960's
Panzeras Pizza1333Northwest BlvdColumbus1970?92?moved to 1354 Grandview
Panzeras Pizza1354Grandview Ave Grandview Heights1982
panzeras pizza3794Fairlington DriveUpper Arlington
Paoletti Restaurant52S 3rd StColumbus19221972
Paolo’s Pizza2999Indianola AveAfter 1973
PAOLO'S PizzaPALACE2999Indianola AveColumbusBefore 1964
Papa Bear's Pizza Oven Kitchen4522Kenny RdColumbus199219942nd use of new buillding
Papa Chiappis Pizza 1641Sulivant AveAfter 1973
PaPa Joe’s Pizza410E Whittier St German Village1987
PaPa Joe’s Pizza1465Demorest RdColumbus1987
PaPa Joe’s Pizza1473Schrock Rd Columbus1987
PaPa Joe’s Pizza1931Hard Rd Columbus1987
PaPa Joe’s Pizza3296S High StColumbus1987
PaPa Joe’s Pizza3345E Main StColumbus1987
PaPa Joe’s Pizza5875Sawmill RdColumbus1987
PaPa Joe’s Pizza1573N High StColumbus (OSU)After 1983
PaPa Joe’s Pizza1899Lockbourne Rd Before 1973After 1987
Paradise Cafe 878Mount Vernon AveColumbusBefore 1944After 1951
Park Restaurant 461S High StColumbusBefore 1951
Par-Kay Grill 576N High StColumbusBefore 1944After 1951
Parker House69S High StDowntown1974
PAR-MAR Bar1943Parsons AveColumbusBefore 1964
Par-Mound Grill 631E Mound StColumbusBefore 1951
PARNELL'S Pizza1325E Livingson AveColumbusBefore 1964
Parsons Recreation 1000Parsons AveColumbusBefore 1951
Pasquale’s Pizza Parlor 3586Indianola AveAfter 1973
PAT’S GRILL132C 5TH AV After 1964
Pat’s Grill 1779Olentangy River RdColumbusBefore 1944After 1951
Patio Grill 945Sulivant AveColumbusBefore 1951After 1973
Patio The490S Front StColumbus1990
Patrick. Grill886N 4th StAfter 1973
PAT'S Grill132E 5th AveColumbusBefore 1964After 1973
Pat's Grill340E Innis aveColumbusBefore 1944
Pat's Restaurant1356Parsons AveBefore 1944
Patti’s Lunch 857St Clair aveBefore 1951
Patton’s Restaurant1662W Mound StColumbus1963closed1973
Paul’s 491N High StColumbusBefore 1951
Paul’s Lunch 1344W Broad StColumbusBefore 1944After 1951
Paul’s Pantry1212W 3rd AveAfter 1973
Pauline’s Place1094W Mound StAfter 1973
Pauls Panty1565W 5th AveGrandview Heights1981?
Pauls Restaurant4545E Broad StColumbus19792009Napolois Family Restaurant
Pavilion Restaurant & Cocktail Lounge2060N High StColumbusBefore 1964After 1973
Peacock, The5617N High StWorthingtonAfter 1983
Peasant on the Lane 1693W Lane AveUpper Arlington19941983
Peking State Route 161 and Karl RoadColumbus (Norrthland)After 1983
Peking Dynasty Express2210E Livingson AveColumbus
Pendulum Restaurant2822N High StAfter 1973
PENGUIN CLUB1521W 5th AveColumbusBefore 1964
PENNY'S TAVERN217E Main StDowntownBefore 1964After 1973
Peoples Restaurant155N High StDowntown1902
Pepper Corn Duck Club 350N High StDowntown1980closedat the Hyatt Regency at Ohio Center 1983
Pepper Pot 942W Goodale AvenueColumbusBefore 1944After 1951
Pepper Shaker Lounge 3911Sulivant AveAfter 1973
Peppercorn Grille1380Bethel RoadColumbus2001
Periwinkles SaladsLong StreetColumbus?they had among other things homemade sal
Perkins Pancake House1451Hillard Rome RoadHilliard1987
Perkins Pancake House1451Rome-Hilliard RdHilliard1987
Perkins Pancake House2660Brice RdReynoldsburg20001987
Perkins Pancake House4065Marlane Dr Columbus1987
Perkins Pancake House1383S Hamilton RdColumbusBefore 1964
Perkins Pancake House4264N High StColumbusBefore 1964
Perkins Pancake HouseGrove City2000
PERKINS PANCAKE HOUSE 1383S Hamilton Rd After 1964
Perkins Restaurants 1451Hillard Rome RoadHilliard
Perkins Restaurants 2600Brice Rd1987
Perkins Restaurants 4065Marlane Dr1987
Pete’s Bar34E Main StDowntownBefore 1964After 1973
Peter Pan 250N 3rd StDowntownBefore 1951After 1969
Peter Pan Restaurnat4352E Broad StColumbusBefore Feb 1969After 1969
Pete's Grill & Steak House520S Front StBrewery District19881991chef Hartmut Handke will take over the reins in 1991
PETE'S RAP340Main StColumbusBefore 1964
Petit Gourmet Bamt 37W Broad StDowntownBefore 1973After 1976
Pewter Mug Restaurant 88E Broad StAfter 1973
Pewter Mug, The1078E Dublin Granville RdColumbusclosed1983
Pewter Mug, The 61E Lynn StDowntownBefore 1973After 1976
Peyton Place1586S High StAfter 1973
Phil’s Tap Room 2214Sulivant AveColumbusBefore 1951
Philadelphia Restaurant 114E Long StDowntownBefore 1944After 1964
Phil-E Steaks and Eggrolls 1538N High StColumbus (OSU)After 1983
Philip’s Original Coney Island 450W Broad StColumbusAfter 1983
Phillips Coney Island6072Busch BlvdColumbusThe French Market at the Continent 1987
Phillips Coney IslandColumbusbefore 1990open
Phillip's Original Coney Island1244W Broad StColumbusBefore 1951After 1973first relocation
Phillip's Original Coney Island747N High StColumbus1912After 1973opened by Phillip Manus
Phillip's Original Coney Island450W Broad StColumbus1984The only remaining family location, it turned 100 on 1/13/2012
Phillip's Original Coney Island847W Mound StColumbusBefore 1964
Phillips Original Coney Island 847W Mound StBefore 1964After 1973
Piada Italian Street Food1315Lane AveColumbusMid 2010
Piada Italian Street Food2585Main StBexleyEarly 2011
Piada Italian Street Food6335Perimeter DrDublin2011
Piada Italian Street Food6495Sawmill RdColumbusearly 2012
Piatt’s Restaurant 1972N High StColumbus (OSU)Before 1951
Pic’s 283S High StDowntownBefore 1951
Pic-A-Rib Restaurant 347E Main StDowntownBefore 1951
Piccadilly Bar 2590N High StColumbusBefore 1951After 1973
Pick’s Barbecue 305E 5th AveColumbusBefore 1951
Pickett’s Dublin InnBefore 1983
PIC-N-CHICKEN RESTAURANT3088Westerville RdColumbus1958
Pier 555855Frantz RdDublin1988200055 Restaurant Group
Pierre’s Food Palace 794E Hudson StColumbusAfter 1973
Pierrea Food Palace 817E Hudson StColumbusAfter 1973
PIG & WHISTLE Restaurant1192N Mound StColumbusBefore 1964
Pike's tavernColumbus1822early Tavern
Pink Elephant3143E Main StColumbusBefore 1964After 1973
Pink. Lounge2986Sulivant AveAfter 1973
Pinn Central Station1990N High StColumbus (OSU)
Pipe Dream Lounge 3447Sulivant AveAfter 1973
Piranha Cocktail Lounge 3103W Broad StAfter 1973
Pizza Chateau835S Richardson Av After 1973
Pizza Chateau2602Eakin Rd ColumbusAfter 1973
Pizza CITY265N 11th AveColumbusBefore 1964After 1973
Pizza City2839Olentangy River RdAfter 1973
Pizza Den2210Summit StColumbusBefore 1964
Pizza House5319Sinclair Rd ColumbusBefore 1964
Pizza House5379Sinclair Rd After 1973
Pizza Hut1591Lockbourne Rd After 1973
Pizza Hut2222W Henderson Rd After 1973
Pizza Hut2941N High StAfter 1973
Pizza Hut3783E Livingson AveColumbusAfter 1973
Pizza Hut3880Sulivant AveAfter 1973
Pizza Inn1474Morse RdColumbusBefore 1973After 1976
Pizza Inn5767Karl RdAfter 1973
Pizza Inn6065Channingway BlvdReynoldsburgBefore 1976
Pizza Man The 5510E Livingson AveColumbusAfter 1973
Pizza Mia1677W Lane Ave ColumbusThe Market at Lane Ave.1987
Pizza On Order 2293Cleveland AveAfter 1973
Pizza Party788Sulivant AveAfter 1973
Pizza Shop1195Oakland Park AveAfter 1973
Pizza Store 6261Maple Canyon DriveColumbus (Norrthland)After 1983
Pizza Villa3230N High StColumbusBefore 1964
Pizzeria Uno Restaurant and Bar 2374E Dublin Granville RdColumbusBefore 19822004
Pizzeria Uno Restaurant and Bar 5930Britton PkwyDublinBefore 2000?2019
Place The620N Hamilton RdAfter 1973
Place Upstairs The 595½S 3d St After 1973
Place Upstairs, TheClosed (also know as Jimmy’s Place Upstairs), Earl Bradley
Planet Hollywood155Easton Town CenterColumbus19992000
PLANK’S CAFE INC 743Parsons AveColumbus1939OPEN-29+
Planks Bier Garten888S High StGerman Village1960Open
Planks Cafe743Parsons AveColumbus1939After 1973Opened by William Frank Plank 1929-2011
Plateau BarColumbus
Play Pen The 748E 11th AveAfter 1973
Playboy Club3550E Broad StColumbus1982mid 80s
Pleasant on the LaneLane Ave Shopping CenterColumbus1994
Plugged Nickel The 9W Spring StAfter 1973
Po Folks2680E Dublin Granville RdColumbus1985
Point Cafe The 2613Parsons AveColumbusBefore 1964After 1973
Polaris Grill1835Polaris ParkwayColumbus199755 Restaurant Group (9th)
Polly’s Tavern3430Sulivant AveColumbusBefore 1944After 1973
Poncho's Villa6072Busch BlvdColumbusThe French Market at the Continent 1987
Poncho's Villa1677W Lane Ave ColumbusThe Market at Lane Ave.1987
Ponderosa Steak House837S Hamilton RdWhitehallbefore 19802002First Ponderosa in Columbus1987
Ponderosa Steak House782S State StWesterville2001Torn down, now a bank is there1987
Ponderosa Steak House355Georgesville RdColumbus197020021987
Ponderosa Steak House1671E Dublin Granville RdColumbusbefore 1980Before 20011987
Ponderosa Steak House2330Morse RdColumbusbefore 1969Before 20011987
Ponderosa Steak House2370Stringtown Rd Columbusbefore 1980Before 20011987
Ponderosa Steak House2441S Hamilton RdColumbusBefore 1972Before 20011987
Ponderosa Steak House4720Reed RdColumbus196819931987
Ponderosa Steak House6520Tussing Rd ColumbusBefore 20011987
Ponderosa Steak House2330Morse Rd After 1973
Ponderosa Steak House2441S Hamilton Rd After 1973
Ponderosa Steak House3875S High StColumbusbefore 1969Before 2001
Ponderosa Steak House3875S High StAfter 1973
Ponta Roma Room 1268Morse Rd After 1973
Pop’s Grill 559N High StColumbusBefore 1944After 1964
Pop’s Grill 916N High St1951
Pope’s Inn 627Greenlawn avColumbusBefore 1951After 1973
Popeyes2135E Livingson AveColumbus1999
Poppy Lounge 538Norton RdColumbusAfter 1983
POP'S Restaurant559N 20th StColumbusBefore 1964
Port Bar and Restaurant II 3467Cleveland AveColumbusAfter 1983
Positively Fourth St 1524N 4th StAfter 1973
Potato King6072Busch BlvdColumbusThe French Market at the Continent 1987
Potenza’a Restaurant & Bar 2440S High StColumbusBefore 1964After 1973
Pour House, The6623E Main StReynoldsburgAfter 1983
Preautti’s Villa1692W 5th AveAfter 1973
Press Grill 741N High StColumbusBefore 1944After 1983
Presto Grill1222N High StColumbusBefore 1938After 1964
Presto Lounge1205N High StAfter 1973
PRESUTTI BROADMOOR Restaurant3058W Broad StColumbusBefore 1964
Presuttis Villa1692W 5th AveGrandview Heights19321983a favorite Grandview eatery
Pricillsa Rib House 978E Livingson AveGerman VillageAfter 1973
Prince Spaghetti House614Parsons AveColumbus1940
Prince Spaghetti House895N High StColumbus1940
Priscilla73S High StDowntown1913
Progress Grill23W Spring StBefore 1938New Hawaiian Cocktail Room was there
PUB Bar & STEAKHOUSE38W Gay StColumbusBefore 1964
Purple Cow Coffee Shoppe 209N High StDowntownBefore 1951
Pythian Grill 860Mount Vernon AveColumbusBefore 1944After 1951
Q C B Lunchroom7S High StDowntown18401964
Quaker Steak & LubePolaris ParkwayColumbus2000
Quality Coffee Shop 365S 4th StColumbusBefore 1951
Quality Inn 4900Sinclair Rd Columbus (Norrthland)After 1983
Quality Lunch 193E Main StDowntownBefore 1944After 1973
Quarry Lounge1861Mc Kinley Av After 1973
Queen Bee248S 3rd StColumbus19492009opened by John &Christine Pritsolas who ran
Quickest Cleanest Best Dairy Lunch7S High StDowntown1919
Quinn’s Nite Club 434E Livingson AveGerman VillageBefore 1951After 1958
Quisno Sub House9Chittenden AveColumbusBefore 1969After 1973
Quizno's Subs2049W Henderson RdColumbus2003
R & J Bar641W State StColumbusBefore 1964
R & E Grill 1626-28Maryland AveAfter 1973
R & R PIZZERIA1270S High StColumbusBefore 1964
R. J. Snappers700N High StColumbus20092000
Rail Fence The 1634Livingston ave1951
Rail Fence The 1634Lockbourne RdColumbusBefore 1944After 1951
RAIL ROADERS CLUB522N 20th StColumbusBefore 1964
Rainboq Restaurant24E State StDowntownBefore 1928
RAINBOW BAR1351W Broad StAfter 1964
Rainbow Bar 1353W Broad St1951
Rainbow Bar & Grill1353W Broad StColumbusBefore 1951
Rainbow Club1045Leona AveColumbusBefore 1964After 1973
RAINBOW Inn142W Long St ColumbusBefore 1964
Rally's640S State StWesterville1991
Rama International Restaurant 909W Goodale StGrandview HeightsAfter 1983
Ramblewood Inn & Cocktail Lounge777Neil Ave After 1973
Ramsey’s Food Bar 151Wilson aveAfter 1973
Ranch Drive-In3559E Broad StColumbusBefore 1964After 1973
RANCH THE2487Summit StColumbusBefore 1964After 1973
RapallosFrench MarketColumbus19832003
Rax3559E Broad StColumbusnow Popeyes1987
Rax1960E Dublin Granville RdColumbus2005The last Rax in Columbus1987
Rax140Worthington SquareColumbus1987
Rax580E Livingson AveGerman Village1987
Rax772S State StWesterville1987
Rax790Georgesville RdColumbus1987
Rax1652Neil Ave Columbus1987
Rax1724W 5th AveGrandview Heights1987
Rax1980N High StColumbus (OSU)1987
Rax2071Stringtown RdGrove City1987
Rax2160Morse RdColumbus1987
Rax2754N High StColumbus1987
Rax3075E Main StBexley1987
Rax3155W Broad StColumbus20041987
Rax3475Cleveland AveColumbus1987
Rax3623S High StColumbus1987
Rax3850Lyman RdColumbus1987
Rax4470Refugee RdColumbus20041987
Rax4484E Main StWhitehall1987
Rax4710Reed RdColumbus19831987
Rax6111Busch BlvdColumbus1987
Rax6490Riverside DrColumbus1987
Rax6780E Main StReynoldsburg1987
Ray Johnson Fish Market111E Main StDowntown1962-1988
Raymond Memorial Golf Course After 1973
Re & Tray Cafe 243E Long StDowntownBefore 1951
REAGAN’S CAFE2375N High StAfter 1964
Reagan’s Cafe 2375N High StColumbus (OSU)Before 1951After 1958
Red Bull InnHendersonColumbusBefore 1983
Red Circle Sandwich Shop 759N High StColumbusBefore 1944After 1951
Red Coach5512E Livingson AveColumbusAfter 1973
Red Door Tavern1736W 5th AveGrandview Heights1964OPEN-29+
Red Door Tavern II6360Frantz Rd Dublin19951996
Red Flame1572E Main StColumbusAfter 1973
Red GrillWoolco (in Great Eastern?)Columbus
Red Hat Drive-In3088Westerville RdColumbus19491957
Red Hot & Blue4516Kenny RdUpper Arlington1993Now FedEx Kinkos
RED LION RESTAURANTNeil HouseColumbus1965
Red Lobster2147S Hamilton RdColumbus1986
Red Lobster1380Bethel RoadColumbus19942001
Red Lobster1755E Dublin Granville RdColumbus
Red Lobster1961E Dublin Granville RdColumbus
Red Ox The 3330E Broad StAfter 1973
Red Pig Restaurant 4550E Main StWhitehallBefore 1951
Red Rooster Restaurant 1300W Broad StAfter 1973
Red Slipper1093W Broad StAfter 1973
Red Star Bar 555W State StAfter 1973
Red Star Grill 105S SkidmoreBefore 1944After 1951
Red, Hot and BlueW Henderson RdColumbusonly open one year. @ Kenny Rd
REDNOS Pizza906SEYMOUR AveColumbusBefore 1964
REDSTAR Grill555W State StColumbusBefore 1964
Redwood Drive In 2053Mock RdColumbusBefore 1964After 1973
Reeb’s Restaurant1041E Livingson AveColumbusBefore 19441981
Refectory (The)1092Bethel RoadColumbus1976openBethel United Methodist Church, built in 1853
Refuge Coffeehouse 66E 15th AveColumbus (OSU)After 1983
REMALI’S PIZZA,850E Main StColumbusAfter 1964
Remalia Pizza2436W Broad StAfter 1973
REMALI'S Pizza178Wilson RdColumbusBefore 1964
REMALI'S Pizza850E Main StColumbusBefore 1964
REMALI'S Pizza1390Sulivant AveColumbusBefore 1964
Resch’s Bakery (made the rolls for Reeb’s)4061E Livingson AveColumbus1912openMoved from 1029 E Livingston Ave
Resch's Bakery4061E Livingson AveColumbus1912oldest operating bakery in Columbus
Restaurant3860Trabue Rd After 1973
Reubens Delicatessen1309StoneRidge DrGahanna19971998
RHODA'S Restaurant117RANDOLPH StColumbusBefore 1964
Rian’s – Ramada Inn North 1213E Dublin Granville RdColumbusAfter 1983
Ricardo’s 1465Oakland Park AveColumbusBefore 1951After 1983
Riccardi’s Ristorante Cleveland AveColumbusAfter 1983@ Oakland park
Riccardi’s Ristorante 4874N High StCLINTONVILLEBefore 1964After 1983@Morse
Riccardi’s Ristorante 3503Trabue RdColumbusBefore 1944
RICCIARDI'S DINETTE1462Grandview Ave Grandview HeightsBefore 1964
Rice Bowl 3795S High StColumbusBefore 1976After 1983
Rich Street Club Patio 473E Rich StDowntownAfter 1983
RICHARDSONS LUNCHEONETTE952Parsons AveColumbusBefore 1964
Richman Saloon1963W Broad StColumbus1879?first saloon on the Hilltop
Ricky’s Restaurant 68E State StDowntownBefore 1951
Rico’s Pizza1384Sulivant AveAfter 1973
RICO'S Pizza CARRYOUT2579Indianola AveColumbusBefore 1964
RIGSBY'S CUISINE VOLATILE698N High StColumbus198620151986-2000
Ringside Cafe19N Pearl StColumbus1897openowner: John Iacovetta -named Clems Ringsid
Rio Bravo40Hutchinson AveWorthington19971997
Rio Bravo
Ritters Frozen CustardReynoldsburg2007
Ritz Club2013Lockbourne RdColumbus1940
Ritzys4614N High StColumbus2020Re-Launch
River Run Restaurant 1335Dublin RdGrandview HeightsAfter 1983
Riverside Restaurant 1570Olentangy River RdColumbusBefore 1944After 1969
Riverview, The6125Riverside DrColumbus20032005
Riviera Lounge980Barnett Rd After 1973
Riviera Restaurant360Sandusky StColumbus19381954Tony Delewese - Off Town Street- W of 315
RJ Snappers Bar and Gill700N High StColumbus
Roadhouse Annies895N High StColumbuscurrently
Roadhouse Grill3940Lymon DrColumbus2005
ROARING TWENTIES9N High StDowntownBefore 1964
ROBERTS Restaurant3363N High StColumbusBefore 1944After 1964
Robin’s Drive Inn 1192W Mound StColumbusBefore 1951
Robins Gene Restaurant & Bar1573Lockbourne AveColumbusBefore 1964After 1973
Rocco’s Spaghetti House 1439Oakland Park AveAfter 1973
Rockhouse Tavern &Grill80S 4th StColumbus19981998
Rocky’s Tavern 2238Agler RdColumbusBefore 1951
Rockys2800Bethel RoadColumbus19791998
Rofini's Pizza1170Weber RdColumbus19592005Tom Iaconis
ROGERS CHESAPEAKE Restaurant780E Long StColumbusBefore 1964
Rogers Chesapeake Restaurant 1000E Long StColumbusAfter 1973
Romano's Macaroni Grill245E Campus View DrColumbus2003
Roma's23Campus PlaceColumbus (OSU)1960's1975
Romeo’s Pizzeria1576W 5th AveGrandview HeightsBefore 1951After 1964@ Northstar
Romeo’s Pizzeria576W 5th AveColumbusBefore 1964
Romeo’s Pizzeria1607W 5th AveAfter 1973
RONZCNI Pizza1565N High StColumbusBefore 1964
Rooster's1832W Henderson RdColumbus2000open
Rooster's2660Brice RdReynoldsburg2000open
Rooster's3370Olentangy River RdColumbus2000open
Rorris Café 294N High StDowntownBefore 1951After 1973
ROSE BOWL CAFE523S 4th StColumbusBefore 1964
Rose Garden 165E Beck StColumbusBefore 1951
Rose Tree173S High StDowntown
Rotolo’s Pizza1749W 5th AveGrandview Heights1974open
Rotolos Pizza1720Stringtown RdGrove City20072010
Rotolos Pizza2056Reynoldsburg RdReynoldsburg20092010
Rotolos Pizza2163W Dublin Granville RdColumbus20132015
Rotolos Pizza2163W Grandville RdColumbus20052010
Rotolos Pizza5721N Hamilton RdColumbus20072015
Rotolos Pizza6485Perimeter DrDublin20052015
Rotolos Pizza7680Sawmill RdPowell20052010
Roxie’s Food Shop 42North Market HouseBefore 1951
Roxy Grill 254S High StDowntownBefore 1944After 1964
Royal Bar B Cue 925Mount Vernon AveColumbusBefore 1964After 1973
ROYAL CAFE1797Parsons AveColumbusBefore 1964
Royal Café & Restaurant 141S 4th StColumbusBefore 1951
Royal Grill 752E Long StColumbusBefore 1944After 1973
Royal Scots31W Spring StDowntownBefore 1976After 1976
Royer’s Nite Club 2319Cleveland aveColumbusBefore 1951After 1973
Rube's Diner 4408Indianola AveColumbus1998
Rubino’s Pizzeria and Spaghetti 2643E Main StBexleybefore 1983OPEN-29+
Ruby Tuesday1840Hillard Rome RoadHilliard2011replaced by Marlin &Ray?s seafood restaurant
Rude Dog Bar & Grill1765W 3rd AveGrandview Heights20132015
Rudi’s DeliBefore 1983
RU-DON'S Sandwich ShopINC1810N High StColumbusBefore 1958After 1964
Rush Creek Sports Bar and Grill6136Busch BlvdColumbus2009
Russ & Betty’s 435Dublin AveAfter 1973
Russ’s Restaurant2300S High St After 1973
RUSSO Pizza1300E Livingson AveColumbusBefore 1958
RUSSO Pizza2805E 5th AveColumbusBefore 1964
Russ's Sandwich Shop2182S High StBefore 1958After 1964
RUSS'S Sandwich Shop2182S High StColumbusBefore 1964
RUSTIC TAVERN1213W Broad StColumbusBefore 1964
Rusty Pelican60E Wilson Bridge RdWorthington1989Was J. Ross Browne's Whaling Station, remodeled in 1992
Ruth's Chris Steak HouseHigh Cross BoulevardColumbus19982013?Crosswoods
Ryan's Family Steakhouse3635W Dublin Granville RdColumbus19912003
Ryan's Family Steakhouse5555Cleveland AveColumbus19912002?
Ryan's Family Steakhouse6075E Livingson AveReynoldsburg19912000
SABRE JET CAFE431Marion RdColumbusBefore 1958After 1964
SABRE LOUNGE144S High StDowntownBefore 1958After 1964
Sabrina’s at Sheraton Inn North 888E Dublin Granville RdColumbusAfter 1983
Sachs & Braum141E Town StDowntownBefore 1896
SACRED MUSHROOM1716N High StColumbusBefore 1964
Saddle Rock22E Town StDowntownBefore 1937
Sadies's Emporium50N 3rd StDowntownBefore 1976After 1976
Safari Inn1194E Main StColumbusBefore 1964After 1973
SAHARA LOUNGE3836E Livingson AveColumbusBefore 1964After 1973
SALONIKA COFFEE HOUSE15E Rich StDowntownBefore 1964
Salts Fish and Chips835S High StGerman Village1970
Salvi's Bistro1323St James Lutheran LaneHilliard7/17/19982011now located at 5000 Upper Metro Place, Dublin
Salvi's Bistro5855Frantz RdDublin20002003
Salvi's in The Continent.6220Busch BlvdColumbus198211/12/1996Chef Angelo (Ron) Salvi's first Restaurant
Sam’s Place 216E Barthman AveColumbusBefore 1951
Sam’s Place 2653N High StColumbusBefore 1944After 1958
Sam’s Steak House 271S High StDowntownAfter 1973
Sam’s Steak House No 21114W Broad StAfter 1973
Sambos4545E Broad StColumbusPauls Restaurant
SAM'S Grill583E Livingson AveGerman VillageBefore 1944After 1964
San Francisco Annex68S High StDowntownbefore 1976After 1976
Sand Pebble1913Lockbourne Rd After 1973
SANDWICH SHOP555E Broad StColumbusBefore 1964
Sandwich Shop 262E Main StDowntown
Sandy’s Lounge711N High StAfter 1973
Sandys Drive-In1276W 5th AveGrandview HeightsAfter 1964Burgers cost 15 cents, french fries a dime
Sandys Drive-In850Mount Vernon AveColumbusBefore 1964After 1969
Sandys Drive-In1516E Main StColumbusBefore 1964After 1969
Sandys Drive-In1578Parsons AveColumbusBefore 1964After 1969
Sandys Drive-In3414Sulivant AveColumbusBefore 1964After 1969
Sandys Drive-In4299N High StColumbusBefore 1964After 1969
Sandys Drive-InS High St @ Deering?
Sanese’s Grill 335W 3rd AveColumbusBefore 1951After 1964
Sanese's Restaurant895N High StColumbusBefore 1944After 1951
Sanitary Lunch493W Goodale AvenueBefore 1938
SAN-MAR Grill968E Main StColumbusBefore 1964
Santa Fe Steakhouse2586S Hamilton RdColumbus1995
Sapphire Room 9N High StDowntownBefore 1951
Sapporo Wind 6188Cleveland AveColumbus1993
Sara’s Diner1877Sulivant AveAfter 1973
SARGE'S BARB986Cleveland AveColumbusBefore 1964
Satans Place BarDublin Granville RdColumbus
Satellite Restaurant491E Long StColumbusBefore 1958
Saxon’s Sandwich Shoppe 5400N High StAfter 1973
Saxons Sandwich1119S Hamilton RdWhitehall1968
Scali Ristorante 19031903 State Route 256Reynoldsburg1993openYour Hosts, Judy and Frank Scali
Scarlet & Gray Lounge 1978Summit StAfter 1973
Schiller Haus897City Park AveAfter 1973
Schlotzskys76E Powell RoadLewis Center2001?
Schlotzskys428S State StWesterville2001
Schlotzskys1780Hillard Rome RoadHilliard2001?
Schlotzskys1836W Henderson RdColumbus2001
Schlotzskys1839Winderly LaneColumbus2001?
Schmelzer’s Restaurant 3178W Broad StColumbusBefore 1944After 1951
Schmidt’s – Ohio Center Mall 400N High StDowntownAfter 1983
Schmidt’s Sausage Haus Reynoldsburg1995converted to Guadalajara with Tex-Mex menu
Schmidt’s Sausage Haus 1468Morse Rd After 1973
Schmidts Sausage Haus1885W Henderson RdColumbus1995converted to Guadalajara with Tex-Mex menu
Schmidts Sausage Haus240E Kossuth StreetGerman Village1967openMeat packing business opened 1886.
Schmidts Sausage Haus6800Schrock Hill CtColumbus
SCHNELLE'S Grill1127N High StColumbusBefore 1964
Scioto Grille9215Dublin RdPowellmid 90s
Scioto Inn3141Riverside DrColumbus1959Charlie Morelock owned the bar
Scolieri Cafe177S Cypress AveColumbusBefore 1944After 1973
Scotty’s Highlander Inn 280E Town StDowntownAfter 1973
Sea Food Bay 1266W 5th AveAfter 1973
Seafood Bay179N High StDowntownBefore 19511969
Seafood Bay1266W 5th AveGrandview Heights1969closed
Seafood Feast, The6371Avery RoadDublinAfter 1983
Season’s Friendly Eating 1264E Dublin Granville RdColumbusAfter 1983
Sells’ Restaurant173E 1st Av After 1973
Sellsville Cookhouse1138King Ave Grandview Heights1900
Serene Lounge1560N High StColumbusBefore 1964After 1973
Sergio’s 3960E Broad StColumbusAfter 1983
Settler'sGahannaBefore 1983
Seva Closed
Seva Longevity Cookery2247N High St19731992Building Torn Down in 2018
Seva Longevity Cookery Inc 2247N High StAfter 1973
Seven Forty Club 740E Long StColumbusBefore 1951
Seven Hundred Seven Room The3160Case Rd After 1973
Seven O Five Club705Parsons AveAfter 1973
SEVEN STARS649High StWorthington1997 top
Seven-Up Country Kitchen 1192W Mound StAfter 1973
Shade, The19S High StDowntownAfter 1983
Shade’s Coney Island 3479W Broad StColumbusBefore 1951
Shade’s Coney Island 3479W Broad St1951
Shade’s Restaurant South Inc 2486S High St After 1973
SHADE'S Restaurant983E 5th AveColumbusBefore 1958After 1973
Shady Inn1794W Mound StAfter 1973
Shakeys401S Hamilton RdWhitehall
SHALIMAR CAFE1883E Livingson AveColumbusBefore 1964
Shalom Restaurant75W 11th AveAfter 1973
Shamrock Café 791W State StBefore 1951After 1973
SHAMROCK Grill108S 18th StBefore 1958
Shamrock Grill1362E Livingson AveColumbusBefore 1964After 1973
Shane's Rib Shack1522Gemini PlaceColumbus2009?2011
Shang-Hai Chinese Restaurant 126Worthington Square Shopping CenterWorthingtonAfter 1983
SHANGRI-LA1545N 4th StColumbusBefore 1964
Sharazad Restaurant & Oriental Grocers3494N High StAfter 1973
Shel Steak House 3024Sulivant AveBefore 1973After 1983
Shelton’sBlenheim & HighColumbus?
SheltonsState StreetWesterville60sBest Shrimp in a Basket
SHELTON'S Restaurant4114N High StColumbusBefore 1958after 1964
Shirtiann’s Resturant1867Parsons AveAfter 1973
Shogun Japanese Style Restaurant 234King Ave ColumbusAfter 1983
Shoney's America's Dinner Table1998Stringtown RdGrove City1989Elbys --> Shoney's
Shoney's America's Dinner Table2045Brice RdReynoldsburg1989Elbys --> Shoney's
Shoney's America's Dinner Table6361Frantz Rd Dublin1989Elby's --> Shoneys
Shoney's America's Dinner Table1030Alum Creek DrColumbus1989Elby's --> Shoney's
Shoney's America's Dinner Table4865Sinclair Rd Columbus19891998The last of the national chains trio in Franklin
Shoney's America's Dinner TableLincoln VillagePlazaColumbus
SHOP'S DRIVE Inn114N Front StDowntownBefore 1964
Short North Tavern 660N High StColumbusAfter 1983
SHORT'S STOP CAFE2094Sulivant AveColumbusBefore 1964
Showbiz Pizza Place4284Macsway AvEColumbusBecame Chuck E Cheeses1987
Showbiz Pizza Place2210E Dublin Granville RdColumbus1986Replaced by the 50s Connection now Dockside Dolls
Showboat Inn 3133N High StColumbusBefore 1951
Siam Oriental Restaurant 855Bethel RoadColumbus1993
Siam Restaurant and Cocktail Lounge – Ohio Center Mall 400N High StDowntownAfter 1983Ohio Center Mall
Sid’s Arena1426E Main StColumbusAfter 1973
Silver Bell 200S 4th StColumbusBefore 1951
Silver Creek Saloon 3479E Broad StColumbusAfter 1983
Silver Dollar Bar 1112E Main StColumbusBefore 1951
Silver Front Cafe223E Town StDowntown1934
Silver Grill 1113Mount Vernon AveColumbusBefore 1951After 1958
Silver Grill 1127N High StColumbusBefore 1951
Sir Pizza1612Northwest Blvd After 1973
Sirocco Restaurant and Lounge 2812S Hamilton RdColumbusAfter 1983
Sisters Chicken and Biscuits2135E Livingson AveColumbus19801991First Location1987
Sisters Chicken and Biscuits40N James Rd Columbus19861991Sammy's New York Bagels in 19941987
Sisters Chicken and Biscuits1059S High StGerman Village1980Second Location1987
Sisters Chicken and Biscuits6546Riverside DrDublin1981Seventh Location1987
Sisters Chicken and Biscuits428S State StWesterville1987
Sisters Chicken and Biscuits631E 5th AveColumbus1987
Sisters Chicken and Biscuits955E Dublin Granville RdColumbus1987
Sisters Chicken and Biscuits1380W Mound StColumbus1987
Sisters Chicken and Biscuits1416W 5th AveGrandview Heights1987
Sisters Chicken and Biscuits1873W Henderson RdColumbus1987
Sisters Chicken and Biscuits2130Morse RdColumbus1987
Sisters Chicken and Biscuits2777Billingsley RdColumbus1987
Sisters Chicken and Biscuits2791W Broad StColumbus1987
Sisters Chicken and Biscuits3444S High StColumbus1987
Sisters Chicken and Biscuits3461Cleveland AveColumbus1987
Sisters Chicken and Biscuits4310W Broad StColumbus19931987
Sisters Chicken and Biscuits4399E Livingson AveColumbus1987
Sisters Chicken and Biscuits4785E Broad StColumbus1987
Sisters Chicken and Biscuits4910N High StColumbus19861987
Sisters Chicken and Biscuits5720Cleveland AveColumbus1987
Sisters Chicken and Biscuits5980E Main StReynoldsburg1987
Sisters Chicken and Biscuits6140Sunbury Rd Columbus1987
Sisters Chicken and Biscuits6330Tussing Rd Reynoldsburg19931987
Six Thirty Grill 630N High StAfter 1973
Sixteen East Restaurant 16E Broad StAfter 1973
Skillet The 1176N High StColumbusBefore 1951
Skufis Restaurant 116E Rich StDowntownBefore 1951
Skurdy’s Music Bar 1074Mount Vernon AveColumbusBefore 1951
Skyline Bar 736E Long StColumbusBefore 1951After 1973
Skyline Chili 117Westerville Plaza Columbus1987
Skyline Chili 1730N High StColumbus1987
Skyline Chili 6099McNaughten Center Columbus1987
Skyline Chili 6104Boardwalk St Columbusclosed1987
Skyline Chili W Broad St and Georgesville RdColumbus1987
Skyline Chili 379W Broad StColumbus1960s?
Skyline Chili 1450Bethel RoadColumbusBefore 19872018
Skyline Chili W Broad St and Georgesville Rd (276-3133)1987
SKYLINE COFFEE SHOP100N Pearl StColumbusBefore 1964
SKYLINE COFFEE SHOP381W Broad StColumbusBefore 1964
SKYWAY TAVERN1249N Hamilton RdColumbusBefore 1964
Small Fry Inc 7E State StDowntownBefore 1951
Smith's European Hotel Cafe8E BroadColumbusBefore 1896After 1901
Smitty’s Restaurant 76E Town StDowntownBefore 1951After 1976
Smokehouse Brewing Company1130Dubin, RdGrandview Heights10/11/19991/2/2024Owned by Lenny Kolada who cofounded the origianl Barleys
Smokey Bones BBQ1755E Dublin Granville RdColumbus2003
Smoler Beer Garden190S 4th StColumbus1934
Smoler’s Buffet 53W Broad StColumbusBefore 1951
Smugglers Inn3110Olentangy River RdAfter 1973
Smuggler's InnHamilton Rd.Before 1983
SNACK & SHOP199N High StDowntownBefore 1964
SNACK Bar289E State StDowntownBefore 1964
Snack Bar 1st Fl LeVequeLincolnAfter 1973
Snack Restaurant 1114W Broad StColumbusBefore 1944After 1951
Snack Time Inc 1187Cleveland AveAfter 1973
Snuffy’s Tavern1393N 4th StAfter 1973
Soda Jerk Restaurant 1748E Dublin Grancille RdColumbusAfter 1973
Sonny Boy384Grove St After 1973
Sons Bars & Grills Co 65.5E Gay StDowntownBefore 1944After 1951
Sorentino’s Reataurant225S James Rd After 1973
Souder’s Restaurant 312S 4th StColumbusBefore 1944After 1964
SOUTH HIGH LUNCHEONETTE549S High StColumbusBefore 1964
Southern Hotel Coffee Shop 296S High StDowntownBefore 1944After 1964
Southern Tea Room 618E Long StColumbusBefore 1951After 1958
Southgate Lounge 2932S High StColumbusAfter 1983
Southview Restaurant 809S High StGerman VillageBefore 1951
Souvlaki Palace1920N High StColumbus (OSU)19761999lease not renewed to allow a Steak n Shake in
Spaeth’s Gri11 1060E Main StColumbusBefore 1944After 1973
Spaghetti Shop2177Hillard Rome RoadHilliard1995
Spaghetti Warehouse 397W Broad StColumbusAfter 1983
SPAGIO1295Grandview Ave Grandview19812020Chef Hubert Seifert sold out in 2019
SpatsNorthland MallColumbus1997
Speak Easy Bar 26N High StDowntownAfter 1973
Spectators Sports Bar and Grill3535W Dublin Granville RdColumbus2007
Speedway Restaurant 630N 4th StColumbusBefore 1951
Spencer Restaurant 1150Mount Vernon AveColumbusBefore 1951After 1964
Spinelli's Deli50N High StDowntown2011
SpinnakersCity Center MallColumbus2005
Spinning Wheel181E Gay StDowntownBefore 1958
Spirit Of 76 Steakhouse2809S Hamilton RdAfter 1973
Spiro's Restaurant & Bar4140Riverside DrColumbus20032003moved from Sant Margherta
Spiro's Restaurant & Bar2958McKinley AveColumbus19862003was "The Shack by the Tracks"
Spiros's Congress Inn80S Front StDowntownBefore 1976After 1976
Sports Lounge2375N High StAfter 1973
SPORTSMAN CLUB1959Parsons AveColumbusBefore 1958After 1964
Sportsman’s Grill 104E Long StDowntownBefore 1951After 1973
SPOT COFFEE SHOP50Parsons AveColumbusBefore 1964After 1973
SPOTLITE Bar40E Rich StDowntownBefore 1964After 1973
SPRING-N-HIGH RestaurantSINC179N High StDowntownBefore 1964
Stache’s and Little Brother’s 2404N High StColumbus (OSU)After 1983
STADIUM Bar & Grill1244W Mound StColumbusBefore 1958After 1964
Stag Bar 38W Gay StColumbusBefore 1951
Stage Door900E Dublin Granville RdColumbusAfter 1973
Stan’s 4333Westerville RdColumbusAfter 1983
Star Cafe 660N High StColumbusBefore 1951After 1973
Star Restaurant589N High StColumbusBefore 1896
Star Restaurant number 2117S High StDowntownBefore 1901
Stardust Steak House 3250Alllegheny AveColumbusBefore 1964After 1973
State Diner 209E State StDowntownBefore 1951
State Fair Grill 726E 11th AveColumbus (OSU)Before 1944After 1964
State Restaurant63E State StDowntownBefore 1928
State Restaurant1652N High StColumbusBefore 1964After 1973
State Tavern 575N High StColumbusBefore 1951
State-Fourth Grill 153E State StDowntownBefore 1944After 1983
StClair Restaurant 502St Clair aveBefore 1951
Steak and Ale Restaurant 4625Maize RdColumbus (Norrthland)After 1983
Steak Escape6072Busch BlvdColumbus19821999The French Market at the Continent 1987
STEAK HOUSE1912Parsons AveColumbusBefore 1964
Stepp’s Sandwich Shop 1826Parsons AveAfter 1973
STEVE'S LIQUOR & BEER1230W 5th AveColumbusBefore 1964After 1973
STEVOS TAVERN1587N High StColumbusBefore 1964
Stew Harrison’s Restaurant 1416W 5th AveGrandview Heightsbefore 1938after 1964called Hamburger Constuction Co in 1938
STEWART’S ROOT BEER 4510Kenny RdAfter 1964
Stewart's Restaurant1767GENESEE AveColumbusBefore 1964
Stewart's Restaurant2421Cleveland aveColumbusBefore 1958
STEWART'S ROOT BEER4510Kenny RdColumbusBefore 1964
Stone Grill Co 9W Spring StColumbusAfter 1964
Stone Grill Co 40N High StDowntownBefore 1944
Stone Grill Co 214S 4th StColumbusBefore 1944
Stone Grill Co 232S 4th StColumbusBefore 1944After 1973
Stone Grill Co 600N High StColumbusBefore 1944After 1964
Stone Grill Co 603E Livingson AveGerman VillageBefore 1944
Stone Grill Co 891W Broad StAfter 1964
Stone Grill Co 1213W Broad StColumbusBefore 1944
Stoney River5000Upper Meto PlaceDublin20012005Became B.J. Salvis
Stop 40 4350E Main StWhitehallBefore 1951
Stouffer’s Dublin Hotel 600Metro Place NorthDublinAfter 1983Colleen’s and Pickett’s
Stouffer’s Top of the CenterColumbus CenterDublinBefore 1969After 1983
Stouffer’s University Inn Restaurant 3021Olentangy River RdColumbusBefore 1964After 1973
Strada World Cuisine106Vine StColumbus(home of the calamari roll)
Straw Stack 77E State StDowntownBefore 1976After 1976
Street Scene 1726N High StColumbus (OSU)After 1983
Stu Harrison’s Closed
Stuart Andersons Black Angus4420Refugee RdColumbus19881986
Stuart Andersons Black Angus2690E Dublin Granville RdColumbus1988
Stuart Andersons Black Angus4516Kenny RdUpper Arlington1988
Studio Five1521W 5th AveAfter 1973
Su Casa Restaurant2801E Main StBexleyBefore 1969
Sub Shop1677W Lane Ave ColumbusThe Market at Lane Ave.1987
Subway15E Frambes AveColumbus19781999Moved to High Street1983
Subway3957Hoover Rd Columbus1985
Subway1602N High StColumbusMoved to 13th Ave1987
Subway5665Emporium Square ColumbusMoved to Freestander across the street1987
Subway14N Front StDowntown1986Moved to Wyandotte Building1987
Subway10N State StWesterville19821987
Subway104Granville StColumbus1987
Subway184N Wilson Rd Columbus1982open1987
Subway618Harrisburg Pike Columbus1987
Subway794Bethel RoadColumbus1987
Subway2181E Livingson AveColumbus1987
Subway3200N High StColumbus1987
Subway3321E Broad St Columbus1987
Subway3712Refugee Rd Columbus1987
Subway4343E Main StWhitehall1987
Subway5055N High StColumbus1987
Subway6092Boardwalk St Columbus1987
Subway7370Sawmill Center Columbus1987
Subway6056Channingway BlvdReynoldsburg1982After 1983Moved across the Street
Subway4959N High StColumbus1984After 1983relocated into Graceland
Subway2937Olentangy River RdColumbus19822018Torn down to rebuild shopping center
Subway1059S High StGerman Village2003openwas a Sisters
Subway350S High StColumbus2003open
Subway159811th Avenue & High Street (OSU Campus)ColumbusAfter 1983
Sugar Shack1551N 4th StAfter 1973
Suite 61Columbus?
Suite Sixty One 6161Busch BlvdAfter 1973
Sully’s Bar & Grill 174Wilson aveBefore 1951
Summit Cafe 1931Parsons AveColumbusBefore 1951After 1973
Summit Grill 876Cleveland aveColumbusBefore 1951After 1973
Sun Lite Restaurant1406Cleveland aveColumbusbefore 1958
Sun Tong Luck6517E Livingson AveReynoldsburgbefore 1990OPEN-29+
Sundancer60E Wilson Bridge RdWorthington
Sunflower Chinese Restauran7370Sawmill RdColumbus1989
Sunlite Grill 1406Cleveland aveColumbusBefore 1944After 1951
SUNNY BOY DRIVEIN384Grove StColumbusBefore 1964
Sunnyside Grill 1055E Weber RdColumbusBefore 1951After 1973
Sun-Ridge Grill 2110E 5th AveColumbusBefore 1944After 1958
Sunrise Coffee Shop1931Parsons AveColumbus1941
Sunset Grill 897City Park AveGerman VillageBefore 1951After 1958
Sunset Inn883N 4th StColumbusBefore 1964After 1973
Sunset Palace 1561N 4th StColumbusBefore 1944After 1973
Super Dynasty Chinese Buffet1380Bethel RoadColumbus20032004
Suzy Q Restaurant 1917Parsons AveAfter 1973
Swan Restaurant1493Parsons AveAfter 1973
Swensens Ice Cream2599S Hamilton RdColumbus19692001
SWING CLUB2000Lockbourne AveColumbusBefore 1964After 1958
Sycamore Café, The262E Sycamore StGerman VillageBefore 1951After 1983
Sycamore Recreation 355E Sycamore StColumbusBefore 1951After 1958
Symposium Lounge1539N High StAfter 1973
T & R Restaurant 676E Long StColumbusBefore 1951
T V BAR 1930Parsons AveAfter 1964
T.G.I. Fridays4540Kenny RdUpper Arlington19752005Now Wallgreens
Taco Bell400S Hamilton RdWhitehall1968now King Gyros1987
Taco Bell26E Schrock RoadWesterville1987
Taco Bell30Graceland BlvdColumbus1987
Taco Bell808S High StGerman Village19691987
Taco Bell1288W Lane AveUpper Arlington1987
Taco Bell1312W 5th AveColumbus1987
Taco Bell1717Morse RdColumbus1987
Taco Bell1866N High StColumbus1987
Taco Bell1873W Henderson RdColumbus1987
Taco Bell2111E Livingson AveColumbus1987
Taco Bell2225E Dublin Granville RdColumbus1987
Taco Bell2408Stringtown Rd Columbus1987
Taco Bell2421S Hamilton RdColumbus1987
Taco Bell2553N High StColumbus1987
Taco Bell2820S Hamilton Rd Columbus1987
Taco Bell3402Cleveland AveColumbus1987
Taco Bell3591W Broad StColumbus1987
Taco Bell3820W Broad StColumbus1987
Taco Bell4210E Broad St Columbus1987
Taco Bell6320Tussing Rd Columbus1987
Taco Bell6325E Main StReynoldsburg1987
Taco Bell2515Morse RdColumbusAfter 1973now CVS
Taco Bell200Wilson RdColumbus
Taco Bell294S Hamilton Rd Columbus
Taco Bell495S State StWesterville
Taco Bell650Georgesville RdColumbus
Taco Bell1233Hill Road NorthWorthington
Taco Bell1330STONERIDGE RDGahanna
Taco Bell1370W Lane AveUpper Arlington1978
Taco Bell1399Harrisburg PikeColumbus1988
Taco Bell1429Polaris ParkwayColumbus
Taco Bell1525N High StColumbus (OSU)
Taco Bell1557W Broad StColumbus
Taco Bell1680Hillard Rome RoadHilliard
Taco Bell1745Morse Rd 1987
Taco Bell2061W Henderson Rd1987
Taco Bell2700N High StColumbus
Taco Bell2777Billingsley RdColumbus
Taco Bell3605S High StColumbus
Taco Bell3944E Broad StColumbus
Taco Bell4652Cemetery Rd Hilliard
Taco Bell4770Sawmill RdColumbus
Taco Bell5328N High StColumbus
Taco Bell5449W Broad StColumbus
Taco Bell6006E Livingson AveColumbus
Taco Bell6075Gender Rd
Taco Bell6140Sunbury Rd Columbus
Taco Bell6770E Broad StColumbus
Taco Bell7960Worthington-Galena Rd
Taco Bell8440N High StColumbus
Taco Rancho1565W 5th AveGrandview Heights69?70?
Tai Wan Restaurant 31W Long St After 1973
Taj Mahal2247N High StColumbus (OSU)1984OPEN-29+
Talita’s Pizza2660N High StAfter 1973
Talita’s Taco House 1565N High StAfter 1973
Talitas Mexican Restaurant2977N High StColumbus19682007Second Mexican Restaurant in Columbus (sev
Tamarack at 11051105Schrock Rd Columbus19701997moved 3 times
Tamarack Restaurant and Lounge 5900Roche DrColumbus (Norrthland)After 1983
Tandoori Chicken1677W Lane Ave ColumbusThe Market at Lane Ave.1987
Tapatios491N Park StreetColumbus20041993
Taproom2293Cleveland AveColumbus1935
Tarpys Beverage and Delicatessen1805Kingsdale CenterUpper Arlington1961
Tartal Bar2903E 5th AveColumbusBefore 1964After 1973
TASTY Sandwich Shop183E Long StDowntownBefore 1964After 1973
T-A-T Original Villa1692W 5th AveBefore 1938
TAT Ristorante di Familia409W Goodale AvenueColumbus19291950sin 1934 it was the first to serve pizza in Colum
TAT Ristorante di Familia3248E Main StColumbus1950safter 1964Moved here from Grandview
TAT Ristorante di Familia1210S James RdColumbus1955Moved here in 1990 Origial location opened in
TAT Ristorante di Familia810Beechwood AveColumbus1962second location
TAT Ristorante di Familia33N James Rd Columbus1953after 1964
TAT Ristorante di Familia34N James Rd Before 1964After 1973After 1964
TAT Ristorante di Familia1320BEECHWood RdColumbusBefore 1964After 1973
TAT Ristorante di Familia1421Sulivant AveColumbusBefore 1944After 1964
TAT Ristorante di Familia3278E Main StColumbusAfter 1964
TAT Ristorante di Familia3858Sulivant AveColumbus1962after 1964
TAT Ristorante di Familia4204Indianola AveAfter 1973
Tavernel Grill 707N High StColumbusBefore 1951After 1958
Taylor’s Restaurants 1203N High StColumbusBefore 1944After 1951
Ted & Helen’s Bar 2223Sulivant AveAfter 1973
TED’S TAVERN2653N High StAfter 1964
Teddy Bear’s Lounge 900Oakland Park AveAfter 1973
Teddys Frosted Mug4615N High StColumbusbefore 19861990
TED'S LUNCH1283Mount Vernon AveColumbusBefore 1964
TED'S TAVERN2653N High StColumbusBefore 1964
Tee Jayes Country Place895S State StWesterville2000s1983
Tee Jayes Country Place3080Cleveland AveColumbus1979?closed?1987
Tee Jayes Country Place4910N High StColumbusbefore 19952021Chick-fil-A replaces
Tee Jayes Country Place1071Dublin RdGrandview Heights19882007Now Rancho Alegre
Tee Jayes Country Place1385Parsons AveColumbus1970After 1983was First locatioN
Tee Jayes Country Place350S Hamilton RdWhitehallAfter 1983
Tee Jayes Country Place1264E Dublin Granville RdColumbus2003
Tee Jayes Country Place1880Stringtown RdGrove City
Tee Jayes Country Place2435Brice RdReynoldsburgAfter 1983
Tee Jayes Country Place4048W Broad St1987
Tee Jayes Country Place4048W Broad StColumbus
TEENY'S LOUNGE1057N 4th StColumbusBefore 1964After 1973
Teeter Inn 2755W Broad StColumbusBefore 1951
Tempest Lounge1402Joyce Ac After 1973
Teresa’s Pizza2170Williams Rd After 1973
Teresa’s Pizza Inc 150W 5th AveAfter 1973
TERITA’S PIZZA3905Cleveland AveColumbus1959OpenThird relocation ; Tom Iannarino, son of founder Gus runs the place
TERITA’S PIZZA1877Cleveland AveColumbus1959moved
Terminal Lounge Inc 81E Town StDowntownBefore 1951After 1964
Terminal Lounge Inc 111E Town StDowntownAfter 1973
Terrace, The130S High StDowntownBefore 1976After 1976
Texas Roadhouse1540Bethel RoadColumbus2003
Texas Roadhouse5940E Main StReynoldsburg2002
Texas RoadhouseHilliard2002
Thai Palace921E Dublin Granville RdColumbus1989
The Ground Round Restaurant 120Phillipi Rd1987
The Ground Round Restaurant 4932E Main StWhitehall
The Ground Round Restaurant 5090N High St1987
The Ground Round Restaurant E Broad St and S James Rd (2311987
Third & Town Grill88E Town StDowntownbefore 19581990Moved by City Center Mall
THIRD BASE Bar2370Mc Guffey Rd ColumbusBefore 1964
Thirsty Scholar2201Neil Ave Columbus1997open
Thompsons Cafeteria26N High StDowntownBefore 1944
Thoms on Grandview1470Grandview Ave Grandview Heights2009
Three Deuces456W State StAfter 1973
Three Eleven Grill 311Cleveland AveColumbusBefore 1944After 1973
Three Star Grill 900N 4th StColumbusBefore 1944After 1951
Three Star Grill 1393Cleveland AveColumbusBefore 1944After 1964
THREE TACOS1006E Livingson AveColumbusBefore 1964
THREE TREES DRIVEIN2486S High StColumbusBefore 1964After 1958
Thunderbird Lounge811N Hague Av After 1973
Thurman Cafe183Thurman AveAVBefore 1944open
Thurns Bakery & Deli541S 3rd StColumbus19302003Reiner Bakery Renamed Thurns in 1974
Thurns’s Meats (more than 125 years old)Columbusbefore 1990open
Tiberi’s Villa3739Karl RdAfter 1973
TIBURZIO PIZZERIA2417N High StColumbusBefore 1964
Tick Tock Restaurant 129E Gay StDowntownBefore 1964After 1978
Tide House Saloon169E Beck StColumbus
Tiffany Dining Room 296S High StDowntownAfter 1973
Tiffany’s395Dodridge StColumbus (OSU)After 1983Chemical Abstracts, torn down building, now open lot
Tiffany’s Cleveland AveWestervilleAfter 1983@ Schrock
Tiger Inn1081E Livingson AveColumbusAfter 1973
Tijuana Taco1565W 5th AveAfter 1973
Tijuana Taco2233Morse Rd After 1973
Timberline Grille901E Dublin Granville RdColumbus1994Opened by Timothy Shillings, who worked for General Mills
Timkin Inn574E 5th AveAfter 1973
TINY TIM'S623N High StColumbusBefore 1964After 1958
TIP TOP CLUB752N High StColumbusBefore 1964
Tip Top Club 2694Westerville RdAfter 1973
Tippin-In Cafe795Mount Vernon AveColumbusbefore 1958
Tip-Top Grill 2404N High StColumbus (OSU)Before 1951After 1964
Tivoli Nightclub257E Broad StColumbus1938
Toast Of The Town Inc1105Oak StAfter 1973
Tobias739S 3rd StColumbus1880s
Toddle House2932E Broad StColumbus1955After 1973Also one@ 428 and 449 E Broad?
Toddle House428E Broad StColumbusBefore 1944closed
TO-FA Cafe29W Main StBefore 1938
Tokay Grill1921Parsons AveColumbus1941
TOLLIES DOGHOUSE2452Cleveland AveColumbusBefore 1964
TOM & MARY'S CAFE1312S High StColumbusBefore 1964After 1973
Tom Johnson's Seafood Restaurant120S Front StColumbus19071962Moves to 111 E Main St by his son
Tom Thumbs23N 3rd StDowntownbefore 1944After 1958
Tom Thumbs1628Neil Ave Columbusbefore 1944
Tom’s Chop Suey 1589N High StColumbus (OSU)Before 1951After 1958
Tom’s Lunch 91RandolphColumbusBefore 1951
Tom’s Restaurant 179E Main StDowntownBefore 1951Before 1958
Tom’s Restaurant 1598N High StColumbusBefore 1944Before 1958
Tom’s Restaurant 3624E 5th AveColumbusBefore 1958After 1964
Tom’s Steak House 3624E 5th AveAfter 1973
Tommy Dee Restaurant4850N High StColumbusBefore 1958
Tommy Henrich's Steakhouse247E Broad StColumbus19611968Tommy played for the Yankee's - location became Wendys
Tommy’s Pizza 11354W Lane AveUpper Arlington1963open (preceded by Ater’s Drive In)
Tommy’s Pizza 12729E 5th AveColumbus1952After 1973
Tommy’s Pizza 31430S Hamilton RdColumbus1960's2014Closing After Violent Robbery
Tommy’s Pizza 4174W Lane AveColumbuslate 1970'sopen
Tommy’s Pizza 54279W Dublin Granville RdDublin1980'sopen
Tommy’s Pizzeria 1361S Hamilton RdWhitehallAfter 1983
Tommy's Diner914W Broad StFranklinton1989Tommy Pappas
TOMS RESTAURANT3624E 5th AveColumbusBefore 1964
Tony’s Ristorante16W Beck StGerman Villagebefore 1985OPEN-29+
Tony's Grill1374Parsons AveColumbusBefore 1958
Tonys Pizza1333Northwest BlvdColumbus2006
Tony's Restaurant1957Parsons AveColumbusBefore 1958
TOOTIES SANDWICH SHOP1186E Long StColumbusBefore 1958After 1964
Top Hat Restaurant 676S High StGerman VillageBefore 1951
Top Of the Center 100E Broad StDowntownBefore 1973After 197624th Floor of the Columbus Center
Top Steakhouse, The2891E Main StBexley1955openOriginal owners (Bill Sapp &Lee Henry) later b
Topper Drive Inn 714W Broad StColumbusBefore 1951After 1973
Topper Restaurant 106N Front StDowntownBefore 1951After 1964
Topper Sandwich, The 48W Broad StColumbusBefore 1951After 1964
TOPPER SHOPPES106N Front StDowntownAfter 1964
Topper The 170E State StDowntownBefore 1951After 1964
Torch Club Cafe 941Mount Vernon AveColumbusBefore 1951Before 1958
Torch Lounge1058Parsons AveAfter 1973
Toth’s Grill 2211Cleveland AveColumbusBefore 1951Before 1958
Town & Country Room lobby 41S High StDowntownBefore 1951After 1964
Town & Third Grill 85E Town StDowntownBefore 1944After 1951
Towne Grill 456W State StBefore 1947After 1958
Towne House Inc 2924E Main StBexleyBefore 1951After 1958
TOWNE HOUSE Restaurant15S 4th StColumbusBefore 1964
TOWNE HOUSE Restaurant348E Town StDowntownBefore 1944
Towne Pub 164N Wilson RdColumbusAfter 1983
Towne Tavern 31W Long St Before 1951
Toy Box The 759N High StAfter 1973
Travels Lunch 381N High StColumbusBefore 1951
Tremont Goodie Shop2116Tremont CenterUpper Arlington
Tremont Restaurant708S High StGerman Village19381948Became Clarmont
Triangle Grill765Taylor AveColumbusBefore 1958
Triangle Restaurant53W Main StColumbusBefore 1958
Trink Carte Theatre Cafe 1716N High StColumbus (OSU)Before 1951
Trocaveria Club 802Mount Vernon AveColumbusBefore 1951
Trolley The 815Mount Vernon AveColumbusBefore 1951after 1964
Trotter’s Restaurant 62617 th avBefore 1951
Troubadours7619Huntington Park DrColumbus19991999replaced Chapins (for 8 months)
Troy Restaurant 171E State StDowntownBefore 1944After 1951